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swagbucks review

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It can be challenging to look for legitimate ways look for survey sites that pay instantly via PayPal and a huge time drain as well.

We have done an in-depth Swagbucks review and released this ultimate guide for best ways to make money and maximize profits with Swagbucks.

Swagbucks Review

First of all, Swagbucks is free for you to join and use.

There is no monetary cost to you.

You don’t need to buy materials or spend any money for a membership.  It is 100% free to use.

What Is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks according to their website is defined as:

“Swagbucks.com is the leading destination for earning real rewards for things you do online or on your phone. At home or on the go, you can conveniently earn points (called SB) when you:  Shop your favorite stores, Search the web, Answer surveys; Discover great deals; Watch videos; and Play games.  SB points can be redeemed easily for cash (Paypal)  or gift cards to your favorite stores like Amazon, Walmart and Target. With over 15 million members, Swagbucks.com has awarded over 90 million dollars in real rewards.”

If you are short on time, you can also take a look at this video that explains all of the different steps, actions, and ways to making money with Swagbucks.

If this sounds like a way for you to make money online and something you want to do, then you can actually get a free $5 dollar bonus just by signing up here.

You probably have a lot of additional questions such as…

Is Swagbucks really a legit way to make money?

Is Swagbucks worth my time?

How much money can I make with Swagbucks?

The purpose of this Swagbucks review is to not only answer these questions but to also provide the best strategy to maximize profit for you should you decide to join Swagbucks.  We will answer these questions one by one.

Is Swagbucks Legit?

Swagbucks has been around for 13 years under the current parent company Prodege, LLC.

According to their website, they have paid their members over $317 million to date in the form of gift cards and cash back from PayPal.

Swagbucks also has a Swagbucks blog where you can find great information such as the Swagbucks chrome extension.  The Swagbucks extension is a great timesaver.

Swagbucks is not a scam they are in fact a legit company.

Swagbucks Review by the Better Business Bureau

As I mentioned above, Swagbucks has been around for 13 years under their parent company.

The Swagbucks parent company (Prodege, LLC) has an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau.

They are a company with over 200 employees located in California.

Swagbucks is a safe company to use.

How Do You Make Money With Swagbucks?

As mentioned above there are several ways you can earn Swagbucks points.  Those would include taking surveys, surfing the web, shopping online, playing games, and watching videos not to mention a few other ways.

For every 100 swagbucks (SB) you earn, that is equivalent to one dollar.  Once you have enough swagbucks you can eventually exchange your dollars for free gift cards or cash through PayPal.  You can use the gift cards at almost all major online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy, and many others.

If you want to sign up for Swagbucks, head here.

Below Are Some of THE BEST Swagbucks Hacks to Maximize Profits

1. Paid Surveys

At the top of the list would be to take the gold surveys.  This is one of the most profitable ways to earn Swagbucks in the shortest amount of time.

One cool thing about Swagbucks is when you get to the gold surveys screen, you can filter the surveys by shortest amount of time to complete.  You can see in the picture below the ranking by time.

Make Money with Swagbucks

In order to maximize profits you should try to only complete surveys with a minimum of 50 swagbucks under 15 minutes. 

This would be equivalent to about two dollars an hour.

Although that does not sound like a lot of money there are other things you can do and other tasks which we will cover below at the same time to increase and maximize profits per hour.

Another strategy you can implement by using the time filter function is to look at the surveys that take the most time. 

In this picture below you can see at the 28 minute mark and 27 minute mark there are surveys available for 150 SB’s each.  That actually works out to three dollars an hour.

I recommend putting together a spreadsheet where you can quickly calculate the return on investment…your time versus the amount of swagbucks you’ll earn.

What is the smartest and most efficient way to take surveys with Swagbucks should be the basis of it.

You can sign up for a free swagbucks account here and start filling out surveys today.

Also, you will receive a free five dollar bonus when you use the link below.

Just remember to verify your email from Swagbucks when they send it to you so you can start earning money.

