How to Use Ingo Money for Check Cashing in PayPal




how to use Ingo money for check cashing in PayPal

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There are a lot of ways different ways to cash a check in PayPal. Many people make money using PayPal, but also wonder if PayPal uses Ingo to cash checks? PayPal does use Ingo to cash checks with a minimum value of $5 and a maximum check value of $5,000. The most popular way PayPal users cash a check involves using Ingo Money for instant online check cashing in their PayPal account.

Remember that using online services for check cashing is not the best option all of the time. Some businesses may limit this type of service, or they might even flag your paychecks as suspicious.

Even so, sometimes it’s the only option you have to cash your check-in PayPal. Below we will detail how to use Ingo money for check cashing in PayPal so you can choose what to use for your situation.

How to Use Ingo Money for Check Cashing in PayPal

Below are the steps necessary for cashing a check using Ingo Money in PayPal.

1. Download the PayPal App

First of all, to deposit checks into your PayPal account, you must have a PayPal account that is verified and active. If you don’t already have an account, sign up here.

Your PayPal account has to be active and able to receive funds. The simplest way to make sure this happens is to download the App from the App Store or Google Play.

2. Go to the Cash-a-Check Feature

paypal cash a check feature
  • Next, you will want to go to the bottom of your mobile screen and select “more.”
  • After that, you will want to click on the “Cash-a-Check” feature.

3. Enable Mobile Location Permissions and Camera

PayPal will ask for permission to access your location. If you agree to this, it will make it easier for PayPal to track down the exact location of your check deposit.

enable camera and location for paypal cash a check
  • Next, click on “enable camera” and allow PayPal to access your phone’s camera. This is necessary to take a picture of your check and deposit it.

4. Accept Ingo Money Terms and Conditions

Ingo Money, Inc. and First Century Bank NA is the banking institution that will handle your funds in this process.

  • You will need to agree to all their terms and conditions before continuing with the deposit process. Read through these terms carefully, but know that it is unlikely there are any catches you should be aware of.
  • You will also need to enter your personal information, such as your legal name and social security number, so that it can be transferred to Ingo bank. Note that this is only required on the initial setup of the cash a check option in the PayPal app.
terms and conditions ingo money

5. Endorse Your Check and Enter Amount on App

Next, you will be directed to a screen to enter your check amount. You will also want to be sure to endorse your check.

6. Take Pictures of Front and Back of Check

Take a picture of the front and back of your check where indicated. Read through all of PayPal’s guidelines for submitting images of checks before submitting them to PayPal. Otherwise, they will reject your deposit.

take pictures of front and back of check
  • You’ll submit the pictures on your phone using PayPal’s camera option. You can do this by cropping each photo and tapping the “submit” button in the corner of each image.

7. Confirm Timeframe for Money Access

You will have to confirm if you want your money available within an hour or within the delayed 10-day funding period.

  • There is no fee if you select the 10-day period.
  • Depending on the type of check you are depositing, there is a fee from 1% to 5% (or a minimum $5 fee) if choosing an expedited deposit.
  • Click confirm once you make your selection.

8. Void Your Check Upon Approval and Deposit Confirmation

Once your check has been confirmed, approved, and deposited, be sure to void the check. PayPal will ask you to do this after your receive added funds successfully.

Once you have voided the check, it is highly recommended that you destroy them. There are many options for what to do with old checkbooks for disposal.

How Does Ingo Money Verify Checks?

Ingo Money is an online banking service that allows you to process check transactions through their digital mobile app. It also gives you the ability to cash checks at ATMs or local stores offering similar services.

Ingo money verifies check deposits through several ways, including verification of the identity of the check depositor, appraisal of check authenticity, and verification that the check has cleared with the bank on which it was drawn.

This is a standard verification practice used by all of PayPal’s cash a check options.

Ingo Money Check Endorsement

Ingo checks to see that the check is endorsed correctly before it will approve the check for payout to your account.

If you choose to opt-in to PayPal’s photo check deposit feature, Ingo Money endorses this as an added safety measure to protect users’ interests.

They do this by verifying that the endorser (the person endorsing) is, in fact, the creator of that particular check. This verification process can increase the time needed for a cash a check deposit to be approved and completed.

How Does Ingo Verify Identity?

Ingo Money has to verify the identity of check depositors and all PayPal users, for that matter.

This is done through a verification process that includes checking account numbers, bank routing numbers, personal information such as your name and social security number, and other customer data collected from their previous banking experiences with Ingo money.

What Happens When Ingo Money Can’t Verify Identity?

When Ingo cannot verify the identity of a check depositor, they will decline the transaction. This means that you would have to resubmit the check after you can provide identity.

What Are the Fees for Using Ingo Money with PayPal?

There are no fees if you select PayPal’s delayed 10-day funding option when cashing your checks. If you choose PayPal’s 1-hour funding option, there is a fee between 1% and 5% (or $5 minimum) of the check amount, depending on the type of check you’re cashing.

This can be useful to users who need instant access to their money, such as those who need cash for immediate travel or other related expenses.

Advanced Tips for Maximizing Ingo Money with PayPal

1. Optimize Image Quality

One of the common issues users face is check image rejection due to poor quality. To avoid this:

  • Use Good Lighting: Ensure the area is well-lit. Natural light is ideal, but if that’s not available, use a bright lamp.
  • Avoid Shadows: Hold your phone steady and keep shadows away from the check.
  • Flat Surface: Place the check on a flat, dark surface that contrasts with the check’s color.

