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Let’s face it a lot of us would love to find creative ways to make money with side jobs and earn a quick buck without a lot of work or effort. Even I don’t want to work anymore and I am looking for a way out of corporate America.

It is every side hustler’s dream come true to have piles of cash sitting around under mattresses, stuffed in pillows, or maybe in a secret safe somewhere.

With a little effort, working some of the side jobs below is a good way to stockpile money quickly.

The best creative ways to make money part-time involve jobs that offer flexibility.  You can work the flexibility into your normal routine and create a new income stream for your household.  The best creative jobs that offer flexibility that offer high payout are often found in the real estate industry and financial.  Additionally, starting an e-commerce or home-based business are also some of the best creative ways to make money part-time.

Not only are you going to be learning new skills, but these hustles help you build wealth and also put cash in your pocket and bank account.

The Best Ways to Make Money FAST

Below you will find my ever-growing list of the best creative ways to make money part-time.  Read how to get freelance projects to see how to turn these into recurring income venues. Be sure to check back often for new updates.


creative ways to make money with tutoriing

The majority of tutoring jobs pay in cash.  If you live in a neighborhood where there are lots of elementary kids, this would be a great fit.

Parents are always looking for tutors to help their elementary kids be better prepared in math and reading especially as new testing standards always seem to be increasing.

STEM fields will be the jobs of tomorrow so having kids prepared in math and science will continue to be at the forefront of parents minds for their kids.

Hang some fliers in your neighborhood, and before you know it, kids will be at your front door.

Car Wash

This is probably not one of the more glamorous part-time jobs, but working at a car wash does often pay a lot of money IN CASH.

All of the car washes I go to hand dry vehicles with towels as they are coming out of the wash.

As a result, they tend to collect a bunch of money in tips especially during the winter if you are in a colder climate.

If you think that this type of manual labor would not bother you, then grab some towels!

When it comes to earning cash, car washes rank up there as one of the best creative ways to make money part-time.


creative ways to make cash

Babysitting is a time-tested income earning pathway.  It might be considered the grand daddy of creative ways to make money since it has been around forever.

Although babysitting is really geared more towards teenagers, I know a lot of adults that will watch someone’s kids for cash.

This would be a great job for someone who is retired or has extra time on their hands.

Just pop in some DVD’s or stream some videos, and it is easy money in the bank.

Senior Citizen Personal Assistant

ways to make money helping seniors

If you are looking for one of the best in demand creative ways to make money, consider working for senior citizens.

Becoming a personal assistant for a senior citizen is a great field to work in.

This niche is expected to grow as the baby boomers begin to age.

They will need assistance with going to doctor appointments, getting medicines refilled, and also help with grocery shopping.

You may also complete tasks such as laundry and maybe even meal preparation for them.

This is one of my type of jobs to do because not only are you getting paid, you are also helping someone who really needs help in their life.

That is rewarding on many levels.


Becoming a landlord can be financially lucrative and also a creative way to make money but a lot think it comes with headaches.

From broken windows to tenants that don’t pay, a lot of would-be wealthy landlords avoid this avenue because of those reasons.

There are ways around this, particularly if you consider becoming a Section 8 landlord .

With these rentals, a large majority of rent is paid by the government, there are low barriers to entry, and there is a HUGE demand of eligible tenants ready to rent.

Personal Trainer

personal trainer income

Earning income as a personal trainer is a great creative way to make money because you can make money in two different ways.

You can make money working directly with clients and you can also sell products.

A good personal trainer will put together some type of workout schedule depending on what the client wants.

Maybe they client wants tighter abs or wants to tone up their body overall.

Putting together a customized plan is a great way to not only gain the client’s trust and admiration, but you can also sell the plan to others for additional money.


Blogging is a great creative way to make money and is super flexible.  It is a great way how to make $2,000 a month in income.

There are so many ways to make money blogging such as ad money, selling products, and also selling courses.

Be sure to check out our step-by-step guide on how to start a blog and make income from it.


Helping people move is another creative way to make money part time. A childhood friend of mine answered an ad placed on craigslist for movers.

The company hired him and he applied and went to work for a guy who offered to pay him $200 for the day. All he ended up doing was moving a few cubicle pieces around this office.  Talk about an easy side job.

Bicycle Assembly & Repair

clever ways to make money on the side

Repairing bicycles is one of the top creative ways to make money part time with a business.

Maybe someone has an old bike that they just need tuned up.

Offering to fix it up for $30 might be worth your while and is easy cash in your pocket.

I actually bought some bikes off of Walmart and had them delivered to my house for FREE.

Given how hard it was to put them together, I would absolutely pay someone $40 or $50 to assemble it for me.

Real Estate Investing

Investing in real estate today is considered an alternative way to earn passive money each month. With just a little bit of money to invest with, you can reap big rewards. From rentals to property flips, there are so many ways to make a fast buck in property.

