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best places where to put stickers

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Determining where to put stickers can be challenging for sticker collectors both young and old.

What makes it so difficult is that each sticker is so unique.  Some stickers may be large and boxy, while others may be small and round, but there are a lot of places where to put stickers for all shapes and sized stickers.

Some of the best places where to put stickers include laptops, lockers, and cell phones.  If you are looking for maximum exposure of your stickers, consider putting stickers on vehicle bumpers and vehicle windows.  Additionally, backpacks would also be a good options for sticker placement along with surfboards.

There are stickers out there that represent companies, brands of clothing, products, and also personal and political causes.

If you are a sticker collector and looking for stickers to add to your collection, be sure to check out our free stickers by mail database that has more than 460 stickers available that you can request delivered to your mailbox!

Best Places Where To Put Stickers

Below you will find a list of all different types of unique places where you can put stickers.  One thing to remember is to never put stickers on public property.  That could be considered vandalism and you might get in trouble with the law.

Additionally, don’t put stickers on someone else’s private or personal property either without permission.

You should only put stickers on your own personal property.  Be sure to check out our list below with over 100 everyday places where you can put stickers!

(oh and if your into crafting, be sure to check out our tutorial on how to make homemade stickers for multiple ways!)


Cell phones

Cell phone cases

Computer monitors (on the backside obviously!)

Desktop computer towers



MP3 players


Server racks

Video game systems

Video cameras

Portable battery packs

DVD players


Security cameras

Video projectors

Polaroid cameras

Baby monitors

External hard drives




Household Items

Pet dishes


Picture frames


Moving boxes

Lunch boxes

Pantry storage jars

Coffee mugs

Water bottles

Canned goods

Moving crates

Coffee maker

Gift boxes

Closet doors

Kitchen cupboards

Flower pots

Cleaning supplies

Ironing board

First aid kit

Security safe

Cardboard storage boxes

Toaster oven


Step stools

Electric can opener

Kitchen garbage cans

Alarm clock


Storage Items

On your locker

Plastic storage bins

Storage drawers


Shoe cabinets

Under bed storage boxes

Extra large ziploc storage bags

Plastic storage shelves

Plastic storage cabinets

Outdoor Equipment



Patio furniture

Kid’s wagon

Tent bags


Outdoor Coleman stove


Fishing poles

Tackle boxes

Leaf blower

Camping chairs

Folding chairs

Camping table

Large water jugs

Sporting Equipment


Roller blades








Baseball bat

Soccer ball

Sporting duffel bags




Bullet journals

Thank you notes

Day planners

Wall calendars

Bulletin board




File folders

Red robes


Laminator machine

Desk pad

Wall planter

Whiteboard planner

I have a pretty big sticker collection. It’s currently over 250 different types of  stickers. Most of the stickers are on items that I own.

A lot of those items were mentioned above. I’m always thinking about what to do with stickers and looking for popular things to put stickers on.

It’s kind of a game I play with myself figuring out the best ways how to display stickers.

Below you will find a couple popular things to put stickers on.

Custom Stickers For Cars

custom stickers for cars

A popular thing that a lot of people like to do is put stickers on cars.

All kinds of places sell custom stickers for cars where you can design your own sticker even.

But where do I put stickers on a car?

That’s a great question!

Read on…

Where To Put Car Stickers

where to put car stickers

Now you may be wondering what are some good places to put stickers on a car?

Can I put them on my windshield?

Can I put them on my door?

Can I put them on my mirrors?

A lot of the answers to those questions above depends on personal preference.

One thing to point out and be aware of is your mirrors and windshield.

You don’t want to put stickers on there because it might obstruct your vision while you are driving.

Best Places To Put Stickers on a Car

One of the most popular areas to put stickers on a car is on the car bumper.

This way the sticker is out of your line of vision and that’s important for safety.

Bumper Stickers for a Car

Out of all the places where to put stickers on a car, car bumper stickers are one of the most popular.

bumper stickers for cars

If you want to turn your stickers into bumper stickers for cars but you are unsure how they will hold up in the weather, there are fixes for that.

You can use a fixative spray to waterproof your stickers.  Take a look at the steps below:

  • All you have to do is get a can of fixative and spray your stickers.
  • You can spray your stickers in a slow back-and-forth motion with a coating of fixative spray.
  • Make sure that you are in a ventilated area so you can avoid breathing in the fumes.  Too much exposure to the fumes can be hazardous to your health.  It’s also recommended that you wear a mask reduce breathing in fumes.
  • Using a spray like this will protect your stickers from fading and help protect them from the weather elements such as snow, rain, and salt.  You can buy fixative spray a craft stores.

