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You don’t need a fancy degree to sell feet pics and make money. All you need is some creativity, a camera, and an internet connection! In this blog post, we will go over how easy it can be to sell your photos to people on a social media platform, a Facebook business page, and other websites for profit. Whether you have never tried before or are already making sales online, there’s something for everyone in this article.

You can make money when you sell feet pics for cash. It may seem like a crazy idea. Believe me, and I thought it was too when I first stumbled upon it. While I write on ways to make money and building wealth through real estate, taking pictures of your feet and selling them for cash would not make the cut for my top 10.

However, after I did some research, selling feet pictures online for money and becoming a foot model. This guide will take you through everything you need to know about selling feet pics for cash.

Before we go into the details of how much you can make by selling feet pictures, it is essential to know the basics of how to sell feet pics legally and safely.

What You Will Learn:

You can sell feet pics legally, provided you follow some guidelines. There are a few requirements, however.

is it legal to sell feet pics

The first one includes age. You must be over 18 and an adult to take any type of picture and sell it online.

  • Some countries ban selling feet pics due to religious practices. Some countries and religious practices do not allow for people to show any of their skin to a person of the opposite sex.

However, there are a lot of countries that do allow a person to sell feet pics. Those countries include Australia, the US, UK, New Zealand (NZ), Russia, South Africa, and Mexico, just to name a few.

Why Would You Sell Feet Pics?

If you’re looking for an easy and fast way to make money online with no experience, selling your feet pics is a great fit. It’s especially good for college students who may be struggling trying to find decent-paying jobs while also trying to balance their schoolwork.

There is high demand for foot pictures of feet both online and also in hard copy advertisements such as magazines and publications. A perfect hard copy example where you would see feet would be a catalog of sandals available to buy from a shoe or sandal company.

Paying Taxes on Your Feet Picture Income

A lot of people wonder if you have to pay taxes on your feet income, and the answer is yes. You have to pay taxes on money selling feet pics earned. This income should be reported on your tax return, particularly schedule C, if this is not your main source of employment. If you are earning a full-time income from selling feet pics, you may be subject to quarterly taxes, and best to consult a CPA who can best advise you on how to structure your tax liabilities.

Keep track of all your expenses and use an accounting software program such as QuickBooks.

  • Some things that can be considered business expenses would be the camera that is used to take pictures of your feet and potentially the cost associated with printing out pictures of your feet if you are selling hard copies.

Be sure to keep all of your receipts.

  • The software will figure out if you have a profit or loss. That profit or loss number will be used to calculate what your self-employment tax would be. All of that information gets transferred onto your 1040 to be filed with the IRS.

Best Ways to Sell Feet Pictures

Selling feet photos is a lot like selling used clothes online for cash. There are a couple of different ways of how to sell pictures of feet that we’re going to cover below. While selling pictures of your feet may be considered one of the most absurd ways to make money, that is hardly the case.

As a matter of fact, there are a lot of influencers who have done a full-time business by taking pictures of their feet.

Down below, we will cover the best places to sell pics of your feet.

Sell Pictures of Your Feet to Make Money

Selling pictures of your feet to make money yourself is the most popular option when it comes to selling feet pics. This is one way when selling feet pictures where you retain 100% of the control and the process. By following this option, you are in the driver’s seat.

Become a Foot Model Online

Another avenue that you can pursue would be to model feet poses. Under this option, you may work with a photographer and work for a modeling agency to market exclusive feet pictures.

You might find pictures of your feet in print advertising, such as with brands such as OPI and ORLY. Additionally, it is not just nail polish that may be in demand for your feet, but also skincare. Many companies will also pay for feet pictures to promote pedicures for their business.

These are just some of the examples and jobs available by working with a reputable modeling agency for feet models.

Become a Foot Photographer and Make Money

If you like taking pictures, think about becoming an independent photographer. As an independent photographer, you will take high-quality feet pictures of other people’s feet.

More than likely, you would work for advertising agencies or modeling agencies as a contractual employee. So, if you like taking pictures of feet, this provides a great opportunity to capture images and also sell feet pictures of others.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Feet Photos

Prices vary tremendously for pictures of feet. If you sell feet pics of your feet yourself, you can expect to earn from $5.00 to upwards of $100’s PER WEEK!

how much can you make selling feet pics
You can make up to $100’s per week or more selling feet pics

In addition, many foot models start out as independent amateurs selling feet pics and then move into becoming foot models. As a foot model, you can make a significant salary as a foot model. As a matter of fact, Ellen Sirot is one of the highest compensated hand and foot models.

