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If you want to save money on high end appliances you are not alone.  One of the final signature stages of a kitchen remodel project is placing those high end appliances into their new home.

However, that all comes at a cost, literally!

There is no question that high end appliances are expensive and cost a lot of money.

There are a lot of ways to save money on high-end appliances that include shopping with rebates, shopping for high end appliances at certain times of the year, bulk appliance package purchasing, and also shopping “open-box” appliances as well from major retail department stores.

So when people ask are high end appliances worth the money?  Yes.  They are worth the money because they are made with higher quality parts that will last longer.  Additionally, if you are able to save money by not purchasing them at full price, then high end appliances definitely justify their cost and then some. Upgrading appliances are also seen as a positive on the home appraisal checklist too.

Additionally, there are other ways as well to save money on high end appliances that are known and some that are not.

Be sure to check out some of the other ways below to save money on high end appliances.

Best Ways to Save Money on High End Appliances

While there are a lot of ways to save money on high end appliances, the ones listed below are some of the best ways to accomplish that task.

Purchase Appliance Packages

If you are a first time homeowner and have purchased a brand new house or are moving into a house without appliances at all, purchasing an appliance package would make sense. Maybe you sold your old appliances as a way to save money moving cross country and now you are ready to buy new ones.

Appliance packages make financial sense when you need to buy all of the major large high end home appliances. This is especially true for high end kitchen appliances.  High end home appliance packages would include, a stove, refrigerator, washer, and dryer.

Additionally, you might need a dishwasher as well to complete your kitchen setup.

By purchasing a high end household appliance package you accomplish a few things:

You are able to get all of the appliances to match and they are all the same age.  Nobody likes to go into a brand new remodeled kitchen and see mismatched appliances such as a new stove, and a refrigerator a decade old.

You can get a package appliance discount or negotiate one.  A lot of times when you buy appliance packages, they will offer a discount on your purchase.  By bundling the appliance purchase as a package, the stores are more willing to give a discount or cash back.  If the store you buy your appliances from doesn’t offer one, you can always negotiate an appliance package discount yourself.  All it takes is an approval from a store manager and you can start reaping the savings.

Purchasing a high end appliance package is a great way to complete your high end kitchen appliance purchase on the cheap.

You can also save money on other high end appliances such as a washer and dryer.

Buy During Certain Times of the Year

Another way to save money on high end appliances is to buy them at certain times of the year.  The best time of the year to buy high end appliances is to buy them in the fall, particularly September, October, and November.

Additionally, a lot of retail stores will run sales around Labor Day holiday and also Independence day.

The fall however, is considered to be one of the best times to buy a high end appliance because appliance manufacturers have to make room for the new year models.

The inventory that exists for high end appliances has to be sold off so there is not a backlog of appliances stored in warehouses and sitting around on store floors.

Appliances are big and bulky items so old models must be sold so they can make way for the new high end appliances to be housed and stored.

If they don’t discount the old model year of high end appliances, then stores would have a huge inventory backlog issue and that could affect other areas of their logistics as well.

Shop Scratch and Dent Appliances at Outlets

Another epic way to save money on high end appliances is to shop scratch and dent appliances.

Maybe you ditched your appliances as one of the moving hacks to save money on your move. Don’t despair, you can still purchase high-end appliances and save money.

By shopping scratch and dent appliances, you could save as much as 60% off the manufacturer cost.

The Best Buy Outlet is one of the best online options I have found to shop scratch and dent appliances.  Best Buy Outlet offers something called “open-box” appliances as a purchase option.

Their “open-box” appliances are heavily discounted for small scratch and dents that occur on the appliances.

Some of their scratch and dent appliances might not have anything wrong with them, other than the fact that a previous customer returned them.

Their “open-box” appliances offer a ranking system as well in addition to warranties that are included.

The ranking system is included below:

Open Box Excellent:

Looks brand new
Includes all original parts/accessories
Typically contains packaging

Open Box Satisfactory:

Minor to moderate cosmetic signs of use possible
Any signs of use will not impact performance
Nonessential parts or accessories may be missing

Open Box Fair

Significant cosmetic signs of use
Vital accessories may be missing

You can see how the Best Buy Outlet designates this below from the image.  Additionally, there are also significant savings that are offered.

In the example below, you can see that by selecting an Open-Box Excellent item, you can save $600 instantly which is almost 20% off from the manufacturer new price.

This is a great way to save money on high end appliances if you are looking to buy high end kitchen appliances.

best buy outlet high end appliances

Additionally, you can always negotiate your own discount with the store manager for scratch and dent appliances while shopping in person as well.

Additionally, Sears Outlet also offers similar services as well.  Although, it is no longer called Sears Outlet, rather American Freight.

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Shop Store Rebate Centers

Shopping store rebate centers are also a great way to save money on high end appliances.

Stores such as Home Depot and Lowe’s offer a rebate center where you can see what discounts are available by manufacturers for certain high end appliances. While you could buy appliance replacement parts online and refurbish, shopping rebate centers are well worth it.

The best way to think about rebate centers is to look at them as massive product databases.

It’s a one-stop shopping database portal that will allow you to search through thousands of products to see if rebates exist. This is considered one of the fastest ways to comparison shop different high end kitchen appliances to see how much money you could save on a purchase.

It’s also a great way to comparison shop appliance packages as well because this is where you will find the rebates associated with that.

