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A lot of people use free address labels for so many things.  If you have ever had to send out invitations for a barmitzvah, holiday cards, your aunt’s surprise birthday party, or even wedding invitations, using address labels will save you money and time.

The best ways how to get free address labels include contacting charities that send free labels in the mail, requesting donation slips from charities, and printing your own address templates for free.

Free address labels by mail that we all have received from one charity or another at one point, is just one way how to get free address labels in the mail.

There are also other ways how to get free address labels with free shipping and ways you can customize and print free address labels online.

How to Get Free Address Labels from Charities and Organizations with a Donation

I am sure you have received address labels by mail at some point in your life from charities and service organizations.

Charities and organizations send out free address labels by mail in order to receive donations from recipients. There are a lot of charities that send out free address return labels in the mail in the hopes of receiving a donation to their cause from you.

It’s actually pure genius on the part of charities because by receiving a whole sheet of high-gloss free address labels, these charities are accomplishing a few things.

Those two things are that they are increasing brand awareness by getting the name of their charity out there causing exponential growth, and also fundraising via donations as well.

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Free Address Labels from Charities and Organizations with a Donation

Below are some of the best charities to receive free address labels by mail from (some with a donation, and some without a donation).  There are a few ways to receive labels.

One way is to make a nominal donation to one of the charities below which will put you on their mailing list for future donation campaigns.

This means that you might receive address labels in the mail for free along with a donation letter that usually accompanies them.  That is how I receive address labels by mail for free.

The other way is to make a donation and request address labels by mail at the time you make your donation.  Additionally, ask to be placed on their future mailing campaigns.

Most of these charities below may require donations for address labels to be sent.

However, a few of them do send them for free.  Those charities are noted below where applicable.

  • National Foundation for Cancer Research Free Address Labels – The National Foundation for Cancer Research offers address labels with free shipping and mailing labels by simple filling out the form with the link above.  No donation required at this time.  You can complete the form and sign up for free address labels from NFCR.
  • American Heart Association – Although American Heart Association does not specifically state they send out free address labels, if you make a donation you may receive them in the mail.  I have known people to receive them in the mail once they have joined their donation list.
  • St. Jude – Donation required.  You can choose from a few actual artwork designs submitted by St. Jude patients.
  • Disabled American Veterans – Although Disabled American Veterans has been using free address labels since the 1970’s for donations, you can also make an initial donation and get on their mailing list.  The DAV sends out more than 41 million donation letters a year containing free labels.  Donation may be initially required to get on their donor list.
  • National Wildlife Federation – Donation required.  In addition to the address labels, at the time of this posting, the National Wildlife Federation is offering a free field bag with your $30 donation.
  • Paralyzed Veterans of America – Initial donation required to get on donor list.  The Paralyzed Veterans of America raised 90 percent of its roughly $80 million in donated contributions last year from donor direct mailings, including 75 million pieces of mail that contained address labels.
  • Humane Society – You will receive free address labels (while supplies last) if you join the Humane Society newsletter mailing list.  In addition to free address label swag, you will also receive great tips for your fur babies!
  • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) – Initial deposit required to get on donor list.  You can give any amount no minimum required.
  • March of Dimes – March of Dimes does not sell address labels.  Initial donation required.  Please include along with your donation a request for free address labels.  You will be included in the March of Dimes direct mail campaigns that include free return address labels.  The address stated online at several sites to send a donation to references:  Carol Ziff, March of Dimes, 1275 Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plains, NY 10605.
  • Boys Town – Initial donation required.  You can also contact [email protected] to request free labels for addresses as well.
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars – Initial donation required.  VFW is considered one of the bigger charities that mail out free address return labels.
  • SPCA – Nominal donation required.
  • Arbor Day Foundation – Initial donation required to be placed on mailing list.
  • St. Labre Indian School – Donation may be required.
  • Easter Seals – Initial donation required to be placed on mailing list.
  • Susan G Komen Foundation – Contact and ask to be added to their donation mailing list.
  • Moffitt Cancer Center – Donation may be required.
  • Best Friends Animal Society – Initial donation may be required.
  • Helen Keller Foundation – Donation may be required.
  • Jacksonville Humane Society – Initial donation required.  Be sure to state in comment section request for address labels.

One other thing to be aware of is that your address labels might not come immediately.

Keep in mind that for a lot of these charities, they only send out fundraising mail campaigns (which include address labels most of the time) only once a year.

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Free Printable Address Labels – How to Print Address Labels for Free at Home

Another great way to get address labels for free is simply to print them yourself.

One of the great benefits of printing your own address labels at home is you can print them for ANY occasion. Maybe you need free address labels templates for packing.

You can save money moving cross country by using free address templates for your moving boxes.

