About Me:

Hi…I’m Bryan!  For 15 years, I lived a “Keeping up with the Joneses” lifestyle, made debt-driven purchases, and lost control of my finances.  I stopped saving for retirement during most of those 15 years.  The daily life I was living became riddled with stress and financial anxiety.

Then one day I woke up and I could not live that lifestyle anymore and made drastic changes to my financial life.

I went from paycheck to paycheck to profiting $30,000 a year!

I started Bucks & Cents to empower people to change their financial lives.  If I can do it other people can too!

This site is a general personal finance site that has resources on making money, working at home jobs, and business ideas.  These resources have changed my life, and they can change your life for the better too.




I have been employed as a Financial Manager for almost 20 years.

I hold a BA and a Master of Public Administration and have managed budgets in the range of $8.0 Million to over $500.0 Million.

Additionally, I have developed budgetary valuing systems and have worked in places such as State and County Budget Offices.

I have also assisted individuals and families on getting their finances back on track.

Currently I am also a licensed Realtor working on wealth building strategies that involve real estate investing and rentals.


If you have any questions or suggestions please send them to bucksandcents@gmail.com