We will cover down below where you can sell your feet pictures for cash online.

Foot Model Salary

Modeling in general pays well, but foot modeling doesn’t pay quite as well. The main reason is because of the market simply because there are not that many foot modeling jobs available.

However, if your feet are top quality, you could expect to earn $200 per hour to over $2,000 per hour, depending on the particular type of campaign and assignment.

When you work with a foot modeling agency, your income can be a lot higher than if you are self-publishing and selling feet pics yourself.

  • According to, “top parts models earn around $1,000 per day for TV commercials and between $2,000 to $5,000 a day for print work. A female parts model with great legs and feet can earn about $75,000 a year – and even more in New York City, which is home to major advertising agencies.”

Selling Your Feet Pictures Yourself

You can make money selling your feet pictures independently. While it may not be as much as a professional foot model salary would be, it can still be lucrative. You can expect to earn between $5 to $100 or more per foot picture.

How to Sell Feet Pics Successfully

No matter if you are going to become a foot model or sell pictures yourself, there are a couple of steps you need to know to be successful. To sell feet pics successfully will involve creating a portfolio of your feet, using foot modeling poses, and also proper maintenance of your feet.

how to sell feet pics successfully

The easiest way to make money selling feet pictures is to work for a foot modeling agency and become a foot model. A lot of the maintenance tips we covered before go without saying if you are considering a career as a foot model and working for a foot model agency. Your feet need to be in pristine condition.

To be a foot model, it is important that you have the right size feet. The average foot size for foot modeling is size 8 to 11 for males and size 5 to 7 for females.

Below we will cover the steps how to sell feet pics successfully.

Create a Foot Portfolio

One of the first things you will need to do is to create a foot portfolio. Your best chances of success (and foot modeling pay) come from working for a foot model agency.

By assembling a portfolio to sell feet pics, you are also providing an opportunity for foot modeling agencies to see your work.

You can put this portfolio online, and be sure to watermark your feet pictures so nobody else can sell feet pics of you without you knowing about it.

In order to sell photos, you will have to become familiar with online photo editing tools.

Use Foot Modeling Poses

Be sure to have pictures of your feet posed. If you work with a professional photographer, they will probably know how to pose your feet and how to use elements of light and shading that will portray your feet in the “best light possible,” no pun intended!

Foot model anatomy is really important when trying to become an aspiring foot model.

You are going to have to learn about all aspects of your feet and the anatomy so your well versed in the maintenance of your feet and knowledge of how to pose. Having high arches of your feet is important, along with perfect skin.

Follow a Foot Model Routine

It’s important to follow the foot modeling maintenance steps above and create a foot model routine. All of those tasks mentioned above are important to maintain the best condition of your feet in order to sell feet pictures.

Think of a foot model routine as preventative maintenance. You are taking daily care of your feet now instead of having to do a lot of one-time work on them at some point in the future.

How to Take Good Feet Pics to Sell

Whether or not you intend to self-publish pictures of your feet or become a foot model, maintaining the condition of your feet is very important. Taking good feet pics to sell involves proper maintenance of your feet. In addition, there are other important factors such as feet picture poses, lighting, and backdrops that are also important for taking good feet pics to sell.

Proper Foot Maintenance for Feet Pics

  • Pedicures

Consider getting pedicures for your feet on a regular basis if you don’t want to maintain them yourself. By getting pedicures, you are letting professionals do the tasks that sometimes may include filing and removing hangnails.

  • Lotion your feet

Proper moisturizing and lotion of your feet are essential for high-quality pictures. Nobody wants to see a dry, flaky picture of a foot. That doesn’t help sell products for any advertising company.

  • Always wear socks

It’s important to take the proper precautionary steps in order to maintain your feet and keep them in the best shape possible. Always wear socks instead of walking around barefoot.

When you walk barefoot, you run the risk of causing injury to your foot.

  • Remove hair on feet

It’s important to keep your foot hair-free. You can either shave your feet or use products such as Nair hair remover to remove unsightly hair from your feet. You will earn more money with a foot that is smooth and hair-free.

  • Exercise

Exercising is also key to maintaining healthy feet. If you stand a lot, be sure to take breaks and walk a lot. By standing, a lot of the blood in your body can flow down to your feet and stay there.

