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If your household is like mine you probably have a ton of electronic devices that require the best rechargeable AA batteries.

This is especially true if you have a young family.  Anything and everything from walkie-talkies to baby monitors, stealth drones, LEGO trains, security cameras, and even remote control cars all require AA batteries.

So many things today, even baby crib mobiles, rely on battery power.

When these devices run out of battery juice, you can be in a world of trouble. 

What’s even more frustrating is when you run out of batteries completely and don’t have any available to replace the dead ones with.

All of a sudden you have to run out to the store to purchase new AA batteries so you can power up devices to soothe your baby to dream land.

On top of the struggle to track new batteries down, it can be overwhelming to change them.  You have to constantly unscrew those battery compartments with those tiny screwdrivers (with screws you can barely see) to change the batteries when they die.

Well it doesn’t have to be that way.

By organizing your household and going through all your batteries, you can actually save money.

There are other options and alternatives such as rechargeable AA batteries. 

Before we take a look at what the best brands of rechargeable AA batteries are let’s see when buying rechargeable AA batteries make sense.

What Are Rechargeable Batteries?

Rechargeable batteries are energy storage devices that have the ability to be reused hundreds of times.  Surprisingly rechargeable batteries have been in existence since 1859.

Most of the rechargeable batteries today are made of Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH).

A lot of the rechargeable batteries on the market today can hold a charge for a year or longer.  When rechargeable batteries first came out, there were problems with keeping their charge.  When you went to use the battery, it was dead.  It lost all of its power capacity while sitting on the shelf.

That is not the case anymore.

Some of the rechargeable battery manufacturers market their batteries to have a shelf life of five years or more today.  Some rechargeable AA batteries will hold their charge today if stored during that amount of time.

Using rechargeable batteries is one way how to save money using solar power since they can be charged and reused.

How Are Rechargeable Batteries Different Than Alkaline Batteries?

Rechargeable batteries are different than alkaline batteries because they have a higher capacity of power. 

Rechargeable AA batteries have capacity of 1,000 to 3,200 mAh (milliamp hours) of power capacity.

Alkaline batteries are different as they generally have around 2,400 mAh.

Another difference is with these high-capacity rechargeable AA batteries, they have more power capacity to use for high powered devices for things such as drones.

Alkaline batteries are one of the things I stopped buying in my household to save money.  Those batteries are not a good fit for high-powered devices such as remote control cars, drones, or video cameras.

Are Rechargeable AA Batteries Worth It?

are rechargeable batteries worth it

That answer can be a complex one to answer.  There are times that rechargeable AA batteries are worth it and other times when they are not.  We have broken out the pros and cons below of when rechargeable batteries pay as an investment and when they don’t.

When Rechargeable Batteries Are A Good Investment

From an environmental standpoint, rechargeable AA batteries absolutely are worth it.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency Americans throwaway 180,000 tons of batteries each year.

The demand for batteries can be attributed to the increase in portable products such as battery powered tools, electronic products, and toys. If you plan to build your own PC, you will need batteries for your mouse and wifi components.

These batteries that are thrown out may contain toxins such as mercury and cadmium which is a potential threat to not only the environment, but also to human health if they are not disposed of properly.

Additionally, if you buy batteries through shopping sites such as Rakuten, you will receive cash back on your purchase!

(Be sure to read our Rakuten Review to learn how to score the maximum cash back on your purchases!)

When Rechargeable Batteries Don’t Make Sense

Figuring out if rechargeable AA batteries make sense also depends on what your need is.  If you are looking to power devices that draw a low current, it may not make sense to use rechargeable batteries. 

Devices such as clocks, pocket flashlights, and some thermostats don’t use a lot of current.

You could buy AA alkaline batteries much cheaper than what rechargeable AA batteries would cost.  If you did end up using rechargeable AA batteries in those devices, it would take years for that investment to pay off.

Sometimes alkaline batteries can last for 1 to 2 years in some of these low current devices.

How Long Do Rechargeable AA Batteries Last?

NiMH rechargeable AA batteries will last for 500 to 1,000 charges which is approximately 2 to 3 years.  The battery should be charged and used often.  When not in use you should store them in a cool and dry place.

One good thing about rechargeable batteries is that the more you use and charge them the longer they will last.

They could potentially last up to a decade if you follow the correct care and usage instructions.  That’s almost as good as receiving free stickers from companies in the mail!

Is It Possible To Overcharge Rechargeable Batteries?