Swagbucks Review

2. Make Swagbucks Your Default Search Engine

This is another great strategy on how to maximize profits with Swagbucks.

All you need to do to start earning SB’s is to switch your default search engine to Swagbucks.  The Swagbucks search engine is run by Yahoo.

Once you start this strategy, you will automatically start racking up swagbucks just for surfing the internet like you normally would do.

You can expect to earn around 10 to 20 SB’s for every 10 to 20 searches depending on the search queries.

There are a couple ways you can do this:

1.  Type your search term into the search bar on the Swagbucks website

2.  Install the Swag Button

The swag button is a chrome extension which also produces search bar for you to use no matter what website you’re using.

3. Shop and Earn Swagbucks

This is probably one of my favorite strategies to use.

Another great feature with swagbucks is that it’s considered one of the best cash back apps for shopping available.

You can earn massive cash back just for things you would normally buy online.

In the examples below you can see that the highest percentages is 20%.  I have seen items even higher than 20% before.

Swagbucks app

By signing up with Swagbucks and shopping online through them, it is easy to compare with other sites not only the price of an item but also with the cash back will be.

As you can see in the items above, QVC is offering 3% cashback.

I used this for my holiday shopping when I purchased an item through QVC.

Not only did QVC have the lowest price for my item, but they also offered the bonus swagbucks which made the deal even sweeter.

Here is how to maximize profit by using the strategy below:

A lot of financial consultants will tell you to use a cash back credit card.

Typically those cards only pay anywhere from 1% to 2% cashback on your purchases.

However sometimes for example Discover card will run 5% promotions for certain types of purchases for three months at a time.  Now you can see by the examples that I attached above restaurant.com is offering 20% swagbucks cash back.

Often times, my Discover card will run the 5% promotion for restaurants and Amazon.com purchases.

If I make those purchases through Swagbucks then theoretically I would clean up with 10% cashback for Amazon and 25% cashback for restaurant.com. 

That is an amazing deal.

4. Watch Videos

You can earn Swagbucks just by watching videos.  Typically you can earn about three Swagbucks per 30 minute minutes worth of videos.

This is basically free Swagbucks.  All you have to do is open up another browser, let the video play in the background, and turn down your volume.

This is a very easy way to rack up some swag bucks.  You can do this while you are taking surveys as well which is one great way to maximize profits with swagbucks.

Some of the partners you will watch videos from including Hulu, the Food Network, and News networks.

There is a swagbucks limit on this task which is 150 swagbucks per day.  However if you do this task every day that’s an extra $46.50 per month that is basically given to you.  Keep in mind this is just one task but it definitely should be incorporated into your strategy to maximize profits.

5. Daily Goal Meter

The daily goal meter has many benefits and is  a good way for you to rack up extra swagbucks.  You may be thinking what the heck is a daily goal meter?

The daily goal meter basically keeps track of every activity that you complete.  Each activity that you complete is counted towards the daily goal meter.

If you reach your goal then you are awarded bonus swagbucks.  There are a couple activities which are noted below they do not count towards your daily goal meter:


Comment hook ups

Courtesy SB

To do list bonuses

Swag stakes wins

Referral matching SB

Team challenge bonus

Monthly daily goal bonus

Nonetheless this is a great opportunity to earn extra swagbucks by activating the daily goal meter.  The image below shows where to go to activate this:

6. Follow Swagbucks on Social Media

Sometimes Swagbucks will offer codes on their social media channels mainly Facebook and Twitter.  Those channels are where they promote the most frequent.

Sometimes they post things on their social media channels they may not even be on their site.

Here are a few examples below:

1. Facebook

For Facebook,  they often post pictures asking fans to caption the pictures, solve a riddle, or have fans submit their own pictures.

You can also post a picture of your mobile swagbucks day win as well.

You could win up to 25 swagbucks points for each of these.

2. Twitter

Each day swagbucks post a #SwagWord at 9 PM Pacific.  If you use it correctly in a sentence in swagbucks and retweet it, you may win 25 swagbucks.