Food Cart

make money with a food cart

Another side hustle that is a creative way to make money is a food cart.

I have seen a lot of food carts in suburbia on the weekends at outdoor sporting events such as soccer and baseball games for kids.

The food carts sell hot dogs, water, and snacks at these weekend sporting events.  I know a place where there are about 20 soccer fields not far from where I live.

Last summer on a Saturday, I was there watching the soccer games for all the kids.

I watched the hot dog cart guy clear well over $400 selling $4.00 hot dogs and $2.00 bottles of water.

People paid it because it was hot out and they were hungry.  Not too bad for about an hour’s worth of work!


Making crafts at home and selling them on FB marketplace or at an art fair is a great example of creative ways to make money with part time jobs. You can also make money online with no experience with crafting.

If you are going to sell the craft out of your house, most people will bring cash.

If you are going to sell it at an art fair, not as many will pay with cash, but even if you have to take credit card payments, if you have a high end craft you are selling, it is probably worth it to take payment on credit.

Pet Services

Stating a service based business for the pet industry is a lucrative way to make money. Look into how to start a pooper scooper business if you are interested in becoming a business owner with high profits.

Yard Clean Up

how to make money creatively

One of the best ways to make cash in your neighborhood is cleaning up someone’s yard.

This is especially true if you live in a part of the world where you have the full four seasons.

Since there are four seasons, there are a lot of leaves that need to be collected and raked up in the fall.

Additionally, you can work out a deal with the homeowner to come back and shovel snow as well when that occurs.

This is a good hustle and creative way to make money because it will line up regular cash jobs and future ones around their house if you do a good job.

Traveling Massage Therapist

One of the higher paying side jobs that has a high potential to pay in cash would be a massage therapist.

Clients, especially ones who are busy, will pay big bucks for someone to come to their house of office in order to get a massage.

I knew one executive who used to get a massage at his work.

The massage therapist would bring a table and all supplies needed and he would give her upwards of $200 for an hour’s massage.

Become a Survey Taker

Another creative way to make money part-time is to become a survey taker in your spare time.

What makes this opportunity unique is that it is 100% flexible and can be done while in the grocery store line waiting to checkout, or late at night in the comfort of your bed.

Whatever you decide, it can be done at anytime.

Hot Tub Repair

simple ways to make money on the side

A good skill to learn is hot tub repair.  More and more people are realizing the benefits of home therapy with hot tubs.

As with all mechanical devices, repairs will need to be made.  Hot tubs are a great industry and a good creative way to make money with a hot tub repair business.

The majority of the time, you are just replacing worn out parts.

Newer hot tubs make it so accessible and easy to put in new parts that thy can be changed out relatively quickly all the while collecting money for the part and the service call.

Yoga Instructor

Becoming a yoga instructor is one of the best creative ways to make money that has a health benefit.

Offering a yoga class to a group of people is a great way to earn a lot of cash quick.

If you offer an hour long class for $20 and 15 people sign up, that works out to $300 cash!

That’s comparable to what a lawyer makes!

Refinishing or Upholstering Old Furniture

ways to earn money on the side UK

Picking up old cheap furniture at a thrift store and redoing it is a great creative way to make money and put cash in your pocket.

Not only can this be done on your schedule, but it can also be done gout of your garage.

Running a furniture refinishing business is one of the best creative ways to earn money online because of its flexibility.

Additionally, if you can perfect your skillset, a lot of people will pay big money for old world furniture.

Building a “Green” Garden

creative way to make money as a gardener

If you want to dabble your green thumb in a business venture, building garden boxes is a great creative way to make money part-time.

Constructing a garden for people is a very in-demand skill to have.

Not many people have the time or knowledge on how to build a backyard garden.

Building a 4×4 garden box for someone in their backyard is an easy way to make $100.

If the box is built well, and done with all organic material, you can even charge more money for your service.

Selling Produce

One of the best creative ways to make money in cash is to sell produce locally.

Selling produce is one of the best under the table jobs near you as well because you can sell produce for cash at places like farmer’s markets.

If you grow the produce with organic material people will buy it from you if the prices are reasonable.

With the latest health movement, people love to eat organic foods and selling organic produce is a great way to cash in.

Have a Garage Sale

make money creatively with a garage sale

Selling some of your old possessions that you no longer need is a great creative way to make money part time and make some cash.

Another thing that makes garage sales one of the best creative ways to make money from home because it is flexible.

You can have a garage sale from home at any time that is convenient for your family.

If you have a garage, just keep it set up with tables and your items.

Then all you have to do is if you want to have garage sales every Friday, all you have to do is open up your garage door.

One time I had a garage sale on the same day along with our subdivision-wide garage sale and I made over $500 by selling kid’s clothes and toys.