Whereas if you are more active, your blood flow and circulation will improve. That reduces the blood staying in a sediment state.

  • Nail Maintenance

If you have opted to forego professional pedicures, you will have to trim and maintain your toenails yourself.

You want to make sure that all of your nails are cut in uniform in length and shape. Your nails need to be as uniform as possible so as not to distract from the overall image of your feet.

  • Remove dead skin on feet

From time to time, dead skin does appear on people’s feet. This is very common and usually forms on the heels of your feet. Take a pumice stone from time to time and remove this dead skin by utilizing medium pressure and a circular motion.

It’s important not to scrub and scrub as hard as you can because this can cause damage to your feet, and you don’t want to do that.

Use Feet Picture Poses

Another important thing to consider when it comes to taking good feet pics to sell is feet picture poses. Some feet picture poses may be in greater demand than others. For example, if you come across feet picture poses that resemble artwork, you may be able to sell them for more money.

Additionally, proper lighting and backdrop also play an important role in taking good feet pictures. You can use these elements to accent the foot in the picture; be sure to use lighting to your advantage. If you have your foot posed in a certain setting, you may also be able to sell those pictures for more money.

Where to Sell Feet Pics Online

Below are the steps to physically sell feet pictures for cash. There are A LOT of platforms below on how to sell feet pics online based on the type of social media platform.

The process to sell feet pictures differs from each type of platform.

Sell Feet Pics on Facebook

There are three different ways to sell feet pics online on Facebook.

  • Join Existing Community Groups About Feet

Joining a community group that already exists is a great way to sell feet pictures. Try to find all existing groups that relate to feet and modeling. You can use the Facebook search function to find community group pages.

  • Startup Your Own Community

This is also a great way to sell feet pics because since you are the one creating the community, you can also tailor exactly what the content is you want to feature.

selling feet pics on a FB Business Page

Set up a business account and a Facebook business page for interested buyers. This social media online marketplace is a great place to post photos online.

You can also send out invites to family and friends, and your community will grow by word of mouth before you know it.

  • Run Facebook Ads

Running Facebook ads is also a great way to sell feet pictures. By running ads, you can tailor who will see these ads. Meaning you can advertise in certain geographic areas. This is great because if you are concerned about shipping your pictures once purchased, you can just run ads very close to where you live and maybe meet up in person to drop off your pictures.

We will cover some basic safety procedures down below.

Sell Feet Pics on a Blog

Creating a blog is another great way to globally sell feet pictures as well. By having your own blog, you accomplish a few things. First, you can sell feet images globally. With a blog, you can reach every corner of the world.

Second, you can also feature some of your feet pictures and create an online portfolio. This would be a great marketing initiative to do because by having your portfolio online, you can refer foot model agencies directly to your site.

Just be sure to watermark all your images so they cannot be used without your permission. Selling feet pictures through your own blog keep all the profit with you. Starting a blog has never been easier because the costs today are often less than $50 a year. Check out our beginners guide below.

Sell Feet Pics on Twitter

Another platform to sell feet pics on is Twitter. Create an account (don’t use your real name) and complete your profile.

Use the Twitter search function and type in #feet #feetlovers and follow some of the users that show up as they are likely to buy feet pictures. Follow those users. Some of those users will also follow you back.

Another great feature about Twitter is that you can also create lists within your account. So if you want to keep all of your feet followers separate from others on your profile, you can use the Twitter list function to do that.

Tweet out some pictures of your feet for sale. Some will message you about your pictures, and then you can negotiate terms about selling feet pictures to them.

Sell Feet Pics on Tinder

One of the easiest ways to sell feet pictures is to sell feet pictures on Tinder. Tinder is a dating app; however, you can still use it to sell feet pics. Create an account on Tinder and upload a picture of your feet into your profile as your profile picture. Additionally, be sure to upload additional pictures of your feet as well into Tinder.

These pictures should be your top feet pictures. Once you gain a lot of friends on Tinder, you can sell your feet pictures for cash to your group of friends.

Sell Feet Pics on eBay

You can also sell feet pics on the eBay marketplace. eBay is one of the best platforms to use. eBay was created specifically for selling items online through E-Commerce. Selling feet pictures is no different as they can be sold online through an E-Commerce site such as eBay.