2. Verify Your Check Information

Incorrect information can lead to delays or rejection. Double-check the following before submission:

  • Correct Amount: Make sure the written and numerical amounts match.
  • Endorsement: Properly endorse the back of the check as required.

3. Be Aware of Fees

Understanding the fee structure can help you save money:

  • Standard Fee: The standard fee for immediate funds is around 1% for payroll and government checks and 5% for other checks.
  • Fee-Free Option: If you don’t need the funds urgently, opt for the 10-day free processing option.

4. Monitor Your Email and Notifications

Ingo Money and PayPal will notify you of your check’s status. Keeping an eye on these notifications can help you quickly address any issues that arise.

5. Use for Various Check Types

Ingo Money supports multiple check types, not just personal checks. This includes:

  • Business Checks: Useful for freelancers and small business owners.
  • Insurance Checks: Convenient for quickly accessing insurance payouts.
  • Government Checks: Ideal for tax refunds or stimulus checks.

6. Check Cashing Limits

Ingo Money imposes certain limits on the amount you can cash:

  • Daily and Monthly Limits: Typically, you can cash up to $5,000 per check, with a monthly limit of $10,000. For higher limits, verify your account to increase your limits.

7. Avoid Common Pitfalls

To ensure a smooth experience, avoid these common mistakes:

  • Duplicate Submissions: Don’t submit the same check to multiple platforms. It can lead to the check being flagged and funds being held.
  • Expired Checks: Ensure your check is not past its expiration date, usually 90-180 days from issuance.

Security and Fraud Prevention

1. Data Encryption

Ingo Money uses advanced encryption methods to protect your data. Ensure your PayPal app is updated to benefit from the latest security enhancements.

2. Fraud Alerts

Stay vigilant for potential fraud. If you notice any suspicious activity in your PayPal account after using Ingo Money, report it immediately to both PayPal and Ingo Money customer support.

Customer Support and Resources

1. In-App Support

The PayPal app offers robust customer support features. Utilize the in-app messaging for quick assistance.

2. Ingo Money Support

If you encounter issues specifically with Ingo Money, contact their customer support directly. They offer a comprehensive FAQ section and direct support options on their website.

3. Community Forums

Join forums and community groups where users share their experiences and tips. Websites like Reddit, PayPal Community, and finance-focused groups can be invaluable resources.

Other Alternatives to PayPal Check Cashing with Ingo

There are other options to cashing checks that don’t involve PayPal. There are many places to cash a personal check near me as there are to you. These options are just as convenient as using PayPal’s cash a check services.

Use Direct Deposit

If you receive regular checks, you may opt to use direct deposit. When you do this, the money is automatically deposited into your checking account once it becomes available based on direct deposit times of banks.

The benefit of direct deposit for cashing checks is that there are no added fees involved.

Check Cashing Apps

There are a lot of check cashing apps that don’t use Ingo but work just like Ingo Money. Though they don’t have the added bonus of working with PayPal, there are countless cash a check apps out there for you to use.

Go To a Bank

If all else fails, you can always go to your bank and cash your check. This can take time to physically go, but it is the cheapest option if you don’t have any other alternative.

Additionally, if you need to pay for something, you can use:

Visit Walmart

A lot of people don’t realize this but check cashing at Walmart is a great option. Not only is it convenient with their store hours, but also extremely accessible.

These alternatives above are usually the cheapest ways to cash a check. Knowing that you can cash checks with PayPal is just a bonus.

Visit 7-Eleven

You can even use 7-11 stores as an option to cash a check. If you have a transact card, 7-eleven check cashing services are another alternative to PayPal check cashing with Ingo Money.

Related Questions:

What are the disadvantages to cashing checks with PayPal?

Some of the disadvantages to cashing checks with PayPal can include having to provide personal information during the process and anytime you want to transfer funds from Ingo Money.

At which banks can I use Ingo Money to deposit a check?

INGO Money depositing service is available nationwide at thousands of financial institutions, including many credit unions and community banks. Some of the banks include:

  • Bank of America
  • Citizens Bank
  • Chase
  • Citywide Banks
  • USAA

What stores or businesses accept eChecks?

Any business that accepts PayPal payments will most likely accept an eCheck. There are many stores that accept pay with eChecks as payment. It functions in the same way as paying with PayPal directly with instant payment verification both online and in person.

What is the difference between an eCheck and a regular check?

An eCheck is essentially a PayPal-backed guaranteed payment method that you can use when making purchases online. It’s similar to writing a traditional check, but instead of physically handing it over, you enter your financial information online with your PayPal account. The money will be transferred immediately via ACH transfer. You can also learn how to send money anonymously on PayPal for transfers.

Check Cashing in PayPal with Ingo Money Summary

Knowing how to use Ingo money for check cashing in PayPal is a useful financial tool for users who no longer want to wait the traditional 10 day period that PayPal requires before transferring funds to your bank account. With Ingo Money, you can instantly access the money you need when it comes time to cash out your check. The steps mentioned above to cash a check in PayPal are simple and only take minutes.

There are also other check cashing alternatives to PayPal, such as direct deposit, check cashing apps and alternative ways that don’t involve PayPal. It’s up to you on which way you choose to cash your check, but using PayPal is still the most convenient method for transferring funds to your checking account.

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