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If you need to make $100 fast, you might want to consider under the table jobs.

These under the table jobs below are the best cash paying jobs that can put money in your pocket immediately.

Under the table jobs are creative ways to make money and can be great opportunities for people that really just need a cash paying job nearby.

They are also great because most of the time they are temporary jobs and you can make quite a bit of money.

Below you will find an extensive list of the best under the table jobs that pay cash.

However before we get to that list we have some tips that go into a little bit more detail about under the table jobs and how to keep you out of legal trouble.

What Does Working Under The Table Mean?

Working under the table often means that a person can get paid in unreported cash instead of receiving a paycheck.  When I say unreported cash, I mean it’s not reported to the IRS majority of the time by the employer paying you.

Only religious groups are exempt from paying some taxes LEGALLY. So, do Amish pay taxes? Yes, but they are exempt from some. Religious groups are one of the exclusions when it comes to taxes.

For most everybody else, working under the table jobs are the only other way to work jobs and income not reported to IRS.

off the books job

It’s a job that’s considered “off the books” for reporting purposes.

They are referred to as cash jobs.

There are some tradeoffs to this.

While you would get the cash in hand, you would lose out on other benefits such as the Social Security benefits you will receive later on.

Additionally if you become injured while working this job, you don’t have any rights to Worker’s Compensation or a Worker’s Compensation claim.

You would not be able to receive Social Security disability either when working under the table jobs. So those reasons are a lot to think about before venturing out working under the table jobs.

Additionally, if you face discrimination issues by your employer, you won’t have a legal right to challenge them.  These reasons above are often why working under the table jobs are considered off the books jobs.

Is It Against The Law To Work Under The Table?

While it’s not against the law to work under the table jobs and a job that pays you in cash, it is against the law if you don’t report that income on your taxes.

We recommend an advocate that everybody follow the law when it comes to reporting income earned from under the table job. 

This is especially true if you receive a 1099 in the mail.

If you have any additional questions on the legalities of working under the table jobs, you should speak to a certified public accountant or legal representative.

Under The Table Jobs That Pay Well

Private Party Planner

If you have good skills at planning parties and events, you might want to consider becoming a private party planner.  People are always looking for a planner with good networking skills that can plan their party venues.

Think about how many birthday parties, weddings, and outdoor barbecues you have attended over the last couple years.

Why not be the one to plan these events with this under the table job and put a little cash in your pocket at the same time?

Cater Events

If you like to cook, consider catering parties and events for your friends and family.  If you want to go the extra mile, also offer services like a photo booth and a and a local artist on site as well to do drawings for guests.

Street Performer

If you have any special skills such as magic, singing, or being a mime, take your act out on the road.  Go to your local downtown spot on a Friday or Saturday night and show off your skills.

Before you know it your bucket will be overflowing with cash from donors.

Singing and Musical Performance

One of the easiest under the table jobs that pay cash is offering a musical performance.  People will always pay cash at weddings and events for people to sing, play a harp, or play the piano in addition to many other musical instruments.

Disc Jockey

A lot of disc jockeys started their businesses as a hobby.  What is great about this business is that it is scalable.  Not only is it a great cash paying job, but you can always invest that cash in more equipment.

Before you know it you can start up a business and DJ multiple weddings on a Saturday night.


Crafting is one of the best under the table cash jobs there is.  All you have to do is make crafts at home on the cheap and then sell them for a profit at art fairs or through Facebook groups.

Once you have perfected your crafting, you can also take your sales online to Etsy.  Check out this post on one of the top Etsy sellers who sells $80,000 per month worth of crafts!

Senior Citizen Assistant

Another great under the table job is helping out a senior citizen that lives in your area.  Senior citizens often need help with a lot of household tasks.  In addition, they are always in need of somebody to pick up their medications, drive them to doctors appointments, and help them pay bills as well.

Selling Firewood

If you have access to firewood, you can chop it up and bundle it in packs.  Sell these packs directly to gas stations located in urban areas.  Additionally, if you live out in a rural area, you can also sell them on the side of the road.

Online Photography

If you have beautiful pictures in your collection, you can sell them online to people.  There are always people out there that start websites that look for beautiful pictures to use.