The easiest way to sell feet pics on eBay is to create a user account. Be sure to have a catchy name that references feet, so people know what your seller account is all about. Additionally, if buyers are searching on eBay for pictures of feet for sale, if you have a unique username that is related, they may be able to find you easily just by searching.

Having a username that is related to feet is important for selling feet pictures on eBay. Once you have created a user account, the next thing to do is upload feet pictures that you want to sell for cash. Be sure to run promotions as well in your store so people will be inclined to buy feet pictures from you on eBay.

Sell Feet Pics on Instagram

Learning how to start selling feet pictures on social media and your Instagram account isn’t as hard as some have said. As a matter of fact, selling feet pics on IG is probably the best platform to sell feet pics on with regard to social media.

Your Instagram account is the best platform to sell feet pics on because you can use hashtags. The key to feet pics on Instagram has to do with hashtags.

selling feet pics on instagram

Whether or not you are posting your feet pictures under your name or an alias, using hashtags is key for maximum exposure for feet pics on Instagram. Interested buyers of high-quality photos of feet can use hashtags.

Some of the popular Instagram hashtags to use are:

#feet #feetlovers #feetnation #feetpics #feetworship and #feetmodel #sellfeetpics just to name a few. Be sure to include images of your feet as part of your Instagram story.

And remember, the better manicured your feet are, the more attention they will receive.

Sell Feet Pics on Etsy

You can also sell feet pics through the Etsy market as well.

There are close to 2,000 pictures of feet on the Etsy market, all ranging in price from a couple of bucks to upwards of $50 or more. Learning how to use Etsy to sell feet pics online is an easy way to advertise directly to a buyer and sell your feet images to them.

Sell Feet Pics on Snapchat

Selling on Snapchat is another way for selling foot pics. The main point of all social media channels is to get people to follow you and build an audience that way. The bigger your following, the more feet pictures you can sell for extra money.

Another thing you want to do is to create a snapcode for your business account so people can follow you with ease. Be sure to include your snapcode on all material and content that you produce.

Sell Feet Pics on Only Fans

You can sell pictures of your feet on Only Fans, but it may not be as lucrative as some of the other platforms to sell pics of your feet on. Only Fans is not an avenue dedicated to 100% custom feet pictures.

A lot of people have other interests they are looking for at this online marketplace, so your feet won’t be serving a majority of users on OnlyFans.

Some of the other platforms mentioned below would be better options to sell feet pictures on.

Sell Feet Pics on Whisper

What are the most popular places where to sell feet pics in America is on the anonymous app known as Whisper. Whisper operates a little bit differently than other social media platforms. For one, the app is completely anonymous and private. However, you could use whisper to successfully sell feet pics and make money.

To sell feet photos on Whisper, simply create a profile and add a Whisper to the Whisper verse. You could upload an image of different feet pictures available for sale.

You can add tags to your feet pic, so people searching for feet pictures will be able to find them. Next, you can create a post stating that you are selling feet pictures. When people see your post, they have three options which are reply heart and direct message.

Potential buyers can contact you through direct messages once they find your posts through tags in keywords.

Sell Feet Pics on Discord

Discord is another social media platform that you can use to start a feet selling business. Selling feet pics on discord is more community-based since it has channels that you can join, or you can also create your own channel. Using discord is a great way to build a community looking to buy feet pics.

Sell Feet Pics on Instafeet

Instafeet is one of the popular social media accounts to make money selling feet pictures in America with your feet. While there are a lot of foot fetish sites, this service is a subscription-based service.

You create your own profile and account and post content on your feet. You make money by having customers subscribe to your account and pay a monthly fee to be a subscriber of your account.

Payments are sent out to you from Instafeet on the 1st and the 15th. You must also have a valid ID with age uploaded.

Sell Feet Pics on Craigslist

You can sell feet pics on Craigslist. It is another great way to make income from your feet.

Put up a few images of your feet in your ad on Craigslist. Remember to watermark these images as well, and don’t send any images to a buyer without payment first.

Craigslist is a great platform to attract many buyers, but obviously, one of the challenges with selling feet pictures on Craigslist is securing payment for your pictures.

Sell Feet Pics on Feetify

Feetify is another good place to sell your feet pics. Feetify operates a lot like Facebook, where you can connect with friends that love ladies feet pictures. You can build up a foot-loving picture community that will purchase feet pics while you earn extra money. This is an excellent way to build up a brand as well. 

