10+ Best Online Store Credit Cards With Guaranteed Approval [No Deposit]

Disclosure: There is always the risk when it comes to applying for an online store credit card. Some offers are almost guaranteed approval, but make sure you read the details carefully and find out whether or not they will help grow your score before applying. Some may do a hard credit pull and others may do a soft pull on your credit. Each will affect your FICO score in different ways.

Online store credit cards work in a similar way that regular credit cards work. You charge your fees to the card and then pay it back at a later date. Some online store credit cards also operate like department store credit cards as far as terms and conditions go. While most of these cards are an easy approval, there is no such thing as a guaranteed approval for online store credit cards for all.

Most minors, for example, may not be guaranteed an online store credit card, therefore a certain threshold of standards will have to be met for approval in some situations. However, there are a few online store credit cards that have near-instant or instant approval. These cards are great for traveling or any other reason you may have.

Here are ten online store credit cards with instant approval:

  1. Fingerhut Card
  2. Amazon Store Card
  3. Walmart Rewards Mastercard
  4. Target Red Card
  5. Best Buy Store Card
  6. Costco Anywhere Card
  7. Sears Store Card
  8. Gap Vista Credit Card
  9. TJX Rewards Mastercard
  10. Verizon Visa Card

Credit scores are essential in the world we live in, and you can gain a few extra points by using these cards. Using these cards is one of the ways how to improve your credit score with ease. There are very few online store credit cards with an absolute guarantee; however, many of these online store credit cards have instant and meager requirements for approval. The remaining article will explore and explain the best online store credit cards with instant or near-instant approval. 

online store credit cards instant approval

1. Fingerhut Card

One common problem when applying for a credit card is rejection. You may face rejection due to lack of credit or bad credit. If you are starting, that may be discouraging because if you are rejected because you don’t have credit, how will you build credit in the first place? 

Using an online store credit card such as Fingerhut can give you a chance you wouldn’t receive ordinarily with other mainstream credit cards. Fingerhut even states that they will say yes when other companies provide you with a no. 

Here are a few pros to using a Fingerhut card:

  • Fingerhut has a massive variety of products and brands.
  • No annual fees and easy to apply.
  • Pay off orders for as low as $9.99 a month.
  • Reward Programs. 
  • Discounts.

Fingerhut offers some great options for new cardholders, and the company usually has promo deals throughout the year. If you have never used a credit card before or are trying to rebuild bad credit, Fingerhut may be the best choice for you. 

Fingerhut charges no extra fees; they only charge interest on what you owe. That may pile on if you are late paying or don’t pay at all. Make sure you understand the pros and cons of using a credit card before you apply. 

2. Amazon Store Card

Amazon is known for having fantastic deals and fast shipping. However, among many of these great offers is an online store credit card. Amazon offers a buy now pay later option for cardholders. They even provide promo deals with users who use Amazon Prime. 

You may be someone who often uses Amazon but can’t afford to flat out buy a needed item; using a store card might be the best option for you and your circumstances. 

Amazon requires a lower-end credit score for approval, which means you have a reasonably good chance for approval; however, you can start using your card immediately after approval. 

Here are some pros for using an Amazon Store Card:

  • No annual fees.
  • Pay equal monthly payments.
  • 0% APR after the financing period.
  • Special Financing.
  • Discounts.
  • Reward programs.

Annual fees are relatively standard among credit cards, and some companies charge $300 or more on annual fees, so be sure to check the costs and what happens if you have a late payment. All of these questions should be considered when deciding which online store credit card is best for you and your situation.

3. Walmart Rewards Mastercard

Walmart has a few great options for credit cards. The company has a primary Walmart credit card, and then they have a Walmart Rewards Mastercard. There are a few differences between the two.

The primary Walmart credit card is harder to obtain. You may have to have a higher credit score to be approved. There are a few more options for using the primary Walmart credit card, such as the card anywhere where Mastercard is accepted. However, if you apply and get declined, don’t give up! You have other options that are available to you. 

The Walmart Rewards credit card is a little different than the Walmart primary credit card. 

The Walmart Rewards card is often easier to get and better for someone who has insufficient or no credit.

Here are a few pros for using a Walmart Rewards Card:

  • Instant approval.
  • Point system.
  • No Annual Fee.
  • It can be used often anywhere Mastercard is accepted. (Capital One Walmart Credit Card)
  • Reward Programs.
  • Discounts.

Walmart is a trusted company and has been around for decades. Knowing this may make you feel more at ease when applying for their Walmart Rewards card. As stated above, you may apply for their Capital One primary card, but you have a lesser chance of approval if you have bad or no credit. 

4. Target Red Card

Many people go to Target every day for their food shopping, clothes, and baby supplies. Target offers a few different options for credit cards. Target even offers a debit card if credit cards aren’t your goal. 

One great thing about using a Target Red card is that it offers many different discounts on various items. You may end up saving hundreds of dollars you may typically spend in Target if you are using a Target Red card. 