Where to Put Stickers on a Truck

Another popular place where to put stickers on a truck would be on the back windows.  A lot of people who have trucks love to go off-roading on sand dunes and trails.  One of the best places to see stickers is on the back windshield of the truck.

However people often wonder if its legal to place stickers on their real windshield?

It is legal to put stickers on your rear windshield provided that two conditions are met.

  • The first condition is that the stickers are affixed along the sides and edge of the windshield.
  • The second condition is that your truck has exterior side mirrors on both sides of your vehicle.

Placing your stickers high on the windshield is the best option so they can be seen by all.  The higher the stickers are placed on your truck, the less likely they will become covered in mud.

Laptops with Stickers

Another popular place where to put stickers is on your laptop.  A lot of people have laptops with stickers.

laptop with stickers

I am sure that you see this everywhere you go just like I do.  I always see people that have laptops with stickers at the airport while I’m sitting at the terminal waiting for my plane to leave.

There are also times when I am sitting in class that I always see stickers on laptops.

How To Put Stickers on a Laptop

There is a right way and a wrong way to put a sticker on a laptop.

how to put stickers on laptop

If you are looking for a full proof way to get the longest life out of the stickers on your laptop, then be sure to follow the steps below:

  • You will need a couple tools and some supplies first off.  Be sure to get yourself a cloth and a bottle of rubbing alcohol.
  • Put a little bit of alcohol on the cloth.
  • Clean the area of your laptop where the sticker will go with the cloth.  Be sure to do a light brushing with your cloth over the area.  The purpose of this is to clean off all of the dirt and oil from your fingers.
  • Once the area has dried you can put your sticker on the laptop.
  • Be sure to rub out any air bubbles or pockets that may form once you put the sticker on.

By following these steps, your sticker should have its longest life possible this way on your laptop. And don’t forget, you can also fill your laptop case with stickers as well for display.

Stickers on a Backpack

Another popular place where to put stickers on is backpacks.  I see kids all the time walking to school with backpacks that are covered with stickers.

Backpacks are also a great place if your looking where to put VSCO stickers as well.

Backpacks are a great choice.

By putting your VSCO stickers on your backpack, you will also earn some points with the cool girls.

How To Put Stickers on a Backpack

A lot of people put stickers on their backpacks.  It can be tricky if your backpack is made up of the standard fabric material.

If you try to stick your sticker on the backpack, it’s not going to stay.

However there are some things that you can do to make sure your sticker sticks.

One thing you can do is try upholstery strength glue.  This can be purchased at any major department store such as Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Be sure to apply the glue to not just the back of the sticker, but also to the backpack as well.

Stickers on a Skateboard

Where to put stickers on a skateboard can often puzzle skateboarders.

However, stickers on a skateboard can really make your skateboard stand out from all the other skateboards at the park.

Every skateboarder loves flying high in the air and displaying their stickers.

How to Put Stickers on a Skateboard

There are a lot of great places where to put stickers on skateboards.  However, skateboarders often debate where the best place is to put stickers on a skateboard.

Some skateboarders think the best place is on the grip.

Others think the bottom is the best spot so they don’t come off.

The best places where to put stickers on a skateboard is on the bottom or by the trucks.

Basically you can put stickers anywhere except on the grip or wheels.  Stickers anywhere else will come off.

Wherever you decide to put stickers, simply peel of the backing of the sticker and apply.

Use the edge of a credit card to smooth out the sticker to get out trapped air bubbles.

Knowing how to put stickers on a skateboard also can help make your board slicker as well.

No sticker will last forever, but by putting the sticker on the tail, you can get your board a bit more slick, and also preserve some of your skateboard wood.

Surfboard Sticker

One of the best things to put stickers on would be surfboards.

surfboard sticker
Surfboards are popular for putting stickers on.

People love surfboard stickers!

Waterproof VSCO vinyl stickers are a good option for surfboards.  There’s nothing more cool than seeing a surfer and his surfboard covered in stickers.

It’s best to try to look for waterproof stickers if you are going to put them on your surfboard.

How To Put Stickers on a Surfboard

It can often be difficult to put stickers on surfboards for a couple of reasons such as wax, salt, sand, and water.

All of those things will work against the life of your sticker.

If you want to put stickers on your surfboard the best stickers to use are the ones made of vinyl.

