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Working flexible jobs is one of the best ways to make money and acquire wealth quickly.  This is a bit different than having a job with a flexible schedule.  What I am referring to here is more of how to “Job Niche.”

Before we take a look at flexible jobs, and earning over $100,000, let’s look at the practice of working flexible jobs.

What is Job Niching?

Working flexible jobs can sometimes be referred to as “Job Niching.”  This is the practice of working multiple flexible jobs.  Another way to think about this is to look at this practice as multitasking several jobs at once.

Flexible jobs are jobs that you are able to manage the work schedule to your advantage. You can roll in several jobs at once into your schedule.

What is a Flexible Job Strategy?

When you are able to pair and marry together two types of flexible jobs within the same job field, the effects and profits can be ever greater. 

Implementing this type of employment job strategy can pay off bigtime. The best way to maximize your profits are by the types of flexible jobs that you are working.

For example, if you are able to work jobs where you are the boss, owner, or independent contractor, you have more freedom to make the decisions.

Your job strategy will only serve you, and no corporate boss, motto, or mission.

This is a huge advantage because you can make decisions in the best interests for yourself and your financial goals, not a company.  You can work for yourself.

If you apply this type of job strategy, it can lead to serious wealth and profits well over $100,000. 

Below are 5 excellent flexible jobs where you can earn over $100,000.

1. Flexible Job: Real Estate Appraiser

real estate inspector

One of the best flexible jobs there is that will give you decent pay and possibly some health benefits is a residential real estate appraiser.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics the average pay for a residential real estate appraiser in 2016 was $51,850 per year.

Of course you could also start up your own appraisal business as well and you might make significantly more money not to mention all of the tax advantages there are for having your own business.

Real Estate Appraiser Pros

  • Real Estate Appraisers spend a lot of time out in the field looking at houses and taking pictures. 
  • They also determine the value for these homes based on other neighborhood sales in the area.

They are the official eyes to determine a value for the banks when they lend money to buyers to buy a house with a mortgage.

The bank has to be sure that they don’t lend out money for a house that does not exist or is not worth what the mortgage amount is for.

  • What is great about being a real estate appraiser is that you can basically set your own hours.  
  • You can also work for yourself in this field.  If you happen to see a good property for sale, consider buying it yourself and renting out the property. 

There are some basic education requirements that are necessary to become a licensed general real estate appraiser.

However, once you have met these, you can continue to do this side hustle on the side.  You can either work as a contractor for valuation companies or conducting appraisals for your own business clients.

2. Flexible Job: Real Estate Agent

Another great career to consider is becoming a real estate agent. 

This is a great career especially for stay at home mothers who have husbands that work during the day.  When their husbands return home from their 9 to 5 jobs work, they can watch the kids.

  • Most real estate agents have to be available in the evening hours to show houses.  They also have to be available to meet with potential sellers which is a lot of time on weekends and evening appointments. 
  • Typical income is paid on commission. When housing prices go up, real estate agents can make some serious buck bling. 
  • Typically an agent is paid 3% of the price of the home when it is sold.  The commissions do vary from place to place and in other regions of the country; some offer 7% and some offer less than 6%.  

Real Estate Agent Income

If you are selling a house with a cost of $300,000, this works out to an income of $9,000 with not too much effort.

Think about how long it would take to make $9,000 selling crafts or doing a different type of job.

Flexible jobs do offer opportunities, but a real estate agent is one of the most lucrative.

Sometimes with aggressive marketing and holding open houses, an agent might be able to work both sides of the deal which is known as being a dual agent.  Real Estate Agent street slang calls this “double-dipping.”

  • The beauty of this is that the real estate agent would stand to earn a full 6% because the agent is a dual agent and representing both the buyer and the seller.  So in our example of selling a $300,000 house, the dual agent would earn a commission of $18,000 just for selling one house.

I really can’t think of any other average job where you could make $18,000 in about a 30-day period with not a lot of risk. 

3. Flexible Job: Landlord

Flexible jobs such as being a landlord and also a real estate agent sometimes can go hand-in hand.

  • When you are a real estate agent you have first dibs on houses that come on the market before anybody else. 
  • A lot of real estate agents buy rentals and that becomes their retirement strategy.  They themselves become traditional landlords end up working real estate for themselves. 

This was a strategy I followed for several years.

If you have 4 single family homes that you are renting out for $1,000 a month, you would end up collecting a full $48,000 in a year assuming you have no vacancies.

The best part about being a landlord is once you have the rental set up with tenants, the income becomes passive and your time is free to start other side hustles.

You are still collecting the rents, but now you could move on to doing other flexible jobs such as appraisals at the same time or selling houses.

4. Flexible Job: Mortgage Broker

Another great career to consider on our list of flexible jobs is becoming a mortgage broker.

  • This is a very lucrative career and salary can be over $100,000 with a strong sales volume and a few years of experience. 

This can be a stressful job at times.  Mortgage brokers have a lot of responsibility when working with a buyer.

They are responsible to cover all of the basic lending requirements and make sure all of the federal requirements have been satisfied in regards to their loan.  There is a lot of red tape and federal rules and regulations must be followed.

  • However, some mortgage brokers do get satisfaction knowing that they have helped buyers move into a new house or a new lifestyle.  They really are the ones who are responsible for making a buyer’s dreams come true. 

A buddy of mine was a mortgage broker and made tons of money but he told me the greatest satisfaction he got was seeing his mortgage deals through from start to finish and helping people transform their lives.

5. Flexible Job: Real Estate Flipping

This is also another great area to make money on our list of flexible jobs.  Depending on the type of house there can be huge profits on flipping houses.

A lot of variables are used to calculate profit like location of house and how much rehab work may be needed.

The more expensive the market and location, the more that could potentially be made.  Sometimes, you will have to have a team of contractors to complete the work.

Be sure to shop your contractors because some of the skilled trades like welders can be pricy. 

Remember time is money, so the quicker the house can be fixed and relisted for sale the less carrying costs you will have.

Carrying costs will eat into your profit.  It’s best to have your contractors ready to rock and roll on day one when you get the keys in hand.

What is also good about this is that while your contractors are there at your house banging down walls and installing beautiful granite countertops, you can be at another one of your flexible jobs making money.

The Effects of Compounding Flexible Jobs

People often think the golden path to wealth and riches is by having a flexible job.  To some degree, this can be true.  What they don’t realize is the compound effect of working multiple flexible jobs within the same professional field.

  • Just like the compounding interest on a bank account, the same principal applies to working more than one flexible job at a time. 

On a bank account, compound interest is paid on the principal and interest each month. 

In the professional field, the compound effect would be making money at one job while also working another one during the same time period.

Flexible Job Strategy Summary

Being able to develop and implement a flexible job strategy has several benefits.  A flexible job strategy will allow you to maximize your time and maximize income.  You will be able to pay down debt, increase household savings, and achieve financial goals.

If you work a few of these flexible jobs, you will be well on your way to earning over $100,000 per year!

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