Springtime Yard Cleanup

Spring is one of the best times to go around knocking door-to-door to see if your neighbors need help cleaning up their yard.  Offer services such as fertilizing, detaching, and aeration.  If you can offer these services cheaper than commercial companies such as TruGreen, your neighbors will go with you and you’ll get the money.

Yard cleanup is one of the best under the table jobs near you because it is literally on your street.

Yard Sales

Purging all of your old items and collectibles is not only a great way to organize your household but also a cash paying job as well.

Floor Cleaner

If you have access to hardwood and carpet cleaner equipment, you can post online ads in your community and offer these services.  You could score as much is $200 or $300 per household that you claim.  That’s a pretty good profit for a couple hours worth of work.

House Sitter/Estate Sitter

This is probably one of the best cash paying jobs there is out there for under the table jobs.  Becoming a house sitter or an estate sitter can be like a dream come true.

Some of the tasks you will have to do will be to collect mail, manage the estate if it is large while the owner is gone, and make sure that the property is safe and secure.

Pet Sitter

I travel often and I am always looking for somebody to come to my house and take care of my dogs.  Personally, I would rather just keep my dogs at home where I don’t have to worry about boarding them or sending them to somebody else’s house that may contain fleas, bedbugs, or other pest infestation’s.

You can use sites like to get registered with people who are looking for pet sitters.

Down the road you can just work out your own arrangements yourself with those clients and cut out the middleman.

Skilled Trades

You can make a lot of money working under the table jobs in skilled trades such as welding.  Welding is a great avenue to make money on the side through art fairs and festivals.

Check out the highest paying welding jobs to see if a career in welding is for you.

Dog Walker

With the new economy people spend a lot of time working multiple jobs a day.  It’s very common now for a pet owner to be gone more than 12 hours a day.

That’s where you come in!

Offering services such as dog walking and playtime with somebody’s loved and cherished family member is a great way to make money.

House Cleaner

Offering cleaning services to executives is a field that has tremendous growth potential.  Due to the bustling economy, many executives just don’t have the time to clean their houses.

You can do this service (in addition to others such as landscape maintenance) and collect a pretty penny at the same time.

Rent Out Storage Space in Your House

While this is a relatively new trend, it’s expected to grow exponentially.  Neighbors are now turning to other neighbors that have extra garage, attic, or basement storage space instead of using commercial storage facilities.

These neighborhood storage options are about half as much as what the commercial storage space facilities charge but the best part is this is one of the easiest cash paying jobs there is!

Become a Re-seller

Often times you can score great deals with clearance items at big box stores.   For example right now you can pretty much get our Christmas decorations between 80 and 90% off.  Buy these items in the store and then you can resell them in Facebook Group Marketplace as an example.

Reupholster Furniture

I have a friend of the family who buys used furniture and then either reupholsters or refinishes the pieces.  They sell these refinish pieces of furniture between 100% and 400% mark up all off the books cash.

Farmers Market

Growing produce in your backyard can be sold at local farmers markets for cash.

Construct Garden Boxes

Backyard gardening is considered the next big healthy living option when it comes to produce.  Constructing garden boxes out of natural materials and using organic compost and soil has tremendous health benefits for people.

You can make garden boxes for people that doesn’t require a lot of work and effort.  Consider using items such as fencing as well to keep rabbits and deer out from eating the produce.


If you have young kids at home become active in the PTO after school.  Offer your services to kids in the school for tutoring.  This is an easy way to make a quick hundred bucks a week cash.

Exercise Instructor/Yoga Instructor/Pilates Instructor

Becoming an exercise coach for somebody is an excellent cash paying job.  With the popularity of the Keto diet and organic trends, a lot of people nowadays want to become healthy and live a more healthy lifestyle.

By offering your services such as yoga, pilates, or exercise, not only are you making money, but you’re also improving the health and lifestyle of somebody else who may desperately need it.

To cash in on this, think about taking your exercise program on the road to places such as group homes where are you only have to teach one class but may have as many as 10 to 20 students.


