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When you are saving up for an awaited event or a vacation, it is better to stay off from subscription services. But living without movies is not easy. That is why we have scoured the internet for movie streaming sites that let you watch movies for free.

The best streaming site to watch free movies online with no sign up is Crackle. It updates monthly and has a wide variety of movies, TV series, and originals. It is available in 21 countries, and you can access it even without an account. IMDb TV is also an option. If you have a library card, try Hoopla and Kanopy.

If you’re unsure of which streaming service to choose for a perfect movie night with a glass of wine, scroll through our list of the best streaming sites to watch free movies online. 

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites to Watch Free Movies Online

A lot of the free movie streaming sites also offer online movies in HD to viewers without any extra charge. By using some of these streaming video websites, you can watch full movies free online. It’s an excellent frugal living strategy to save money in your household.

Additionally, some of these free movie streaming sites offer no sign up meaning they don’t require signing up or making an account to watch movies online.

watch 1080p movies online


Crackle is a streaming platform run by Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment and Sony Pictures Television. 

You can watch 1080p movies online with Crackle. They offer has a huge library of films, TV shows, and originals in a wide variety of genres. It is available in 21 countries and has active users from different parts of the world.

The best thing about this streaming service is that you do not need to create an account to start streaming. All you need to do is open Crackle and click on a movie title to start watching. However, if you want to make your own movie playlist, you have to create an account and sign in, which can be easily done for free.

Although there will be a few advertisements between the movies, you can use ad blockers for an ad-free experience.

Once you are logged in to Crackle, you can create a watch-later list or share any film with your friends on social media. Below each film title, there is a short blurb under the heading “Why it Crackles”, which tells you why Crackle thinks the film is good.

Crackle is a free movie streaming site no sign up required which is what makes it one of the best choices for watching movies online for free. Overall, Crackle is an excellent streaming platform where you can watch movies, create a watchlist, and share it with your friends.


  • Best for: Classic movies
  • Platforms: App, Website, and TV


If you are into documentaries and educational content, Kanopy might just be the streaming platform you are looking for. Additionally, Kanopy also has numerous classic films, foreign films, and independent films.

What makes Kanopy different from the other free movie streaming sites is that it is partnered with public libraries and universities. This means that you need a library card to access this platform. Kanopy is also available to members of a participating college or university. 

To start streaming on Kanopy, type in your public library card number and password in the library portal. If you are a student, enter the name of your university in the university portal and check if you can access Kanopy.

You can watch up to five films per month on Kanopy. It also has a kids section with unlimited plays and movies. Most film titles show the ratings and subtitles.


  • Best for: Documentaries, Educational Content
  • Platforms: App, Website, and TV


Popcornflix, owned by Screen Media Ventures, is another ad-supported streaming platform that offers a variety of movies and TV shows. 

All movies are free and just a click away. You can choose how you want to watch the movie through Chrome or on a device.

Popcornflix has a separate app for kids called Popcornflix with kids’ movies and shows. 

You can watch films on your phone, tablet, or TV on their website or app. Although the picture quality is less than other streaming platforms, you can instantly access over 700 films on Popcornflix.


  • Best for: Movies, Kids’ Shows, Documentaries
  • Platforms: App, Website, and TV

Internet Archive 

If you want to scroll through millions of movies and videos, the Internet Archive is the best option. 

This streaming platform has over 3 million movies and videos, 10 million books, and 400,000 software programs, providing public access to digitized materials. It’s one of the most favorite free movie streaming sites online. It also has audio files and web pages on a variety of topics. You can stream movies for hours on the Internet Archive and can even download your favorite ones. 

With so many options at your fingertips, it will be a bit difficult to decide on a movie. Overall, the Internet Archive holds the best classic and sci-fi movies. Also, you can start streaming right away without creating an account.


  • Best for: Classic and sci-fi movies
  • Platforms: App, Website, and TV


Vudu is an American streaming platform started by Walmart. It is currently owned by Fandango Media. 

You can rent or buy films and stream them with advertisements. To stream on Vudu, you will have to create a free account using your name and email address.

There are over 24,000 movies and 8,000 TV shows in Vudu. Titles include independent films, documentaries, kids’ shows, anime, and cartoons. All the movies and shows are divided into 27 categories, including most-watched and most popular movies. 

All you have to do is sign in and choose a title to start streaming. 


  • Best for: Movies and TV Shows
  • Platforms: App, Website, and TV


If you are in the US, you can stream movies on IMDb TV on the IMDb app, website, the Amazon Prime Video app, or the Amazon Fire TV. TV shows and Hollywood hits top the IMDb digital library. You can access IMDb TV on any device that supports advertisements. The ads that play in between the movies cannot be skipped.