  • Find a spot on your surfboard where you want your sticker to be.  This area should be free of wax before you apply the sticker.  It should also be an area where you don’t generally apply wax to the surfboard.
  • Next get a pot of boiling water and pour it where you want the sticker to be.  This will clean the board and remove all wax and sand that may be on the surfboard.  You want to start with a clean surface where you will apply the sticker.
  • Then just simply apply the sticker.  Make sure all the air bubbles are out when you apply it.  A good trick is to use a credit card to smooth the sticker and push the trapped air bubbles out.

You want to give your surfboard approximately eight hours before you go into the water to make sure the sticker is completely dry and the glue has set.

Best Places to Put Stickers in Your Room

There are a lot of things to put stickers on besides laptops.  If you are a tween or teenager, you probably have a lot of creative uses for stickers in your room.  Putting stickers in your room is very popular among teenagers.

Here are some of the best places to put stickers in your room.  Be sure to ask your parents if it’s ok before you peel and stick.

Check out some of the option below for places to put stickers in your room!



Side of TV

Wardrobe Mirror

Closet Doors

Makeup Mirrors

Handheld Mirrors




What To Do With Stickers You Want to Keep

You may get to a point with your sticker collection when you don’t know what to do with all the leftover stickers.

Or you may have duplicates of some stickers as well that become unused stickers.

You might want to use your unused stickers as decorations but you are stuck on what to decorate with stickers?

what to decorate with stickers
Make a sticker scrapbook with stickers you want to keep.

Relax…I have some solutions for that.

Take a look at these options below for what to do with unused stickers.

Sticker Scrapbook

One great option where to put unused stickers would be in a sticker scrapbook.  There are a lot of different places that sell stickers scrapbooks.

You can often find them on clearance as well as stores like Joanne Fabrics or Michael’s.

Another good option is to see what is available on Amazon.

Make Christmas Ornaments With Your Unused Stickers

If you are practicing living stingy in your life, making your own ornaments can save you a lot of money.  You can buy ornaments that do not have any decals on them.  They come in clear and multi-colored styles.

Be sure to clean the exterior of the ornament with rubbing alcohol where you will apply the sticker to.

One tip to making the sticker stick easier is start in the center when you apply it to the ornament.  Next, work your way out from the center pushing out all the air bubbles.

By following that process, you won’t get any creases or swirls underneath the sticker.  Making your own Christmas ornaments is not only a great frugal living tip, but also a great holiday item to decorate with stickers.

Use Stickers on Valentines Day Cards

If you have a special someone in your life, think about using some of your stickers on their Valentines.  What better way to show your love than by giving the person you love a part of your sticker collection!

Make a Sticker Whiteboard

This can be a really fun project to do for your dorm room, bedroom, and your kid’s room (if you are a parent).  You can buy white boards really cheap on Amazon and they come in all different sizes.

Simply turn your stickers into magnets.  Then all you have to do is just take the magnet and apply it to your whiteboard.

Once the stickers are magnetized, you can move them around easily on the whiteboard.

You can rearrange your stickers and put them in all types of different locations and groupings.  This is a really fun project to do and a great way to decorate your room.

It’s also a great activity to do with your family.

Make Labels with Stickers

You can also make free address labels with leftover stickers.

A lot of people make their own mailing labels with customized stickers.

This is a way to use up your leftover stickers.

Make a Sticker Coffee Table

When I was in college I remember seeing the craziest coffee tables ever in my life!  All of them were crafted out of different types of materials.  Some were made out of recyclable materials, while others were made out of metal and empty bottles.

A great thing to do with your stickers is put them underneath a piece of glass and make a coffee table with them.

  • Figure out the size of the coffee table you want.  You can either get a nice piece of particleboard (maybe 1/2 or 3/4 inch thick) or even a piece of plexiglass and put your stickers on that.
  • Next get a piece of glass to cover the entire particleboard or plexiglass.  That will be what you will set your remotes, drinks, nachos, cosmos, and everything else on.
  • However you construct the coffee table you want to make sure that the glass won’t slide off of the particleboard.

You can find many plans online to help you construct what type of coffee table you want.

  • It is illegal to put stickers on stop signs or any public property where the item has been defaced or altered from the original condition. This would include surface defecation through the use of stickers. It is considered vandalism.

Multiple Places Where to Put Stickers

There are so many great places where to put stickers.  From stickers on laptops, bumper stickers, car stickers, surfboard stickers, and even stickers on backpacks, the sky’s the limit when it comes to what to do with stickers.

You can also use your stickers for crafts as well to make things such as Christmas ornaments, sticker magnets, and even use them in valentines day cards.

When it comes to where to put stickers, you definitely have a lot of options available.


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