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Walmart’s money transfer service offers a convenient five-step process for sending funds from one Walmart location to another. First, visit the Money Services Counter or Customer Service Desk and provide the recipient’s details. Next, decide on the payment method and complete the transfer. The recipient can then collect the funds at their local Walmart store by presenting valid identification. Customers can also track the status of the transfer using the Walmart2Walmart app or website. This user-friendly process guarantees a quick and secure money transfer experience. To learn more about the benefits of Walmart’s money transfer service, continue reading.

1. Initiating a Walmart-to-Walmart Transfer

To initiate a Walmart to Walmart transfer, customers must visit a Walmart store and locate the Money Services Counter or Customer Service Desk. At this designated area, they will need to provide the necessary recipient information and pay for the transfer, including the associated service fee. Once the payment is processed, the customer will receive a reference number that the recipient can use to collect the money from any Walmart store in the U.S. or Puerto Rico.

The entire transfer process is designed to be quick and convenient, with funds becoming accessible to the recipient within minutes. Walmart to Walmart transfers offer a daily transfer limit of $2,500 per person, ensuring a secure and reliable money transfer service.

2. Providing Recipient Details

When initiating a Walmart to Walmart money transfer, customers must provide the recipient’s full name as it appears on their identification document. Ensuring the accuracy of the recipient’s contact information, such as phone number or email, is vital for communication during the transfer process.

Additionally, verifying the destination Walmart store location where the recipient will collect the funds is necessary for a smooth transfer.

To secure the funds collection, customers must also confirm the recipient’s identification document type, such as a driver’s license or passport. Accurately inputting the recipient’s address, if required, helps avoid any delays or issues with the transfer.

3. Completing the Payment Process

The payment process for Walmart to Walmart money transfers entails providing the requisite information to a Walmart associate at the Money Services Counter or Customer Service Desk. Fees for the transfer, including the service fee, must be paid at the time of initiating the transaction. Upon completing the payment process, the sender will receive a reference number for the recipient to collect the money.

The key steps in completing the payment process are:

  1. Decide on the method of payment, which can be either U.S. currency or a PIN-based debit card.
  2. Provide the necessary details, such as the transfer amount and recipient information, to the Walmart associate.
  3. Promptly pay the applicable fees to finalize the Walmart to Walmart money transfer.

The transfer process typically takes minutes, allowing for quick and convenient money transfers at Walmart stores.

With the recipient able to collect the funds using the provided reference number, Walmart to Walmart money transfers offer a seamless and efficient solution for your money transfer needs.

4. Receiving the Money Transfer

Upon arriving at a Walmart or Bodega Aurrera store, individuals seeking to receive a Walmart to Walmart money transfer should proceed to the Money Services Center or customer service desk to collect the funds. To complete the process, customers must present a valid ID and provide any required barcode for verification purposes. This simple validation step guarantees the security and integrity of the money transfer.

Once the identification and barcode have been successfully validated, the store associate will promptly provide the cash to the recipient. The entire transaction typically takes less than 10 minutes, allowing for quick access to the transferred funds. This streamlined process reflects Walmart’s commitment to delivering a seamless and efficient money transfer experience for its customers.

Whether sending or receiving a Walmart to Walmart money transfer, the process is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly, enabling customers to conveniently manage their financial needs at any participating Walmart or Bodega Aurrera location.

5. Tracking the Walmart-to-Walmart Transfer

Customers can effortlessly track their Walmart to Walmart money transfers using the dedicated Walmart2Walmart app or website. The Transaction History section provides a detailed overview of the transfer status, allowing users to stay informed every step of the way.

To track a transfer, simply enter the tracking number provided during the initial transfer process. This feature enables users to monitor the progress of their transaction and receive timely updates on its status.

Here are three key benefits of tracking your Walmart to Walmart money transfer:

  1. Guarantee the recipient collects the funds within the 60-day window to avoid any issues.
  2. Stay informed about the transfer progress and receive updates on its current status.
  3. Enjoy the convenience of managing your Walmart2Walmart transactions directly from the app or website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Do a Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer?

To complete a Walmart to Walmart money transfer, visit a Walmart store with a valid ID, provide recipient details, and pay the transfer amount, including any applicable fees. The recipient can collect the funds within minutes at a Walmart or Bodega Aurrera store.

How Can I Send Money to Someone Immediately?

To send money immediately, consider utilizing an electronic funds transfer service. These services provide fast and secure options to transfer funds between accounts, often with the recipient able to access the funds within minutes.

How Do I Transfer From One Walmart to Another?

To transfer money from one Walmart to another, visit a Walmart store with a valid ID, provide recipient details, pay the transfer fee, and obtain a reference number for the recipient to collect the funds at another Walmart location.

How to Transfer Money From One Walmart Moneycard to Another?

To transfer money from one Walmart MoneyCard to another, log into your online account, select the “Send Money” option, choose the recipient’s MoneyCard account, enter the transfer amount, and confirm the transaction. The funds will be available for the recipient immediately.


Walmart to Walmart money transfers provide a convenient and efficient way for individuals to send funds securely. The process involves initiating the transfer, providing recipient details, completing the payment, and tracking the transfer’s progress.

By following the outlined steps, users can guarantee a seamless and reliable money transfer experience. This service offers a practical solution for those seeking a simple and accessible way to transfer funds between Walmart locations.

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