On Tuesday’s they run their Twitter Tuesday phrase that plays #TTPTP and for that you could win anywhere between 50 and 500 swagbucks.

On Friday’s you can tweet them a picture of your mobile win for mobile swagbucks day (MSBD) and if the retweet it, you’ll get 25 swagbucks.

3. Instagram

Be on the lookout for swag codes.  You can send them your #MSBD wins and you will get 25 swag bags if they like your image.

4. Pinterest

They occasionally post swag codes on a Pinterest board.  Be on the lookout for upcoming promotions in contest where you can win swagbucks.

5. Their blog

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, they feature a new swaggernaut and their “How Swagbucks Works For Me” testimonial series.  If you are selected, you’ll get 500 swagbucks.

On Saturday they feature another swaggernaut “Do It Yourself Series.”  Submit a receipt or a cool arts and crafts project and you might win 500 swagbucks.

So as you can see there are ample opportunities to gain additional swagbucks through following their social media channels.

7. Download apps to Your Phone

You can earn swagbucks by downloading a broad variety of apps on your phone tablet or computer. 

All the free apps will get you around 15-50 swagbucks or you will get at least 10 times that amount if the app involves a small payment.  You will have to calculate the math out on this to see if you will get more swagbucks and what the actual app cost to download.

8. Refer Your Friends

This is actually a great strategy to use to maximize profit for substantial swagbucks.

You can get swagbucks points by telling your friends to sign up with your referral code.

This is located at the top of your swagbucks page.

What is cool about this is that not only will you get 500 swagbucks instantly for your referrals, but you will also earn 10% of your friends swagbucks earnings for as long as they are a member too!

Aside from taking surveys, this is a great strategy to use because this is scalable.  The more friends your refer, the more swag bucks you will be earning.

There’s actually a way to turn this into a passive income stream for you.

Take a quick look at the math here.   If you only refer five people and each one earns $500 a month, that would equal $2,500 a month total between all five.   You would receive 10% of that as your referral earnings.   Congratulations you are now earning $250 a month in passive income!

9. Redeeming Swagbucks

There are two ways that you can redeem your swagbucks.  

The first way is to redeem your cash through PayPal.  

The second way is to redeem your swagbucks at a discounted price.  This works out to 2,200 points for a $25 gift card.  You are receiving an extra three dollars here because you would normally need 2500 swagbucks for a $25 gift card.

By choosing the second way to redeem through gift cards you are actually getting a little bit more bang for your swag-bucks!

Swagbucks Review: You can easily earn over $500 per month

You can easily earn over $500 by just implementing a few of the steps that I have mentioned in this review.  

  • Refer friends to create a lifetime passive income stream  Refer five friends who each earn $500 per month.  You make $250.
  • Watch the swagbucks videos every day.  This works out to $1.50 max per day.  For the months with 31 days you will make $46.50.
  • Complete paid surveys . If you complete $6.57 worth of service each day you will make $203.67 on months where there are 31 days.

With just these three steps as I have described above you would make $500.17 per month.

Keep in mind that these are just three ways out of all the other steps mentioned above in this guide where you can make money with Swagbucks.

There are countless other combinations that will get you $500 a month or more.

Swagbucks Review Summary: Sign Up!

As you can see it’s very easy to make significant money with Swagbucks.  This comprehensive review of Swagbucks details how to maximize profits by using the strategies above.

The best things about Swagbucks is that this is low stress, you can work it into your daily routine, it is one of the best flexible jobs around, and it also offers a chance to create a passive income stream through the refer a friend program.

If you are looking for a low stress avenue to make extra money, then sign up today here and you will receive a $5 extra signing bonus.

There are many ways that you can spend your Swagbucks.  You can use them as gift cards at stores were you make everyday purchases or you can do a cash transfer to PayPal.

However you decide to cash out your Swagbucks, one thing is for sure.  You are taking steps to improve your financial life.  That is the greatest achievement of all.

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