So, not only are you saving money you would already spend anyway, but you are gaining credit points for your overall credit score. 

Target is similar to Amazon; while you are most likely to get approved due to their narrow requirements, it is near-instant and can be used as soon as authorized. 

Here are a few pros to using a Target Red Card:

  • Fantastic discounts.
  • Rewards program.
  • You will save money.
  • No annual fee.
  • You will get access to the Redcard wallet app, which allows no contact payments. 
  • Discounts.

Target is trusted and easy to obtain. If you don’t shop at Walmart or Amazon, and you are more of a Target customer. You may sometimes be better off applying for this fantastic online store credit card. 

Target Red credit card can save money on food supplies for babies and small children and gives many other discounts that you may not find at any other store. By using the Target Red credit card, you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on needed supplies. 

5. Best Buy Store Card

If you are an electronics user and tend to shop at Best Buy often, the Best Buy store card may be the most suitable choice. Best Buy offers only a few options with their credit card. However, the choices that are shown are a fantastic deal. 

Best Buy is known for giving instant approval to many of its customers. Easy online financing is one of the advantages to online shopping for consumers. Instant approval for their Best Buy Store Card is essential for their client base. 

Where Walmart or Target fails, Best Buy can give you the approval you seek. You may only get a few promos here and there with only 5% reward savings; that instant approval can make up for that. 

Here are a couple of pros for using a Best Buy Card:

  • There is instant approval for many of its customers.
  • There is no annual fee.
  • Reward programs.
  • Savings.
  • Easy checkout.

Best Buy cardholders are only allowed to use their cards at Best Buy stores. So, unlike Walmart’s online store cards, you cannot use your Best Buy card at any other retailer. This helps keep your leverage ratio lower.

However, if you are already planning on spending money at Best Buy, then getting a credit card from that store may be a great idea to help build or rebuild your credit score. 

6. Costco Anywhere Card

Costco Anywhere Cards used to be reasonably hard to get. You used to have a high credit score to be approved. However, recently they have allowed fair approval to their applicants, which means that it is easier to get accepted. Similar to the Amazon Store Card. 

Costco Anywhere card is available to members of Costco only. So, only apply if you are a member of Costco; if not, you can apply for membership and then apply for a Costco Anywhere Card. 

Costco Anywhere Card gives instant approval once you apply. If you have received a pre-approval letter, you are ready to apply and start using your Costco Anywhere Card. 

Here are a few pros for using a Costco Anywhere Card:

  • No foreign transaction fees.
  • 4% cashback until $7,000 is reached, then 1% after that. 
  • Reward programs.
  • You can use your card anywhere Mastercard is accepted.
  • No annual fee. 
  • Simple application form

Costco Anywhere Card is not only used at Costco stores; Citi also powers it. You are fully protected from fraud, and the Costco Anywhere Card can be used internationally while still collecting rewards and cashback. Also, Costco accepts EBT benefits as well if you are just looking for food options.

7. Sears Store Card

Much like Walmart, Target, and Amazon, Sears offers a store credit card that works similarly. You apply for a Sears Store Card and are given instant approval through a fair approval approach. 

Once you are approved, you are allowed to start using your Sears Store Card right away. If you are a constant shopper at Sears and go there or shop online often, then a Sears Store Card may be the right choice for you and your family. 

Sears Store Card is easy to apply for and offers instant approval. 

Here are a few excellent pros for using a Sears Store Card:

  • No annual fee.
  • Sears uses a point system.
  • Rewards program.
  • Discounts for using the Sears Store Card.
  • You may use your card wherever Mastercard is accepted.

Sears is an excellent choice if you are trying to rebuild your credit scores. Credit scores can be challenging to build back if you have had bad credit in the past. Using an appropriate approved online credit store card can be a fantastic way to rebuild or start a credit score from scratch. 

Always do your research before using a credit card. Understand the pros and cons of each credit card you use. If you can afford a credit card, then be sure to pay on time. Each card you use may differ on late payments. 

8. Gap Visa Credit Card

The Gap Visa Credit Card is a little different than some of the others on this list. The Gap store card gives a considerable discount on clothing items. It also is associated with other clothing stores such as the Banana Republic. 

If you buy clothing often and love a good deal, perhaps getting the Gap Visa Credit Card would be the best choice for you and your circumstances. 

The Gap Store Card is almost a guaranteed approval; however, the Gap Visa Credit Card uses the same fair approval process as most other store credit cards.

The fair approval process is when a company approves credit scores around the 600 mark. That is a reasonably low score, and most applicants can be accepted instantly due to this common requirement. 

A few remarkable things about using the Gap Visa Credit Card:

  • Cardmembers get a 20% discount.
  • Earn points for shopping at Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, and Athleta.
  • Reward system.
  • Loads of perks.
  • No annual fee. 
  • Members-only exclusives.

The Gap Visa Credit Card is popular and can be used at other clothing stores but isn’t used wherever visa credit cards are accepted. This credit card also offers donation options for members who would like to donate their rewards.