Additionally, you can also host virtual garage sales and purge yesterdays possessions that way.

Pet Sitting

Watching someone else’s pets while they are out of town can also land you some moolah.

If have a love for pets then pet sitting is a great creative way to make money part time because you can work it into your schedule.

Check craigslist ads for this or you can also sign up for free with a website service like rover.com where you can see what jobs are available in your location of interest.


One of the best flexible creative ways to make money online is by working for transcription services.  This is a very flexible and part-time job.

However, there are several companies that do offer opportunities to earn over $200 or more a month.

TranscribeMe is one company that offers great income potential and training.  Check out my  TranscribeMe Review: A Legit Transcription Service? [Updated Guide] for the details.

So if you are a stay at home mom just looking for a part-time job to earn some walking around money, be sure to check out transcription services as an option.

Walking Dogs

Becoming a dog walker is one of the best healthier creative ways to make money.  Taking Fido for a walk is not only great for your health, but also great for your bank account.

If you are able to take more than one dog at a time, you can double or triple what you are earning.

If you are charging $5 per walk and you have 3 dogs you are walking, that would work out to $15.00.

House and Estate Sitter

Doing a side hustle as a house and an estate sitter can come with some serious responsibility but the rewards can be huge.

Often times you will stay at the house or grounds while the owner is away.

You might be in charge of security and maintenance of the grounds, collecting mail, and making it look like someone is living there.

A majority of the time, an estate sitter will stay at the estate.

In a way this can also be free room and board as well for you.

It is something that you have to discuss with the client first.  I have known estate sitters to make upwards of $500 a week for busy executives who are traveling.

Vehicle Transporter

If you love to drive, this is a great creative way to make money on the side.

There are all kinds of people and businesses that need their vehicles moved for various reasons.  Some of those include senior citizens and the elderly who may not be physically able to drive their vehicles long distances.

A simple trip across state of to other parts of the country may just be too much for them to handle.

Additionally, many people are adverse to hiring a car hauling company to transport it.

That is where you come in! 

Junk Removal Business

make money with a junk removal business

If you have a pick up truck or a box truck a junk removal business is a good creative way to earn money.

People will pay you cash to come haul stuff away from their place.

This happens a lot especially with family members who have to deal with a former loved ones house and possessions.

Not only can you charge them for the haul way of stuff, but if some of the items are in good condition you can also sell them to make a 100% profit!

Web Design

make money from home with web design

If you are good at coding, graphics, and have the general knowledge of how to design a website, people will pay bucks for that.

The beauty about this hustle is that it can be done from any location and in your spare time making it another top pick for creative ways to make money part time.

You can work as much or as little as you like.

A blogger would gladly pay thousands of dollars for a website that is really appealing to the eye and functional.

Making Soaps and Candles

creative ways to make additional income

Another great craft where people might pay you cash is buying candles and soaps from you.

A lot of people are starting to use soaps with a lot less chemicals and additives because there are so many health benefits.

They want more of a natural soap that is not as harmful to their skin.

Selling organic moisturizing soaps is a good business and craft to jump into and a creative way to make money with a home-based business.


make money in skilled trades

Learning trade work such as electrical or plumbing can be extremely lucrative.

I’ve paid electricians before in cash to wire up outdoor spotlights and put in new switches for me.

This is not a skill I have so for me I gladly gave him the cash to do these tasks.

You can also get certified and licensed in any of the trades in your spare time.

Once you do that, you can complete side jobs for contractors in construction and homeowners as well looking for home improvements.  It’s a solid creative way to make money part-time.

Work for Google

Many people think working for Google is impossible.  However, it’s actually possible to work for Google remotely and in other fashions.

There are many ways Google employs people which is what makes it one of the best creative ways to make money because you can either participate in focus groups or have a more traditional career role.

You can do both of these from the comfort of your home.

Hairdresser or Barber

earn income as a hairdresser

Where I grew up there was this guy who cut hair and everyone went to see him.

He charged $5 for a haircut and everyone paid in cash.

That convinced me at a young age that being a barber was practically a goldmine!

Barbershops are often underrated as a profession, but it’s clearly a creative way to make money.

Given for inflation today’s price would probably be closer to $10 or more but if you cut 6 in an hour, that would be $60 cash (not to mention some people tip on top of that)!

Making T-Shirts

make money as an artist by making t-shirts

I have never really been on board with making and selling T-shirts because I don’t think the profit is as great as some say it is after you factor all of the materials and effort to make them.

However, it is one of the best creative ways to make money, in fact, all cash if that is what you are looking for.

Make up a bunch of T-shirts then go sell them.  That could net you a few hundred dollars after all expenses paid.

This is definitely one of the more creative ways to make money with side jobs.  I was out of town for a holiday recently and went into this local t-shirt shop in a tourist area downtown.