It is not good if you over charge your rechargeable batteries.  When this happens, rechargeable batteries experience a loss of their holding capacity every time they are overcharged.  It is best to use a charger that has an automatic shut off once the battery reaches its charging capacity.

What Are The Best Rechargeable AA Batteries You Can Buy?

Below we will compare several brands of rechargeable AA batteries.  We will compare the features of price, charge capacity (mAh), and shelf life (discharge rates).

So be sure to take a look below at our comprehensive guide below on the best AA rechargeable batteries on the market.

Panasonic Eneloop AA Rechargeable Batteries

These rechargeable batteries by Panasonic are rated as one of the best by a lot of online retailers.  When it comes to the best rechargeable AA batteries, the Eneloop rechargeable batteries brand seem to be the gold standard.

Key Features
  • Minimum Battery Capacity of 1,900 mAh
  • Typical Battery Capacity of 2,000 mAh
  • Rechargeable up to 2,100 times

These batteries also come pre-charged and can be ready to use out of the box.  Another great feature is that they can hold 70% of their charge for up to 10 years which is hard to beat by any other rechargeable battery manufacturer.

Panasonic Eneloop Pro AA Rechargeable Batteries

The Eneloop Pro AA Rechargeable Batteries also by Panasonic can deliver a lot of performance.  The Panasonic Eneloop Pro rechargeable batteries were designed with high-performance and high-drain devices in mind.  They are a great option for the best rechargeable AA batteries for things such as a DSLR camera, or a wireless keyboard and mouse.

As far as cost goes, they are on the pricier side for rechargeable AA batteries.   However, they do come pre-charged as well and ready to use.

Key Features
  • Rechargeable up to 500 times
  • Pre-Charged, Ready to Use
  • Holds 85% of charge for up to 1 year in storage
  • No Memory Effect
  • Typical Battery Capacity of 2,550 mAh

The Eneloop PRO rechargeable batteries can maintain 85% of their charge for up to one year.  They can also perform in temperatures as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit according to the manufacturer.

Eneloop vs Eneloop Pro

So you are probably wondering which Panasonic battery you should choose between the Eneloop and the Eneloop Pro rechargeables and what the differences are?

The main difference is the cost and battery capacity.  The Panasonic Eneloop Pro is on average 30% more cost-wise on initial purchase than the regular Eneloop rechargeable AA battery.  However, if you are able to find the 4-pack that is sold with the charger, your cost will be more inline with the other rechargeable brands and manufacturers.

Our recommendation on which to choose really depends on usage.  If you are using high-drain devices regularly, going with the Rechargeable Eneloop Pro is a better option for the additional cost.

Watson MX Rechargeable AA Batteries

Also a top contender for one of the best rechargeable AA batteries is the Watson MX rechargeable batteries brand.  These batteries come pre-charged from Japan with a battery capacity of 2,550 mAh.  If you are looking for something with power for high-drain devices you should consider these batteries.

Key Features
  • Pre-Charged and Ready for Use
  • Low Self-Discharge Rate
  • Hold 85% charge for up to 1 year in storage
  • Rechargeable up to 500 times
  • Typical Battery Capacity of 2,550 mAh

Additionally, they are durable enough to function in sub zero temperatures as low as -4°F.

Powerex Pro Rechargeable AA Batteries

Manufactured by Maha Energy, Powerex Pro Rechargeable AA Batteries are a good choice for photographers who need solid performance from a battery.  These batteries can power cameras, medical equipment, and other electronics that have a high energy output.

Key Features

  • Rechargeable 100’s of times
  • High-Capacity for high-drain devices
  • Hold 75% charge for up to 1 year in storage
  • Typical Battery Capacity of 2,700 mAh

Each battery has a capacity of 2,700 mAh, which packs a big power punch in a short amount of time.  While not the best self-discharge rate compared to competitors, holding 75% of their initial charge after a year in storage is not considered sub-par either.

Energizer AA Rechargeable Batteries

The Energizer AA Rechargeable Batteries come pre-charged from the factory and ready for immediate use.  These batteries are able to hold their charge for long periods of time and have an extensive shelf life if left unopened.

According to the Energizer site, their Energizer AA Rechargeable batteries are also one of the only batteries that are made with recycled batteries.  So they also are a green rechargeable battery as well.  If you buy the package of batteries that includes the charger, it’s actually pretty decent charger.  It is considered on the high-end of battery chargers because of the features it has.  Be sure to look at stores for the kit that includes the charger.