If you have a good skills using a paintbrush there are always people needing their house painted.  This is especially true for the outside trim of peoples house as it’s so hard to paint.  So if you have access to ladders and are not afraid of heights, consider doing painting for the exterior of peoples houses.


If you like working out in physical exercise you can also offer services to move people from their houses to a new location.  You can also this offer this service as well to businesses.

Tax Preparer

‘Tis the season to file your taxes.  People are always looking for someone to complete and file their taxes.  However, this is mainly just a seasonal job from January to April.

Appliance Repair

The saying they don’t make things like they used to is very true today when it comes to appliances.  There are lots of places out there such as that will walk you through the steps of how to replace and fix a certain type of problem with your appliance.

In addition to repairing appliances consider flipping appliances. 

Bike Repair

Every city I go to I always see bike lanes that are available.  A lot more people nowadays commute on a bicycle to work then what they did a decade ago.

What I don’t see a lot of is bicycle repair places.  You can offer these services to these bike commuters.

There is a high demand for this type of repair work.  Get a group of friends together and start up a bike repair service and before you know it, you will have a lot of under the table jobs paying in cash for this service.

Nanny or Babysitter

One of the oldest under the table jobs and cash paying jobs there is would be babysitting.  Print up some flyers or drop a few posts on to see if people are interested in babysitting services.

Build Websites for Companies

Let’s face it there are a lot of small business owners operating their own shops nowadays.  A lot of them need administrative help with things such as creating a website so they can engage with their customers.

That’s where you come in!

If you know a lot about website design and how Google works, consider building these websites for companies friends and families.

Flip Used Computers

Sometimes parents of elementary age kids are looking for computers for their kids.  We’re not talking top-of-the-line computers, just general basic computers.

If you have some computer repair skills, you can pick up some used computers and resell them to this group of people and others.

Lawn Maintenance & Snow Removal

There are a lot of people who are physically unable to maintain their lawn and clear snow from their driveway.  The best way to make money at this job is to offer these services to people right in your neighborhood.

When it snows, you can go clear five houses at a time in the next thing you know you might have $200 or $300 in your pocket.  Lawn maintenance and snow removal are considered one of the highest profit under the table jobs around.

Under The Table Jobs For The Disabled

Now you may be thinking if you’re disabled you can’t do any type of under the table job.  That’s not entirely true.

Below are some great under the table jobs if you are disabled.

Rent Out Your Home

If you are disabled and happen to own your own home, you can rent out part of your home.  This could be just the bedroom or maybe some common areas as well of the house.

If you have more than one bedroom then you can rent out to multiple people.

There may be a little work up front as far as running a credit report on your potential renter, but platforms such as Airbnb have covered a lot of these basic steps.

Write for a Blog

Another thing you might be able to do is write content for a blog.  You could request to be paid in cash or with a personal check for your services.  You might even be able to offer unique perspectives for a blog based on your disability.

Bloggers offer a lot of under the table jobs so it is worthwhile to consider reaching out to one and see what jobs that pay cash under the table they may have available.

Sharing your experience on things is something that could help others with struggles they may be having.

Make Jewelry

Partner up with local crafters in the area to see if you can assemble jewelry for them.

This might be a great cash paying job under the right circumstances.

Sell Pictures of Your Feet

If you have decent looking feet , consider selling images of them.  Many social media platforms have groups where people can sell feet pictures.

There are some legal requirements for this so be sure to take a look at our article below that goes into detail.

Sell Clothes

Another job you can work under the table is selling clothes online for cash online.  If you have a lot of used clothes that you no longer wear, consider listing them on popular resale sites.

You can easily make a hundred dollars a month which might come in useful during the holidays.

How to Find Under The Table Jobs That Pay Cash

So now that you have read about all of these great jobs that pay cash, you are probably wondering well where do I go to find these jobs?

Jobs That Pay Under The Table On Craigslist

You might be thinking how to find under the table jobs on Craigslist.  It’s very easy to find jobs that pay under the table on Craigslist.  There are so many jobs that pay cash on Craigslist available.

I would consider this to be one of your best options for under the table jobs near you.