Additionally, you can also print free address labels for different seasons. Printing seasonal address labels is something you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Going to print shops to have customized address labels is a thing of the past.

If you have a Cricut machine, you can learn how to print homemade stickers and labels from your house.

You can print free address labels for wedding invitations as one example.

Some other examples of free printable labels would be free holiday return address labels, free printable Xmas address labels, and free Halloween address labels.

You can also use free address templates as one of the best moving hacks to save money and time when you move.

For moving, you can use address templates as labels which you can apply to your packing boxes.

Print Free Address Labels Template

The best way to print return address labels at home is with a free address label template. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of companies online that offer address templates as well. Some of those companies are listed below.

Avery Address Labels with Microsoft Word

Avery address labels are considered the best and most popular free address label templates by far for people who want to print their own address labels for free.

There are a couple ways to do this with Avery labels:

Use Microsoft Word

If you are just looking for a blank free address labels template, you can use Microsoft Word.

  • Simply open up your document in Word
  • Select ———————>  Mailings
  • Then select —————–>  Labels
  • Next select ————–> Options
  • Under label information you will see a box called label vendors.  Select the type of labels that you have and you want to print on.
free address label template

From that point forward, the appropriate free address labels template download will be incorporated into the appropriate envelopes and mailings screen.

You will have the option to either create a single address label or a full page of the address labels.

This method is extremely efficient if you are printing return address labels that are all the same and it’s also FREE!

Microsoft Word also can incorporate the popular Avery 5160 easy peel labels as well.

Some of the templates also come in different sheet capacities.

You can download the following label templates for Word common configurations:

  • download address labels template 24 per sheet
  • download address labels template 21 per sheet
  • download address labels template 16 per sheet
  • download address labels template 30 per sheet
  • download address labels template 60 per sheet

When you use MS Word, it’s really easy to print your own address labels from home and MS Word makes the process so easy because they have a lot of the address label templates already populated within their software.

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Avery Address Labels by Downloading Templates

Address labels are helpful during a move especially for labeling free wooden crates for moving. The other way you can get free address labels with downloadable templates is to go straight to the manufacturer.

You can go visit Avery directly for free Avery label templates.

For example Avery offers Avery Template 5163 for download here for free.

Once you get to their site, you have the option to download the Avery address label template in several different program formats which are noted below:

avery template 5163

This is by far one of the best ways to print your own address labels from home.

Additionally, there are SEVERAL other popular Avery address labels as well that you can find below for download:

Avery Template 5366 download here

Avery Template 8160 download here

Avery Template 5164 download here

Avery Template 5162 download here

Avery Template 5195 download here 

Avery Template 5167 download here

Avery Template 8163 download here

Avery Template 5161 download here

Both of these are great options for printing free address labels online.

Whether or not you use MS Word and their populated label vendors or go directly to Avery for Avery address labels template, each choice will allow you to print your own address labels.

Address Label Software Free for Windows 10

Another option you have is to use free software available online.  This will also allow you to print free address labels online as well.

Some of the software below will also let you customize your address labels as well.

Using address label software for Windows 10 is a great way to print address labels online from home.

These are the top picks for address label software for Windows 10.

Free Address Label Software for Windows 10
Label Factory Deluxe
Adobe Spark
Disketch Disk Label
Disk Labeler 7
Label Joy
Avery Design & Print
Handy Label Maker
Papilio Label Helper

By using these label options online, you can easily create address labels for wedding invitations, free Halloween labels, and also free holiday return address labels.

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Additional Places Where to Get Address Labels for Free

In addition to the above suggestions how to receive free return address labels, you can also follow the social media accounts of companies like VistaPrint and Shutterfly.

These companies run promotions and often times have giveaways such as free gifts or labels.

For example, this Shutterfly Promo states if you sign up you will receive 4 free gifts and other freebies* (*at the time of this posting subject to limitations and merchant terms).

Often times, these promotions include free Shutterfly address labels.  It’s a great way to get some free swag whether it be return address labels or holiday greeting cards.

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So Many Ways to Get Address Labels for Free

There are so many ways to get address labels for free.  There are several charities that give out return address labels for free as a means of fundraising.

The majority of those have been mentioned above.

Additionally, you can also use free address templates and print them out from the convenience of your home.  This is a great option for seasonal address labels such as holiday address labels.

A lot of those templates (such as Avery address labels) can be downloaded directly from the label vendor or through MS Word as another option.

There is also the option of address label software for Windows 10 that is free.  You can print address label templates for free online by using some of the templates mentioned.

Additionally, you can also customize your labels as well with programs such as Canva for holiday cheer and Halloween spook.

With so many different options mentioned above, you will have no problem receiving free address labels by mail or free address labels to print at home.

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