Key Features
  • Pre-Charged and Ready to Use
  • Up to 1,000 Charge Cycles
  • Typical Battery Capacity of 2,300 mAh
  • Up to 5-year battery life of total usable life under typical usage patterns
  • Can be charged 100’s of times
  • Charge lasts up to 12 months in storage

The Energizer AA Rechargeable Batteries are a little bit less powerful than the Powerex Pro, Watson MX, and Panasonic Eneloop Pro AA Rechargeable Batteries.  However, they also cost less as well.  That is something to consider when making your decision.

Ansmann AA Rechargeable Batteries

If you are looking for a high mAh battery capacity but low cost, this would be your pick.  The Ansmann AA Rechargeable Batteries have a typical battery capacity of 2,850 mAh.  They are also not subject to memory effect.

Key Features
  • Rechargeable up to 1,000 times
  • No Memory Effect
  • Typical Battery Capacity 2,600-2,850 mAh
  • Functional in Extreme Temperatures
  • Clamshell Packaging

These AA Rechargeable batteries were build for solid durability and functionality.  They are not subject to memory effect either.  This means that their full battery capacities will continue to be usable after each charging cycle, regardless of whether they are fully or partially drained.  These batteries are capable of functioning in temperatures as hot as 122°F as well and can also be charged at higher currents.

Amazon Basics AA High-Capacity Rechargeable Batteries

Don’t think of Amazon Basics as a knockoff rechargeable battery brand.  For the price these are great batteries.   Similar to Eneloop and the Eneloop Pro, Amazon Basics also have two versions.   There is a high-capacity and also a traditional.  Some of the features of the high-capacity are noted below:

Key Features

  • Maintains 65% of original charge after being stored for 3 years
  • High Capacity: 2,400 mAh 
  • Come pre-charged using solar energy

These batteries would compete in the market with the Eneloop however, at a much lower cost.  That is something to consider.

Amazon Basics AA Rechargeable Batteries

The traditional Amazon Basics have a battery capacity rating of 2,000 mAh and are a much cheaper alternative compared to other brands in this capacity range.  These batteries can be used in almost any household device imaginable.  The Amazon Basics AA Rechargeable Batteries are designed with the ability to be recharged up to 1,000 times.

Key Features

  • Pre-charged and can be used immediately
  • Holds 80% of capacity after 1 year 
  • Can be recharged 1,000 times
  • Typical Battery Capacity 2,000 mAh
  • Ships in Frustration-Free Packaging

These batteries have a 66% 5-star approval rating on Amazon based on over 5,000+ reviews.  In addition, they also are made with overcharge protection which is a great safety feature to have.   Additionally, these batteries can store 80% of their energy if unused for up to 3 years.

Duracell AA Rechargeable Batteries

The battery capacity of Duracell AA Rechargeable Batteries are in line with the top performers as they state a capacity of 2,500 mAh overall.  If you search online you can find the best prices at big box retail stores for their 4-pack.

Key Features

  • Overall Capacity of 2,500 mAh
  • Low discharge rates can maintain charge up to a year
These rechargeable batteries can hold their charge close to a year when not in use.  They are recommended for video game controllers, wireless electronics, and baby monitors.

Rayovac AA Rechargeable PLUS Batteries

Rayovac AA Rechargeable Plus Batteries claim to last two times longer than traditional alkaline batteries.  These batteries offer a 5 year money back guarantee meaning if they fail within 5 years of date of purchase, you can receive a refund.  This is even stated on their website with instructions on how to claim your refund.  Not a lot of battery companies put a warranty out there like that.

Key Features

  • Overall Capacity of 2,400 mAh
  • Can be recharged up to 1,500 times
  • Offer a 5 year guarantee
  • No Memory Effect
  • Come pre-charged

Additionally Rayovac batteries can be charged in any charger.  Additionally, if you use these batteries for only a few hours and decide to recharge them without being 100% dead, there is no issue on the memory effect.

IKEA Ladda AA Rechargeable Batteries

Who knew IKEA has their own line of rechargeable batteries?  Well, guess what…they do, maybe!


There is some debate on the internet that the IKEA Ladda batteries are actually Eneloop PRO rechargeable batteries in disguise made by the same manufacturer.  There is a version of the Eneloop Pro that has 2,450 mah.  This is also the same battery capacity as the IKEA Ladda’s.  Additionally, both battery packages state that the batteries are made in Japan.