To start streaming on IMDb TV, create a free account using your name and email ID. Once you are logged in, choose a title and click “watch free on IMDb TV.”

Although the streaming quality can be adjusted up to HD, there is only limited content on this platform. Furthermore, IMDb does not allow you to download the movies. 

So go ahead and search who buys used TVs near me and ditch your TV. To sum up, if you want to select a good movie from a limited list of amazing films, you will like IMDb TV.


  • Best for: TV Shows, Hollywood hits
  • Platforms: App, Website, and TV


Hoopla is a great destination for all movie lovers who have a library card. Hoopla’s parent company Midwest Tape is a leading entertainment media to public libraries, specifically in North America. It has over 500,000 titles, including audiobooks and ebooks.

Just like how a public library works, you can use your library card to borrow movies on Hoopla. In addition to submitting your library card number, you will also need to create an account to begin streaming. 

Once you are logged in, you can borrow a movie and watch it ad-free. Hoopla also gives you recommendations of movies on your home screen based on what you have previously seen. You can also search for movies using the search bar.

Since you are borrowing movies, you will need to return it within the specified time. What users love about Hoopla is its collection of titles and the streaming quality. 


  • Best for: Movies, Audiobooks, Ebooks
  • Platforms: App, Website, and TV

The Roku Channel 

Owned by the American company Roku, Inc., The Roku Channel is popular for its content, including titles and TV shows. 

You do not need a Roku device or create an account to access The Roku Channel. You can stream using their application or website.

Since this streaming platform is ad-supported, there will be about six advertisements throughout the film. However, the number of ads is low when compared to other free movie sites. If you want an ad-free experience, you will have to use an ad-blocker.

The Roku Channel does not allow you to download movies. A paid membership is required to access the premium version of The Roku Channel, which offers an extended list of titles and services. 

To sum up, The Roku Channel tops the list of best streaming services and it’s an excellent alternative to cable tv. Its users love the interface and the wide selection of live content that are freely accessible.


  • Best for: Movies, TV Shows
  • Platforms: App, Website, and TV


stream videos website

YouTube is probably the most famous online streaming platform. It has its headquarters in San Bruno, California.

YouTube has a variety of genres, including original content uploaded by its users. YouTube also has its own YouTube TV, which requires a paid membership.

To start streaming on YouTube, open their website or application, and simply search for a movie or scroll through the available movies. You can watch R-rated movies only if you are at least 18 years old. To confirm your age, you will need to create an account and sign in.

YouTube has classic movies, documentaries, and kids’ shows. Choose a movie to watch and click on the play button to start streaming. Just like how YouTube videos work, the movies will show advertisements in between. 

You can adjust the quality, turn on the captions, and choose a screen mode. It is an interactive platform where you can comment on what you felt about the movie and read other comments.

You can also use YouTube as one of the ways to listen to audiobooks for free online.


  • Best for: Movies, Documentaries, Kids’ shows
  • Platforms: App, Website, and TV

Pluto TV 

With thousands of movies and hundreds of channels, Pluto TV is a great online platform for streaming movies. 

You can access Pluto TV on your computer, iOS or Android device, or smart TVs. All the movies and shows are divided into categories, and you can choose one based on your interest and stream right away. You do not need an account to access the content on Pluto TV. 

Just like other streaming sites, there will be periodic advertisements. You will receive recommendations and a “suggested movies” list based on your watch history.

You cannot download content from Pluto TV. However, users love the interface and the different categories, such as featured, reality shows, news, comedy, and sports.


  • Best for: Movies, TV Channels
  • Platforms: App, Website, and TV


Crunchyroll is another free ad-supported resource, specifically for all anime-lovers. It has over 70 million users worldwide and over 3 million paid subscribers.

An American digital media company called Otter Media is the parent company of Crunchyroll. With an enormous collection of content, Crunchyroll connects anime and manga fans in more than 200 countries. Language is not a barrier for non-Japanese speakers as all videos come with English subtitles.

You do not need an account to begin streaming on Crunchyroll. However, if you want to create a watch-later list, you will have to create a free account and log in. Crunchyroll has a premium version that offers unlimited ad-free shows, but it requires a paid membership. 

If you are an anime fan, Crunchyroll will be your favorite place on the internet.


  • Best for: Anime and Drama
  • Platforms: App, Website, and TV


Based in San Francisco, California, Tubi is an online streaming platform owned by Fox Corporation.

There are thousands of movies and TV shows you can access on Tubi, but it does not support offline downloads.