Home Depot’s rebate center at the time of this posting is offering over 4,200 products available in their rebate center in my general area.

home depot rebate center

Lowe’s Rebate center operates similar to Home Depot’s.

You can shop and search by product code, type of product, and even model numbers.

  • At the time of this posting, there are over 2,300 products listed in Lowe’s rebate center available for a rebate in my immediate locale.

This would include all high end household appliances, high end washers, high end dryers, and high end household kitchen appliances as well.

Sell Your Used Appliances

Another great way to save money on high end appliances is by selling your current appliances.  You may be thinking that selling your used appliances doesn’t make any sense?

However, in reality it makes a lot of sense to sell your used appliances especially if they are not high-end appliances.

In my article Earn Cash Selling Old Appliances: Who Buys Used Appliances [Near You] I list out several ways you can make significant income selling your old used appliances.

Additionally, there are a lot of people and businesses who will buy used appliances as well.  Used appliances for sale are always in demand.

People such as section 8 landlords and others are always looking for entry level or average appliances for their rental units.

Many places buy used appliances.  By selling your used appliances, you can put that money towards buying high end appliances.

That will allow you to save money buying high end household appliances on top of any of the recommended options in this article.

Some places will advocate to trade in your used appliances to a utility company for $50, but chances are you can get more than that selling it to people directly.

A good way to see how much you can get for your used appliances is to check places like Facebook marketplace and see what appliances are selling for. That’s a great indicator of how much cash you can earn selling your old stock plus it’s local to your market area.

Shop at Buy Now Pay Later Stores

Another great way to save money on high end appliances is by shopping at stores that offer incentives on top of normal promotions and rebates.

That’s right there are a lot of buy now pay later stores no credit check that offer great incentives to shop at their establishments.

There are all kinds of appliance stores that offer high end appliances for sale and will approve you on the spot for credit.

Some of these stores will also let you make monthly payments interest free.

If you spend a certain amount on your high end appliance purchase and make the minimum payment each month, often times they will waive the interest for whatever the promotional period is.

Say for example purchases over $$1,000 are interest free for 6 months.  You make a purchase for over $1,000 for high end appliances.  You make the minimum monthly payment each month, and all of the interest is waived during that time.

If you have a balance left at the end of the 6 month period, then that is subject to interest rate charges.

However, you would have a few options at this point:

Pay the $1,000 in equal installments each month which would be $167 per month.

Pay the minimum amount each month and then the remainder at the end of the 5th month when the interest free promotion ends.

Either of these options would work in this situation and by not paying the full amount off in full each month, you are also reaping savings interest from your bank account.

It’s a win-win situation to save money on high end appliances.

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Buy Used High-End Appliances

You can definitely save money on high end appliances if you buy them used.  In addition to the open box option mentioned in this article, there are also appliance stores that sell high end used appliances.

You can save money on high end appliances by buying them used.

If you decide to go this route, make sure to get a warranty plan from the store where you are purchasing high end appliances from.

Some of the stores will not offer warranties past 90 days on used appliances.

That’s okay because I have an answer for you for that!

One of the best ways to save money on housing costs is to purchase warranty plans from utility companies that will cover major mechanical systems.

One thing a lot of people don’t know is that those warranty plans can also cover high end appliances and high end kitchen appliances.

You can buy high end appliances used and sign up for the warranty plans from your utility company.

This will allow you to save money on high end appliances that could add up to substantial amounts.

You could potentially save hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month buying used high end kitchen appliances instead of new high end appliances.

For your old appliances, there are free appliance pickup near me options if the no longer work or you just need the room for your new appliances.

Use Amazon Prices for Price Match

This is such an obvious way to save money on high end appliances yet nobody ever speaks of it or uses it!

There is a way that you can get Amazon pricing for select high end appliances at some stores.

A lot of stores will price match Amazon prices on high end appliances.  Some stores however, will only price match certain brands so it all depends on each individual store policy.

The stores that do Amazon price match are the following:

  • Best Buy
  • Sears
  • Lowes

Amazon isn’t always cheaper on high end appliances, but it is worth a check.  Every now and then, Amazon will have appliances listed online cheaper.

Personally, I have shopped Best Buy before for appliances and have found them to be cheaper than Home Depot and Lowes appliances.

I have also price matched items from Amazon as well at Best Buy before with no issue.  You can save hundreds of dollars if you can find a store that will accept the lower Amazon price.

Additionally, you might be able to use some of the store promotions as well such as buy now pay later promotional programs ON TOP OF the Amazon price match!

This isn’t always guaranteed and it depends on each stores individual policy because a lot of stores will not let you use multiple coupons and promotions.  Be sure to get all these questions answered by the store before you purchase.

However, if you can roll in Amazon price matching on high end appliances at a store along with the store incentives and promotions, you can substantially save money on high end appliance purchases.

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So What’s The Best Option to Save Money on High End Appliances?

The best option to save money on high end appliances is using multiple purchasing options and promotions offered from the stores above at the same time.

While it may take a bit of initial research online, you can find the stores that price match appliance prices.  You can purchase appliances from those stores and utilize their in-store promotions such as 0% financing for a limited time.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to saving money on high end appliances because everyone’s situation is different.

One appliance buyer may be looking to purchase used high end kitchen appliances and a maintenance plan to cover them.  Another appliance buyer may be looking to purchase an appliance package for their new kitchen.

Whatever type of appliance buyer you are, there are multiple ways to save money on high end appliances.

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