Best Instant Online Check Cashing Services [Sites & Apps]

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Today instant online check cashing services are considered the main stream option for check cashing.

I can remember as a kid going with my mom to our local bank so she could cash her check on payday.  In the 1980’s there was no such thing as instant online check cashing services online or online banking.

Back then if you did not make it to the bank during the normal operating hours you were out of luck as far as cashing your paycheck goes.

Today, that is not the case.

Even when teaching how to save money as a high school student, instant online check cashing is taught as an option to cash gift checks.

There are so many ways how to cash a check online instantly.  Not only is it safe and secure to practice instant online check cashing, but you can also cash a check online any time of the day.

You can also use a check cashing app as well to make your transactions when it comes to check cashing.

Below, I’ll detail how to cash a check from your phone and the best check chasing apps and services for instant online check cashing right now available.

How to Cash a Third Party Check Online Instantly

Most of the ways that involve instant online check cashing involve the use of your phone.  Cashing a third party check instantly now involves using a smartphone. This saves a tremendous amount of time cashing a check online versus going to a brick and mortar bank.

By utilizing your smartphone, you’ll be able to instantly deposit and cash your check online.

Check out our steps below of how to cash a check online through a cashing app with your phone.

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How to Cash a Check Online with Your Phone

Changing fast, the future of money involves mobile payments and deposits. Generally speaking, most online check cashing apps work the same way for instant check deposits.

how to cash a check online with your phone

The first step includes downloading the app from the app store onto your phone.  Most of these apps are tied specifically to your bank accounts.

When you are ready to cash your check online instantly, the next step is signing and endorsing the back of your check.

Be sure to sign your check with your name.

For added extra security, you should put on the back of the check by your signature “online deposit only.”

The reason you should do this is once you sign that check, the check is endorsed.

It would be easy for somebody, other than you, to cash the check online without ID.  With check cashing no verification online, it can be easy for someone to cash the check if it has been signed.

Remember with check cashing online without ID, there is no verification online that is done in person.

So if you lose your check, you could be out of luck as somebody may cash the check instantly other than you.

The next step involves taking a picture of the front and the back of your check within your instant online check cashing app.

Most places will cash your check immediately and deposit the money within 1 to 3 business days.

Be sure to hold onto your physical check until you receive confirmation that your check has been deposited into your account.

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Best Apps and Personal Check Cashing Services for Instant Online Check Cashing

Below you will find the best check cashing apps apps and personal check cashing services available for instant online check cashing. These are great options for how to cash a check online instantly.

Some of these options may not be a good fit for starter checks however. Remember to physically access cash on hand, you can use check cashing kiosks as well.

You can find check cashing kiosks all over at places like 7 eleven and MoneyGramlocations as well.

There is one personal check cashing service that will do this and you won’t have to wait for the check to clear.  This is not a free service however, rather fee-based and known as the INGO Money app.

INGO Money app:  

INGO Money app will allow you to cash a check online instantly and receive the money.  There is no such thing as deposit delays when you use their personal check cashing service.  Some of the details of their check cashing app are below:

  • If your check is over $5.00, but below $5,000, you can get the money instantly.
  • You can send the money to some banks and select credit card companies.
  • There is also the option to utilize an online check cashing PayPal option.
  • To receive the money in minutes, you must pay a fee.
  • Fees range from $5.00 to 5% based on certain criteria for Instant Online Check Cashing.

If you need a service such as buying or cashing a money order, you are better off to use a money order near melocation as the fees will be much lower that what the INGO app charges.

Nonetheless, they do offer a lot of options.  You can also send money to prepaid cards, such as Walmart MoneyCards and Green Dot brands) and Amazon as well.

ACE Mobile Loads:  

  • Powered by INGO.
  • The ACE Mobile Loads app allows you to manage your account online.
  • Check your balance in just a few seconds.
  • You can also see your recent transactions and find the closest ACE Mobile Load location.

Download Here:Ace Mobile Loads

Brinks Prepaid:  

  • With the Brinks Prepaid app, you can check your balance and transfer money.
  • Location finder allows you to find the nearest reload location.
  • Offers free budgeting tools to track spending and set limits.
  • Powered by INGO.

Download Here:  Brinks Prepaid Apple Users

PayPal app:

  • Fees:  Can deposit checks into your PayPal Cash Plus account.  Free with 10-day ACH option.  For instant online check cashing, 1% for payroll and government checks, 5% for all others.  Minimum fee is $5.00.
  • Powered by INGO.

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Instant Online Check Cashing: Mobile Check Cashing apps That Don’t Use INGO

check cashing apps that dont use ingo

Below are additional instant online check cashing options and mobile check cashing apps that don’t use INGO for check cashing.

Lodefast Check Cashing app:  

  • Cash your check from your phone and transfer to your bank account via check cashing app.
  • Fees:  3% to 5% for instant online check cashing for immediate access to funds.  Free if using the 10-day ACH option for check cashing.

Third Party Check Cashing Options

When it comes to where to cash a third party check, you have a lot of options. You can Here are some additional third party check cashing options for instant online check cashing.  The beauty about harnessing technology to cash personal checks is that it frees up so much time.

It takes a lot of time to drive to a bank and do your banking.

By using personal check cashing services, that time is now eliminated and you can use that time to focus on other things that are important in your life.

  • Go Bank
  • Bank of Internet, USA
  • Check Cashing Store
  • Money Mart
  • Boost Mobile Wallet
  • Waletros: Your Mobile Banking

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Instant Online Check Cashing Wrap Up

There is no question that instant online check cashing is more convenient than cashing a check from 10 years ago.  Not only does it save time by utilizing mobile check cashing services, it is also more secure.

Once you have a check to cash, you don’t have to wait to go to the bank and risk losing the check anymore.  Once you have the check in your hand, you can deposit it.

All it takes is a check cashing app and a minute of your time (or less).

If you are willing to pay fees, you can cash a check online instantly and receive the money within minutes into your account.

Or, if you are willing to wait the 10 days and use the ACH transfer option, you won’t have to pay any fees with some of the check cashing apps above.

Whatever you decide, there are many ways how to cash a check from your phone and receive the money instantly.

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