To start streaming, visit their website or download the Tubi app on any device that supports advertisements. You do not require an account to get started. Advertisements can play in between the movies. For an ad-free experience, you can use an ad-blocker. 

Each title on Tubi has a short description of the movie. You can also see the “suggested movies” list that the site creates based on your watch history. Tubi also offers parental control features, which makes it a safe site for kids.

Tubi users love the interface and the extensive library of movies and shows over 20,000 movies and series. 


  • Best for: Classic movies
  • Platforms: App, Website, and TV


Yidio is short for “Your Internet Video.” Unlike the streaming sites you just saw, Yidio is a video aggregator. What a video aggregator does is collect videos from different sources so that you can find all the resources on a single platform.

Yidio does not have any video on it. However, it has a collection of links that leads to different sites where you can start streaming. For instance, once you can search for a movie on the Yidio search bar, the browser tells you where you can watch the movie online. You can choose one out of the list of streaming sites that has the movie you searched for.

You do not need an account to access Yidio. But if you want to create a movie playlist, you will sign up for free. In short, if you want to search for a particular movie or documentary, Yidio is the perfect place.


  • Best for: Anything
  • Platforms: App, Website, and TV


FilmRise is an online streaming site based in Brooklyn, New York. It is headed by Danny Fisher, Jack Fisher, and Alan Klingenstein.

FilmRise has over 30,000 feature films, documentaries, and TV shows. You can watch all videos in HD free of cost. You can start streaming on FilmRise on platforms like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and other smart TVs. Android and iOS also support this streaming platform.

Most videos will have advertisements in between. All titles will show the rating and IMDB score. New movies and TV shows are added every day, so you will not ever run out of good movies.

FilmRise also has a kids’ version called FilmRise Kids with hundreds of films and shows for kids. 


  • Best for: Movies and TV Shows
  • Platforms: Website and TV

What Do You Need to Start Streaming?

Now that you have a list of the best streaming sites, you can get started with your movie night plans. But before that, you have to ensure that you have everything you need to start streaming. Keep the following in mind to take your movie night to the next level.

  • Internet speed: The right Internet Service Provider (ISP) is unquestionably essential to watch a movie online. But the internet speed of the ISP should not be overlooked. Most streaming services require an internet speed of 3-25 Mbps. If you want to stream a better quality video, the speed requirements will vary. The best video quality will require a minimum of 25 Mbps. 
  • Streaming device: Although most streaming platforms have apps you can download on your phone, watching movies on streaming devices is a different experience. An Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox are among the best streaming devices. But if you do not have the budget to buy one, stick with your android or iOS.

Is Watching Free Movies Online Illegal?

It is illegal to watch free movies online if you intent to make a copy of the free movie, intend to profit off of the free movie, or display the free movie to the public. It is not illegal to watch streaming free movies for immediate one-time consumption. Downloading free streaming movies to a device such as a computer hard drive or USB would be illegal.

is watching free movies online illegal

Additionally, if you are using a peer-to-peer movie streaming platform and are uploading copyrighted movies and sharing them online, that is also illegal. We saw this with the popular music streaming service known originally as “Napster” where users shared illegal copies of music to other users through the Napster platform.

Be sure to check with legal representatives in the country where you reside to see if watching free movies online is illegal. Many countries have different laws when it comes to watching streamed movies online from movie streaming sites.

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How to Start Streaming

Once you have a good ISP and a streaming device, you can start streaming right away. Here is how.

  • Connect your streaming device or smart TV. If you are using your android or iOS, you can skip this step. If you are using a streaming device or smart TV, switch your device to the correct input. For this, plug the HDMI cable into the streaming device. 
  • Connect to the internet. While setting up the device, you will be asked to connect to the internet. Once the device gets access to the internet, follow the instructions that appear on the TV to arrive at the homepage of the application.
  • Download, sign up or sign in. Some applications require you to sign in to start streaming. If you already have an account, sign in. If this is your first time, sign up for free. Once you are logged in, choose your favorite title and start film streaming HD.


To sum up, all the free movie streaming sites mentioned in this article are worth checking out, as you can access their content for free. Watching movies online is a great option for free family activities to do. When you do not want to spend on overpriced subscription services, you can choose any of these and start streaming. Watching full movies free online is a good alternative to free newspapers for reading.

As most platforms offer excellent services, it is unfair to consider one of them as the best streaming service online. All of these free movie streaming sites offer positives in many ways.

Crackle and IMDb top the list for streaming movies and TV Shows. If you have a library card, Hoopla and Kanopy are great options. Anime lovers absolutely love Crunchyroll and Yidio makes it super easy for you to find where you can stream your favorite movie. 

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