Most of the jobs that pay cash on craigslist are also going to be craigslist jobs near you as well making it a win-win.

jobs that pay under the table on craigslist

All you have to do is go to Craigslist and then click > gigs section in the lower right hand corner.

Jobs that pay under the table on Craigslist:

  • Computer
  • Creative
  • Domestic
  • Crew
  • Event
  • Labor
  • Talent
  • Writing

From there you can start browsing and see what jobs are available in your area.

There is also a way that you can use the search filter to look specifically for under the table jobs that pay cash.

Jobs That Pay Under The Table On Facebook Groups

Facebook groups (particularly community Facebook groups) are excellent resources to offer services to or search for under the table jobs.

If you’re not familiar with Facebook groups let me walk you through the process.

Below you’ll see an image of numerous Florida Buy Sell Trade and Barter Facebook groups.

facebook search group

To get to these Facebook groups, you have to use the search box on your Facebook page. Simply type in where you are located and then the words “Buy Sell Trade.” Your search will reveal numerous community Facebook group pages.

Now you are probably wondering “how do I find these under the table jobs near me though?”

They could be anywhere in the whole world?

I have that covered.  There’s an easy answer for that.

Before the words “Buy Sell Trade”in the search box you should put some cities in the state of where you live.

This will make sure that the search algorithm only focuses on the immediate areas in under the table jobs near you.

Most of these community pages you will have to request to join as they are private groups.  In addition, they are also very strict with rules and they don’t allow spamming.  So you have to be very careful as to how and what you promote.

Make sure that you select Facebook groups that have thousands of members and also do a fair amount of posts each day.  You really don’t want to join a Facebook community that just ends up being stagnant.

The site is a private social network for your neighborhood.  It’s a great way to post your services such as babysitting, floor installation, or other services which are all considered great under the table jobs.

nextdoor social neighborhood network

What is cool about Nextdoor is that you can actually select the specific neighborhoods you would like to post your services to.  In addition to this website being free, you also get to know a lot of your neighbors.

This site works a lot like a community bulletin board because every time I have been on it, there are all kinds of postings for people looking for things such as a mechanic or somebody to come water their outside plants.

I like using Nextdoor a little bit better than Facebook groups because a lot of the people I actually located within your neighborhood where you live.  That’s not always the case with Facebook groups.

Jobs That Pay Under The Table On Classified Ads

The printed classified ad continues to live on.   Although kind of obsolete, you can run a classified ad as well if you’re looking for under the table cash paying jobs.

The advantage to doing this is that your targeting people who don’t really use social media, which is mainly an older population demographic.

There are a lot of under the table jobs available in the classifieds.

Check all those little local flyers that probably come to your house like they do mine.

You can also make your own classified ad and stick them up in stores such as neighborhood grocery stores where you live.

I used to sell real estate and would put my real estate flyers and business cards on these bulletin boards and I always got calls every single month from them.

Be sure to get permission from the store manager to make sure they are OK with you putting up fliers.

Grocery store bulletin boards are a great place for under the table jobs to be had.

Job Websites

You can also look for under the table jobs on job websites such as and conduct a search for cash paying jobs.  While you won’t find a ton of under the table jobs there, you may find a few in the hunt.

While it could be a long-shot, you never know what will come up.  Sometimes indeed pulls job listings from other sources and organizations so it’s very possible that you could find a gig or under the table jobs or cash paying jobs on that site as well.

Wrap Up: Under The Table Jobs That Pay Well

There are so many ways to make money with under the table jobs that pay cash.  Some of these jobs can lead into starting a full-time business, while others can be classified as neighborly jobs and tasks to help your neighbor.

Be sure to check out our article on how to make $2,000 a month as some of those jobs could be classified as under the table money as well!

One thing that is great with under the table jobs is that there are jobs for people with disabilities to do as well. It’s extremely important to somebody that has a disability because that helps them feel like a valued and productive member of society.

And remember to report your income and follow all of the legal rules and laws that pertain to your income to keep you out of trouble.

Under the table jobs are out there, you just have to know how and where to find them. With all of the different types of under the table jobs that pay cash noted above, you won’t have any trouble finding something that you like to do.

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