How Many Quarters Go in a Roll? [Including Silver Quarters]

When it comes to quarters in a roll, I am sure you have a lot of questions.  You probably have piles and piles of old coins and quarters sitting around in your house or coin jar.

Whether or not your quarters are lose, or in coin roll wrappers, make no mistake you can cash in either way with quarters.

Additionally, if you don’t have quarters in a roll stockpiled at your house, no worries.  I have put together a list of places you can get quarters and rolls of quarters from. Until the future of money evolves fully to digital, people still will need quarters in rolls.

This article will cover all of the different ways you can get quarters in a roll, how to spot quarters worth money, and other other characteristics related to quarters in a roll.

How Many Quarters are in a Roll of Quarters?

It may be helpful to know a few basic characteristics of quarters.  Some people don’t know how many quarters go in a roll of quarters.  In a standard quarter coin roll wrapper, there are 40 U.S. minted quarters that are inside a roll of quarters.  Those quarters equal $10.00.

How many quarters in a roll of $10?  

A lot of people ask the question how many quarters in a roll of $10?  The answer is 40 quarters.  Once a roll of quarters is full, there are 40 quarters which have a value of $10 for the roll.

What is a roll of quarters worth?

A standard roll of 40 quarters is worth $10.00.

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How Much Does a Roll of Quarters Weigh?how much does a roll of quarters weigh

This question comes up quite often especially for people that have to transport rolls of quarters.

Too many rolls of quarters and you might throw out your back if you try to move too many!

So how much does a roll of quarter weigh?

A single quarter weighs .2 ounces.  A roll of quarter has 40 quarters included which would have a total weight of 8 ounces (or a half of a pound) for quarters in a roll.

How Much is 2,000 Pounds of Quarters Worth?

So based on the above math, each quarter weighs .2 ounces.

Therefore we know that it would take 8 quarters to equal 1 pound.

  • 8 quarters = 1 pound

If we want to know how many quarters it would take to make 2,000 pounds worth, multiply 8 quarters for each pound.

  • 8 quarters x 1 pound x 2,000 pounds

Therefore it would take 16,000 quarters to equal 2,000 pounds worth of quarters.

  • 8 quarters x 1 pound x 2,000 pounds  = 16,000 quarters

To find out how much 2,000 pounds of quarters is worth multiple 16,000 quarters times .25.  The answer is $4,000.00

  • 16,000 quarters x .25 = $4,000

Therefore, 2,000 pounds of quarters is worth $4,000.

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Where To Get a Roll of Quarters

where to get a roll of quarters

There are so many places where you can get rolls of quarters.

Some of the places below are considered the best and most convenient places to get quarters in a roll from.



Obviously the most logical choice where to get a roll of quarters from is a bank.

Banks need change lets face it for all of the customers they have who operate businesses. They are also a great option for third party checks to be cashed. A lot of those businesses deal with cash transactions. As a business owner, you need have adequate cash on hand for your customers who still elect to pay with cash.

Therefore you will need coins, a lot of them.  Banks provide quarters in a roll for their customers as well as coin roll wrappers too.

So, go to your local bank and ask them if you can buy some rolls of quarters.


Convenience (Commercial)  Stores

Large commercial stores like Walmart are another good option where to get quarters in a roll from.  Walmart offers a lot of money services including money orders in addition to change.

You won’t have any problem trying to get a couple rolls of quarters there.


Video Game Arcades

An arcade would be another option to get rolls of quarters from.  Not only is there a manager that could probably give you a couple rolls of quarters in a roll if you befriend them, but arcades also have a secret weapon.

Their secret weapon is a change machine.  If you are looking to use up all your coin wrappers, taking some paper money to an arcade is a great way to get quarters.

Most arcade games work on quarters.  Therefore, arcades need to have a lot of change, and quarters in particular, on hand.

If you walk in there with a couple bucks and use their change machine, you will have enough quarters to roll in no time.