9. TJX Rewards Mastercard

Unlike Walmart and Amazon online store credit cards, TJX isn’t going for everyday purchases. Yes, it is an excellent idea if you are trying to build or rebuild credit, but it won’t give you the same rewards and perks as some online store credit cards might. 

Even so, TJX uses the fair approval approach, and you can be instantly approved. 

The umbrella of stores under the TJX credit card is limited and if you are looking for credit for those specific stores, then look no further. Otherwise, this online store credit card is a hit and miss.  

You may be able to save 10% on your first few purchases, but those incentives don’t last and are hardly worth it. Although, if you are a loyalist and use TJX often, this card may be the right choice. 

Here are a few perks mentionable perks for using a TJX Rewards Mastercard:

  • No annual fee.
  • First dibs on new items.
  • 10% off coupons.
  • You can get more discounts for applying with a phone or tablet.

So, compared to some of the other online store credit cards, there isn’t anything that special or exciting about the TJX credit card. It is up to you and your freedom of choice, however it is one of the online store credit cards with instant approval.

10. Verizon Visa Credit Card

A Verizon Visa Credit Card is a little different than the Amazon or Walmart store card. You can only apply for a Verizon Credit Card if you are a Verizon account holder with under ten lines. 

You may send in an application, and if you pay your Verizon bills on time and have a good report with that company, you can be instantly approved. 

Another thing to consider is that you may have a Verizon Prepaid account; however, that does not make you eligible. You must have a Verizon account with no prepaid lines associated with it. 

Another good thing about the Verizon Visa Credit Card is that it can be used wherever Visa is accepted. You don’t just have to use the card in Verizon stores. Verizon Visa Credit Card can be used at stores, take-out, and for travel. 

Here are a few pros for using the Verizon Visa Credit Card:

  • Rewards program.
  • No annual fee.
  • It can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.
  • The credit card has a wallet app for easy checkout.
  • Discounts.

Using a Verizon Visa Credit Card can give you deals on store items, but you aren’t obligated only to use the credit card in Verizon stores. You can use it anywhere, and it can help give your credit score a well-needed boost. 

Other cell phone financing options would include buy now pay later cell phone financing no credit check store options. This type of store credit is a little riskier because you could find yourself paying a high-interest charge on your store purchases, but store credit cards can be a quick and easy solution.

How Can Store Credit Cards Help Build My Credit Score?

Store credit cards can help build your credit score if you make monthly payments on time. Across the board, all store credit cards follow the same FICO-based approval process for most store-branded store card applicants.

However, store credit cards have less stringent underwriting criteria than traditional credit cards.

For example, store credit cards usually do not require a minimum of 700 or a FICO score above 650. In addition, store credit cards often have the following lower “credentials” for store card applicants:

  • No or limited geographic location requirements for store card applicants
  • Few or no alternative method of application
  • Store cards are almost always issued without employment verification

What Happens If You Don’t Use a Store Credit Card?

Store credit cards can be put in a drawer and forgotten about for a while. When you do make your monthly payments on time every month, store credit cards go to work building your credit history.

If you don’t use your store credit card, the issuer can close your account. That will hurt your credit score and make it tough to get approved for a new card. Finding balance on usage is important.

online retail credit cards

Other options would include stores that accept afterpay as a payment plan instead of using store credit cards.

What Should I Consider Before Applying for a Store Card?

When considering store credit cards, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each card. Some store credit cards offer great rewards programs and benefits, like no annual fees or discounts on store items. Others may have less-stringent approval requirements, making them easier to get approved for.

However, store credit cards can also hurt your credit score if you don’t make monthly payments on time. So it’s important to read the terms and conditions of each card before applying. That way, you can be sure that the store credit card is a good fit for your needs.

If you think canceling a credit card will stop recurring payments, you are mistaken. The only thing that accomplishes is canceling future payments. The store credit card company will still expect the balance to be paid when it is due and will charge interest if you don’t.

What If I Don’t Qualify For a Store Credit Card?

There are other options, such as using easy progressive leasing stores to finance your purchases. If you don’t qualify for a store card because of banking, consider opening up an account.

There are many non-Chexsystems banks near me that will allow me to open accounts that store credit cards and store financing will approve me for.

Using Online Store Credit Cards

Using online store credit cards is a great way to boost or rebuild credit. Several million Americans are struggling right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and getting access to online store credit cards can help a great deal and allow people to get food on the table. If your proportion of loan balances to loan amounts is too high, these cards are great options.

Online store credit cards with instant or near-instant approval with digital app wallets are a great way to stay safe and keep no contact while checking out. If your card has a network logo on it, such as Visa or Mastercard, you may use your card at any location that accepts these credit cards. Depending on the card you have, you may only have to use your app to make purchases. That can not only help you save money but stay safe as well.  

Traditional credit cards have hefty annual fees and are hard to get approved, while many online store credit cards are accessible to people with little or bad credit. 

Please be aware of scams and other problems associated with applying online for credit cards. Please only apply to trusted and accredited sources with your personal or private information. 

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