Key Features

  • Overall Capacity of 2,450 mAh
  • Can be recharged 500 times
  • Life expectancy is 5 years
  • Very reasonable cost at $7.00 for a 4 pack

The best feature about these batteries is the cost because at only $7 for a 4 pack, this is on par with what you would pay for alkaline batteries.  This works out to $1.75 each per battery.

You are going to have a hard time finding any rechargeable batteries that come in lower than these with a mAh capacity over 2,400.

Bonai AA Rechargeable Batteries

The Bonai 2,800 mAh rechargeable batteries contain a battery capacity of 2,800 mAh.  They also offer a low self-discharge function that holds 80% of power capacity when not in use.  These batteries can last for up to 3 years when not in use.

Key Features

  • Overall Battery Capacity of 2,800 mAh
  • Can be recharged 1,200 times
  • Life expectancy is 3 years

These batteries are ideal for toys, digital cameras, and other handheld devices that require a higher battery capacity.  Given their 2,800 mAh, they are able to power a lot of different devices.

It is recommended that these rechargeable batteries be recharged every 3 months for a guaranteed efficiency.

Acuvar AA Rechargeable Batteries

The draw to these batteries is their above average battery capacity.  Coming in at 3,100 mAh, these are one of the highest rated for today’s AA rechargeable battery market.  Ideal for household devices and items, these batteries are reliable and last for longer periods of time and can be recharged whenever fully or partially drained.

Key Features

  • Battery Capacity 3,100 mAh
  • Pre-charged and ready to use out of the package
  • Perfect for digital cameras & high drain electronic devices
  • Can be charged in most AA chargers
  • Memory Free

There is no memory effect with these batteries as is common with other AA rechargeable batteries on the market today.

EBL AA Rechargeable Batteries

The EBL AA rechargeable batteries provide an excellent battery power source for your electronic devices and gadgets.  They also contain a low self discharge rate where they maintain 80% of their capacity when not in use for up to 2 years.  Their 2800 mAh rating also makes them a great middle of the road battery candidate for either high-draw devices or just household clocks.

Key Features

  • Typical Battery Capacity 2,800 mAh
  • Can be recharged up to 1,200 times
  • Low Self Discharge
  • Appx. 80% capacity available when not in use for 2 years

These AA battery cells are environmentally friendly.  They don’t contain harmful Hd/Cd/Pb and are non-polluting.

Tenergy Premium Rechargeable AA Batteries

The Tenergy Premium AA rechargeable batteries are a good choice for high draining devices such as digital cameras, flashlights, video game controllers, remotes, and other portable devices.  They offer low drain technology and have a mAh of 2,500.

Key Features

  • Typical Battery Capacity 2,500 mAh
  • No Memory Effect
  • Low Self Discharge

These batteries are also very affordable and can store energy for 12-24 months without losing too much of their overall power. They have no memory effect on regular charging habits.

What About A Battery Charger?

When thinking about a battery charger it is important to look at a few things.

The first question to answer is “how many batteries does your household routinely use?”

The answer to this question determines how many batteries you should charge at a time.  An advatage of today’s AA rechargeable batteries is that most of them have a long shelf-life.  Meaning you can charge up a bunch and keep some ready to go with only minimal power capacity degrades.  That’s important.

The second question is “how much time do you want to spend charging batteries?”

Although you may think this is not an important question to ask, it is really vital to know the answer.  You may think that no big deal when my batteries are dead I will just stick them on the charger.

Consider that the average gaming system remote takes 2 batteries, a Roku remote also takes 2, and a TV remote takes 2.  That is a total of 6 batteries JUST in those three everyday devices.  I hate to break it to you but most chargers can only handle 4 batteries.

So your either going to have to take the time out and charge up a max of 4 at a time, or consider buying a larger battery charger with the capacity to charge many batteries at the same time.

Best AA Rechargeable Battery Brands

When it comes to the best rechargeable batteries on the market, these picks above definitely offer advantages.  Most of them contain a high mAh battery capacity, low drain, and are also great choices for the environment over traditional alkaline batteries.

Whatever your power needs for your electronic devices, the brands mentioned above would be considered some of the best rechargeable AA batteries on the market.

By choosing the appropriate batteries for your portable power needs, you will not only be saving money, but will be saving the environment as well by keeping batteries out of the  landfills.  That is a welcomed benefit for all generations; past, present, and future.

Reusing rechargeable batteries over and over will save you money, the environment, and also time.  With all of those benefits, it’s almost impossible to say no to investing in rechargeable batteries.

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