Laundromats are also a good place to get quarters in a roll.  There is always an attendant on hand at laundromats.

Laundromats also have change machines.  This is because people need change to operate the washer and dryers.  Unless those people find places nearby to buy used washer and dryer appliances from, they will need laundromats to do their laundry.

A lot of laundromat customers may not have checking accounts or debit cards to use for the washer and dryers.

Therefore, using quarters is the only option for them to clean and wash their clothes.

That is why laundromats are an excellent place to get quarters in a roll from simply because of the sheer volume of quarters needed on hand.


Car Washes

Your local self-serve neighborhood car wash is also a great place to get rolls of quarters from.

Self-serve car washes include car washes where you do all of the work to wash your car.

Normally, you pull into the spot, and there is a power washer wand for you to use which also includes soaps and wax applicators as well.

In order to operate the car wash, you will need to feed it quarters.  Car washes also have change machines as well so you can get quarters from those.

You would easily be able to get enough quarters in a roll from those change machines.

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Where to Get Quartets in a Roll if Bank is Closed?coin roll wrappers

The best places to get quarters in a roll of the bank is closed is from CASH businesses.

Try to go to businesses that deal with cash a lot more than credit card purchases that are open late.

Establishments like bars would be ideal because they are often open late.

It’s not uncommon for them to stay open well after midnight in some states.

In some states, bars stay open until 4am.

The other great thing about getting quarters in a roll from bars is that bars deal with cash a lot.

Think about all those bars in college towns that have students paying with cash for drinks late at night.

If you contact some of those bars and work out an arrangement to come and pick up quarters in a roll every week or so, you will have enough quarters in a roll you won’t know what to o with them all!

How to Buy a Box of Quarters

Unless you have really deep pockets, you can buy a box of quarters from your bank.  Your bank might have to put in a special order for this.

However, it really depends on the bank because a lot of banks will just give you consumer quarters in a roll from the counter that they have already in coin wrappers.

If you can buy boxes of quarters you might have better luck getting quarters that have the right mint markings that make them more valuable than other quarters.

How to Get Rolls of Quarters Without Leaving the House?

The best way to get quarters in a roll with out leaving the house would simply be to save them from purchases.

I use cash a lot of times when I make purchases outside of my house.  When I come home, I empty my change and put them in jars filled with coins.

I have a lot of coin jars that contain a lot of quarters.

So when I need rolls of quarters I simply get my coin roll wrappers out and start going through my change jars and pulling out all of my quarters.  I use my coin sorter as well to make the process fun and sometimes my kids help with it as well.

Before I know it, I have several quarters in a roll.

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Where to Get Silver Quarters in a Roll

A lot of coin collectors that collect quarters in a roll are looking for silver quarters because they are valuable.  You can get silver quarters just by going through your change on hand.

A great strategy how to get silver quarters is to start paying cash for things so you can receive change back from your purchases.

What are Silver Quarters?

Silver quarters are quarters that were produces and minted before 1965.  These quarters were produced with mixtures of silver alloy; 90% silver and 10% copper.

After 1965, coins were made with a copper-nickel alloy.

Are Silver Quarters Worth Money?

Currently, these “silver quarters” made before 1965 are worth a little bit over face value, however, some have sold at auction for $35.

So if you have a pile of quarters sitting around at your business, or you deal in cash transactions, always keep your eye out for silver quarters before 1965 when you are looking for quarters to roll in coin wrappers.

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Best Ways to Get Rolls of Quarters

If your looking for quarters in a roll, there are plenty ways for you to get them.  Your best bet is to check out your local bank, but if they are closed, look for cash businesses open late.

Other options are laundromats, arcades, and car washes.

Additionally, start paying cash for things and you can get a lot of quarters that way.  If you need larger quantities of quarters, you can buy a box of quarters.

You can also go to banks to buy boxes of quarters as well.  Be sure to always keep your eye out for the coveted silver quarters minted before 1965.

Whatever you decide, there are many ways to get quarters in a roll.

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