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7-eleven check cashing policy

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It is known that 7-Eleven check cashing is a service offered in many of their stores. If you are looking for places to cash a personal check near me, 7-Eleven is one of the best places to go. Not only are their locations convenient, but they offer quick and easy check cashing services, among other financial services.

7-Eleven has over 9.500 stores nationwide and over 71,000 stores globally in 17 countries. You’re likely to find one close to you. When it comes to cashing checks at 7-Eleven, there are a few things you need to know.

We will detail how you can cash a check at 7-11, the fees involved, and their check cashing policy for personal checks.

Does 7-11 Cash Checks? You Bet They Do!

No. 7-eleven does not provide check cashing services in the traditional sense. However, you can get your checks processed through mobile check load options and the transact card. The store partners with this company to offer an easy way for customers who need cash quickly and don’t have time or a bank account set up.

does 7-11 cash checks
7-Eleven does cash checks via Transact Card.

This is essentially a form of online banking for people who may not qualify for a bank account. Remember that not all 7-Eleven locations offer the transact card, so be sure to check before you go.

How to Cash a Check at 7-Eleven

Cashing a check at 7-Eleven is super convenient. All you need is your check, government-issued identification, and your transact card.

There are a few steps involved to cash a check at 7-Eleven:

Get a Transact Card

You’ll need to get a Transact card. The Transact card is a reloadable account where your check will be loaded straight onto your Transact account.

Cash Your Check

Take your check to the cashier and hand it to them. They will scan the check and ask you how much you want to withdraw. You can only withdraw a certain amount of money each day, so be sure to keep that in mind. You should review check cashing hours to be sure you’re not trying to cash a check outside of those hours.

Take the Money and the Card

Once your cash money is loaded onto the card, it’s yours to spend! Be sure to keep your card safe, as you’ll need it to access your funds.

How to Get a 7-Eleven Transact Card

You’ll need to set up a transact account in order to get a transact card. This process is fast, easy, and convenient, though. You can order your transact card online and sign up for the transact program as well.

Benefits of 7-Eleven Transact Card

7-11 transact check cashing

The transact card has a lot of great benefits. Not only is it accepted at 7-Eleven stores, but it’s also accepted at millions of locations worldwide.

List of Transact Card Features:

  • Bill Pay Options: You can use the card for paying your bills online and in-store.
  • 7-11 ATM Check Cashing: You can cash your check at 7-Eleven and get your money right away through the use of their ATMs.
  • Reloadable Prepaid Card: It’s easy to deposit money onto the card and keep it reloaded, so you always have cash on hand.
  • Easy Account Access: Manage your online account through the online account center and check your card’s balance.
  • Available Mobile App: View details of your card account online through an iPhone or Android smartphone anytime alerts on your mobile device.
  • Deposit Checks Online: The transact program offers mobile financial transactions, including instant online check cashing and check deposits via their mobile check deposit app. Who doesn’t love that convenience?
  • Secondary Cardholder Option: You can add a secondary cardholder to your account so they can also have access to your money. You can also send money this way as well.

7-Eleven Transact Card Reward Program

7-Eleven also offers a rewards program for their transact cardholders. For every three check reloads at participating 7-elevens, your fourth reload is free. Your fourth fee charged will be credited back into your account. This is subject to terms and conditions in your cardholder agreement and could change at any time.

Types of Checks 7-Eleven Transact Card Accepts

As stated, while 7-eleven doesn’t traditionally offer check cashing services, you can take your check to their convenience stores to get it loaded onto your transact card.

The types of checks accepted at 7-eleven include:

  • Tax Refund Checks
  • Payroll Checks
  • Insurance Checks
  • Starter Checks
  • Government Checks
  • Cashier’s Checks
  • Personal Check
  • Money Orders

7-Eleven Check Cashing Policy

Each 7-eleven store has its own check cashing policy, so be sure to review it before trying to cash your check. If you need a more liberal place to cash checks, be sure to check out the Walmart check cashing policy that may fit your needs better.