Create a profile for your community. Next, post a few of your feet pics for free so you can build interest in your community. You can sell your premier feet pics to members. As you interact with members, you will be able to take special requests for feet pics and sell them for more money as well.

Sell Feet Pics of Feet Finder

You can also sell your feet pics on Feet Finder, which is another social media venue to sell different feet pics for those interested in feet pictures online.

How Feet Finder works is similar to other social media platforms. Create a profile for yourself, upload some high-quality photos, tag the foot photo pictures with keywords related to what you are selling (ex: foot fetish), then set up payment options such as PayPal or other international cards.

Sell Feet Pics on Shutterstock

Receiving payment isn’t a problem on Shutterstock like it is on some stock photo sites. Shutterstock takes care of all the financial headaches of managing the payment process. That’s not the case with other stock photo websites.

Once the payment is received from the buyer, they are allowed to download the image of your feet. Selling feet pictures is one of the better ways (as far as ease of use and safety) goes to receive payment.

Sell Your Feet Pics Through YouTube Videos

You can use YouTube to set up a virtual portfolio of your photos online. If buyers like what they see, you can direct them to a site where they can buy foot pictures of yours. You may be able to charge a payment processing fee to cover the costs of the transaction.

This is another way to sell feet pictures online.

How to Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed

There are a few things that you can do to protect yourself when selling feel pictures.

how to sell feet pics without getting scammed

Encrypt and protect your feet photos

One way to prevent fraud and people downloading your feet pictures without your consent is to encrypt them. Use files that are password protected to ensure the safety of your artwork.

Once you have received payment, then you can send them the password to your images. By using password-protected files, both parties can reach a successful outcome. You can make money from your picture, and the seller can receive the product safely he purchased. Neither person has to reveal their identity either.

Use Alias Profiles

Sometimes selling feet pictures can be risky. You should never use your real name anywhere online if you are planning on selling feet pictures for money.

You don’t want somebody coming to follow you around in real life. That’s just not safe at all.

Additionally, you should never post pictures of your face along with your feet. We can all agree that technology today is all over. From doorbells that record to GPS tracking in phones, the technology today makes many things possible.

There is even facial recognition software today, which if somebody saw a picture of your face, they could use that image with this type of software to gain your true identity.

Meet in public if necessary

One of the safest ways for selling feet pictures includes meeting in public. Maybe you have a client who wants to pay your $200 for a picture, but it has to be in person because that is the only way to make the transaction successful.

If you have to go this route, be sure to meet that client in a public place. A great example would be in front of a police station or in a police station parking lot.

Chances are, if your client is planning something not up to snuff, they won’t be comfortable meeting you in a police station parking lot.

Another reason why this is a great location is if something were to go wrong, the police have all kinds of video surveillance cameras of their lots and property so they can identify your client within minutes if needed through surveillance pictures.

Notify others when going to meet a client

Be sure to let someone in your life know when you are going to meet clients. It’s always to notify a friend +1 when you are going out to meet clients for a transaction.

This way, two people know the details of your whereabouts. And two heads are always better than one.

Use Cash Apps to Collect Payment

Be sure to use a cash app to collect your payment . Some of the most popular cash apps to use for selling feet pictures are PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App. Using cash apps is a safe and secure way to receive your payment for your photos.

This is also one of the best ways to avoid getting scammed because you can verify that you have received the funds.

Be aware that some of these apps have IRS limits for the amounts you can collect. Additionally, some of these apps have the authority to shut your account down as well. There are also fees that you will pay to transfer money from these apps to your bank account. 

Collect a Deposit Upfront

If you are worried about getting scammed selling feet pics, you can collect a deposit upfront. This is one way to safeguard that you at least get some money first before releasing the picture.

Ask for a deposit upfront of at least half or 75% of the cost of the picture. Once you receive that deposit, then send the picture to the buyer. 

If they end up NOT paying you the remaining balance, at least you have received the majority of the payment. Going to small claims court is not worth it for the rest of the balance due to the cost of court and other court-related fees.

Pros and Cons of Selling Feet Pics

There are a lot of reasons people sell feet pictures. The decision to sell feet pictures is a very personal decision. It involves posting parts of your body online. Some people may be OK with this; however, some people may not. Some religions actually ban individuals from portraying parts of their bodies.