The t-shirt shop had a line out the door with people waiting to get custom t-shirts printed.

Can you say dream hustle?!

Sell Pictures

This one might take the cake as one of the all-time best creative ways to make money online.

Selling pictures, and particularly selling feet pictures can be a highly lucrative money-making hustle.

A lot of people will pay money for pictures of people’s feet.

There are also ways that you could become a foot model (yes it is a real thing) and with an Instagram account and ban account, you can make over $10,000 a year or more under the right conditions.

So if you have extraordinary feet, then this is a creative way to make money that you should consider.


Believe it or not there are places that will pay you to live there. Alaska is such a place. Check out all the different ways you can get paid to live in Alaska .

A move might be in your future to this beautiful frontier.

Cake Decorator and Delivery

make money as a cake decorator

If you can bake, selling cakes for special events is another sure creative way to make money and earn some greenbacks.

Many people will buy cakes for all occasions such as weddings, first communions, and retirement parties.

I paid a local lady cash to bake a cake for me for a special event once and I gave her a tip on top of it because she actually delivered the cake to me.

If you bake it, people will come!

Be sure to provide good service and people will pay.

Real Estate Jobs

One of the best fields to work in for flexibility is real estate.  There are so many reasons why real estate is a great creative way to make money.

There are all kinds of highly lucrative jobs such as Realtors, and Brokers.

Additionally, you can also work for yourself as an investor in your spare time.

Working in real estate can be highly lucrative if it is done correctly.

I wrote a guide on how to “job hack” in the real estate industry.

Swim Instruction

make money as a swim instructor

Teaching someone to swim is not only providing a great service, but also it could potentially save someone’s life someday.

A swim instructor is a great creative way to make money for so many reasons.

A parent would gladly pay $20 a lesson to a swim coach to help their little duckling learn to swim in the water.

Executive Chauffeur

make money as an executive chauffeur

Let’s face it, executives are busy people and have places to be.

If you are able to land such a gig like this, do it!

Not only will the pay be great, but you will also have great stories to tell your friends about who you took where and for what purpose.

Whether it is airport drop offs or taking executives to meetings, this gig will pay well and you probably will get to drive a super fly car!

Driving awesome vehicles make this a great creative way to make money part-time.

Money Manager

make money as a money manager

A money manager is one of the best creative ways to make money online.

It’s a good side hustle to work because you are helping people pay their bills and other light financial tasks.

Make sure you have the proper legal requirements and signatures to do this because you may be responsible for dealing with other people’s money so you want to make sure you are covered for liability reasons.

Each person has different requirements but some just need help with light organizing while others want a full-fledged manager to handle all aspects of their financial life.

Pay can range from $20-$75 or more depending on tasks.

Golf Coach

make money as a golf coach

A lot of people in the business world play golf.

That is how big business deals are often done is on the golf course.

If you are exceptionally good at golfing, consider going into coaching and working with the professional business class.

This is a fun and creative way to make money part-time while also being outside.

All professional business people want to look good when they are golfing and as such they will pay a pretty penny for lessons to get them to that level.

Selling Appliances

selling appliances

Another great venture would be to consider selling used appliances as a business.

There are many locations that will buy used appliances .

Be sure to check out who buys used appliances near me if you are thinking about trying this creative way to make money.

Draft up contracts with companies such as property management companies, and watch your side income start rolling in.

Video Game Distribution Business

Another great work at home business to start is a video game distribution business.  If set up correctly, this business can be completely passive.

Check out my 8 Step Guide to Starting an Online Video Game Store to see what’s necessary to get your business up and running FAST.

Unlicensed Real Estate Assistant

There is no question that in a seller’s real estate market, real estate agents are busy.

Agents are always looking for unlicensed real estate assistants to help them out with daily tasks and duties so they can focus on crafting real estate deals.

Sell Used Clothes

An up and coming side hustle is to sell clothes online for cash. From designer handbags to name brand clothes, there are places online where you can purge your garments for cash.

Check out the best places to sell used clothes online for cash if you are looking for a creative way to make money from home.

Selling Used Electronics

Another thing you can hustle into cash is selling electronics. There is a market to sell broken TVs for parts so if you know anyone looking to get rid of their TVs, reach out to them. Grandparents are excellent choices as they are sure to have an old TV sitting around in their basement.

Multiple Creative Ways to Make Money Part-Time

Whether you need extra money to cover an upcoming vacation, or to purchase a car, or just need more cash to meet your daily living expenses, these side jobs above will help you meet your financial goals.

There are multiple creative ways to make money part-time with side jobs.  You can build wealth, and put cash in your pocket.

Some of these could turn into passive income streams as well.

Most can be done on your own schedule.  If you are able to work multiple jobs at once, then the faster you will be able to stockpile money.

Before you know it, you just might need your own money vault!

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