If you have a third-party check, know that this may not be accepted at 7-Eleven. 7-eleven also has certain limits in regard to the type of check you’re cashing and the amount of money you can withdraw daily.

What Are The 7-Eleven Check Cashing Fees for the Transact Card?

You’ll be responsible for the 7-Eleven check-cashing costs, which will vary by location. The fee is usually 0.99% of the entire amount of the check. However, you should verify your particular store’s terms and conditions.

There are also specific fees for the Transact card depending on how you use your card and the transfer service used. For withdrawing money, it’s important which ATM you use. If you use the Allpoint Network ATMs to withdraw cash, there is no fee.

If you use another ATM besides an Allpoint Network ATM, there will be fees based on what that other banking organization charges.

You do have the option of a monthly plan for your transact account or a pay-as-you-go plan. If you choose to pay as you go to cash checks, you will be charged for some services.

If you sign up for the direct deposit feature, you can load money onto your account that way without paying a certain fee. This is a good alternative to a bank account.

While there are non-Chexsystems banks near me to open a bank account, with Transact, you don’t need one. You can use your card as a traditional debit card and make purchases at grocery stores, gas stations, a convenience store, or anywhere that takes prepaid cards.

You also don’t need to worry about debit card declined issues when making purchases. Depositing money makes a lot of sense with either a mobile app or direct deposit option.

7-Eleven Check Cashing Kiosk Near Me

If you need to withdraw money from your account, there are quick ways to do this. You can search for the 7-Eleven check cashing kiosk near me online and find the nearest store. You can then go into that store, provide your identification, and cash your check.

You can use the ATM and follow the check cashing prompts to withdraw the money. There are check limits that vary based on the store, so it’s important to be familiar with those before heading in.

7-eleven also has an online bill pay system that

Can I Cash a Check at 7-Eleven Without a Bank Account?

Yes. Cashing a check can be done by signing up with Transact. Various financial services are available through 7-eleven, making it more convenient to cash checks.

Will 7-Eleven Cash a Check Made to Someone Else? 

If you are wondering if 7-Eleven will cash a check made in someone else’s name, the answer is no. For this type of transaction, you will need to go to a bank. 7-eleven is not a financial institution and cannot provide that service.

What If I Have Questions About 7-Eleven Check Cashing?

If you have any questions about 7-eleven check cashing, the process, or the fees, be sure to contact customer service. You can

What Are Some Other Alternatives That Offer Check Cashing Services?

If 7-eleven doesn’t offer the check cashing services that you’re looking for, there are a few other alternatives.

PayPal is one such alternative that offers check cashing services. You can cash a check through PayPal by following a few simple steps. The guide on how to use Ingo money for check cashing in PayPal will detail the steps.

Another alternative is to use a check-cashing service like MoneyGram or Western Union. These services are available in many locations and are quick and easy to use. You can typically get cash within minutes after submitting your check. Just be sure to read the fine print before using these services, as they often have fees associated with them.

Check-cashing stores and check-cashing apps also provide these services. There are even check cashing apps that don’t use Ingo for moving money.

Can I Buy a Money Order at 7-Eleven?

Yes. You can buy a money order at 7-eleven. Money orders can be used to pay bills or as a safer alternative to wiring money. The fees for money orders vary depending on the amount of the money order.

To find a 7-Eleven nearby, look for a money order near me location on the 7-Eleven website.

Can I Sign Up For Direct Deposit With 7-Eleven?

Yes. 7-eleven offers a direct deposit feature that you can use to quickly and easily load money onto your account. You can use this feature to deposit paychecks, government benefits, and more. There are a number of ways to sign up for direct deposit, so be sure to check the 7-eleven website for more information.

Can You Deposit Checks at 7-Eleven ATM?

No. 7-eleven does not allow you to deposit checks into your account at the ATM. To do this, you will need to go through the check-cashing process as outlined above.

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