There are a lot of pros and cons of selling feet pictures which are noted below:

Pros of Selling Feet Pics

  • Easy Way to Make Money

One of the pros of selling feet pics is that it’s an easy way to make money and involves very little effort. If you decide to sell pictures of your feet yourself, all you have to do is take a picture of your feet and collect money. It is that simple. Taking a picture of your feet is like getting paid for a foot selfie. 

  • Make People Happy

Another pro of selling feet pics is that you make people happy. A lot of people view feet pics as artwork, and there are a lot of people who then collect pictures of feet. So not only are you making money and receiving income from your pictures, but also making people happy.

  • Build a Business

Building a business is another pro of selling feet pics. You can turn your simple efforts of taking pictures of your feet and selling them into a profitable business. There are great tax advantages as well that you can use to build wealth for your household. If done correctly, you can build a brand around your feet. You could take pictures of your feet in particular settings and become famous while creating a brand at the same time.

When you sell feet pics, the most significant advantage is that it is a flexible job and can be scheduled around your available time.

  • Satisfying Work

Selling pictures of your feet can also be extremely rewarding. It is a good feeling to know that people admire and appreciate your photos. Knowing the admiration that comes along with your pictures can be satisfying work to you personally.

Cons of Selling Feet Pics

  • People Objectify Your Feet Online

One con of selling feet pictures online is that there will be a lot of criticism as well. People will objectify your feet which may be hard to deal with personally. There will be pictures of your feet online, which you will have to think about if you are OK with that.

  • High Competition

A lot of people have realized that selling feet photos is highly profitable. Therefore, there are tons of people selling photos of their feet online now. You will face a lot of competition if this is something you want to do. 

  • Questionable Buyers

Another con of selling feet pics is that you will have to deal with questionable buyers that have a foot fetish interested in feet poses and your pictures. They may also proposition you for other types of pictures that could be inappropriate in nature.

  • Reduced Compensation

There is also the possibility that potential buyers may not pay the full amount once they receive your foot pics. That is why it is so important to collect a deposit of at least 50% or more before you send them pictures of your feet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much to charge for feet pics?

If you are wondering how much to charge for feet pics, you are not alone. When starting out, most people charge anywhere from $5 to $10. As you start to build a community and brand, you can charge higher amounts for your feet pics. Incremental pricing works best, along with creating discounts for multiple purchases.

Eventually, you can charge $20 or more per picture. If you have buyers requesting special poses of your feet, you can charge $25 or more per picture pose.

Is selling feet pics worth it?

Selling feet pics are worth it if you are looking for a highly profitable job that does not take up a lot of time. You also need to be OK with having pictures of your feet on the Internet and dealing with questionable buyers that may have ulterior motives. Many individuals have made thousands of dollars selling feet pics.

What are hashtags for selling feet pics?

There are a lot of people interested in buying feet pics online through social media platforms. You can find these channels across all platforms with the use of hashtags.

Most popular hashtags for selling feet pics:

  • #Feet
  • #Feetpics
  • #FeetPictureBuying
  • #FeetWorship
  • #FeetPicSell
  • #FeetLovers
  • #FootFetish
  • #PrettyFeet
  • #FeetForSell
  • #FeetDom
  • #BareFeet
  • #FeetMania
  • #InstaFeet

How to Promote Selling Feet Pics?

There are a lot of different ways how to promote selling feet pics. One of the best ways to promote your feet pictures is by setting up a YouTube channel. The advantage of this is that you can connect directly with your potential buyers and people that are interested in your pictures.

Additionally, when people watch your videos, you will also earn money from YouTube once you have so many subscribers and views on your channel.

Are there alternatives to selling feet pics?

If you are not comfortable selling feet pics, there are other alternatives. Some alternatives to selling feet pics would include selling photos of pets such as dogs and cats.

A lot of people love pets, and if you have a pet, you may be able to cash in and make money with them. You can set up a YouTube channel and post videos in addition to selling pictures of your pets.

Sell Feet Pics Online Summary

By using this guide, you can make significant money selling feet pictures. You can do this through the comfort of your own home, and as you have read, there are people out there that make a full-time income just selling pictures of their feet online.

People DO buy feet pics, so be sure to open a business account for the extra money earned because there will be demand.

There will be a lot of trial and error of these platforms above. You’ll have to see which works for your particular situation and determine which earns the most money for you.

Once you figure out the best way to sell feet pics for your situation, I think you will agree that feet pic and feet selling business is an extremely profitable side hustle.

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