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who buys used pallets near me

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Pallets are a great resource for companies who need to move heavy loads. They can be used as a base for loading and unloading goods, or they can be broken down into smaller pieces to make new wooden pallet boards. I know the market of who buys used pallets near me for the above situations.

Pallets are also very profitable when recycled because they’ve already been designed with the purpose of being reused in mind. Selling pallets to buyers is one of the creative ways to make money with a side hustle.

If you’re looking to get into the pallet recycling business, or even if you just want to get rid of some old pallets taking up space in your backyard, here are a few tips on who buys used pallets and where to sell them.

How Are Wood Pallets Made?

Before you can understand the market of selling pallets, you should know about the pallet business. Wooden pallets are often made from hardwoods, like oak, and softwoods, like pine. The wood is cut into boards that are the desired length and width of the pallet. The boards are then nailed or screwed together to create a rectangular frame.

The frame is then placed on top of a skid, which is a flat surface with runners on the bottom that helps the pallet move smoothly along conveyor belts. Once the skid is in place, deck boards are nailed or screwed onto the frame. These boards provide support for whatever will be placed on top of the pallet during shipping.

Stringers are attached to the frame after the deck boards are in place. Stringers are long, horizontal boards that help distribute weight evenly across the pallet. Once the stringers are in place, the pallet is ready to be used.

What Affects The Price of Wooden Pallets?

The Cost of New Pallets

As you can see from the production of new pallets above, the cost to businesses and companies who use them regularly can be expensive. The wood has to be sourced, cut, and then put together with other hardware like nails and screws.

cost of wooden pallets

A lot of companies save pallets because of the cost of new pallets. They fix them when they’re broken and use them until they eventually fall apart.

Pallet Size

The cost of new pallets varies depending on the size and style of the pallet. There is such a thing as an industry-standard pallet. A standard wooden pallet measuring 40″ x 48″ can cost anywhere from $8 to $25.

If a company needs a custom size or style of pallet, the price will increase. For example, a 42″ x 42″ Euro-style wooden pallet can cost up to $60.

Additionally, bigger custom pallet sizes such as 96″ x 48″ that has 4-way forklift access can cost over $100 per pallet.

Heat-Treated Wood GMA Pallets

There are other factors in addition to pallet size that affect the price of new pallets. For example, if a pallet needs to be heat-treated to meet international shipping regulations, the cost will increase.

heat treated pallets near me

GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association) style pallets are also more expensive than standard wooden pallets. These pallets have a uniform size and style and are made with heat-treated wood, so they can be shipped internationally without issue.

EURO Pallet vs. Standard Pallet

The type of pallet also affects the price. For example, EURO pallets (EU pallets) are a type of pallet that is standardized throughout Europe. They’re slightly different in size and style than a standard wooden pallet, so they cost more.

As the economy is global, there is a use for EURO pallets in the United States as well. If a company uses EURO pallets, they’ll need to buy them from a supplier who specializes in that type of pallet.

When looking for who buys used pallets near you be sure to differentiate pallet classifications.

How Are Used Pallets Priced?

Now that you know the costs to produce new pallets, you might wonder how much used pallets sell. The price of used pallets varies depending on several factors, such as:

  • The condition of the wood
  • The size and style of the pallet
  • The location of the buyer
  • The type and classification of wood used to make the pallet

Can I Get Money For Old Wooden Pallets?

As you can see from the factors that affect the price of used pallets, there is a wide range in how much you can expect to get paid. Just like who buys used appliances near me, pallets are bought based on conditions.

For example, if you have heat-treated GMA style pallets made from hardwood, you could get up to $15 per pallet. However, if you have standard softwood pallets that are in poor condition, you might only get $2 per pallet.

can i get money for used wooden pallets

Starting a recycling wood pallet hustle is a great way how to make money as a teenager as well.

To find out who buys used pallets near me, check out the list of companies below who are always on the lookout for new sources of high-quality used pallets.

Best Sites, Apps, and Places to Sell Used Pallets Near You

If you are contemplating where to sell pallets near me, don’t worry. There are a lot of pallet brokers that are national companies that will buy your pallets no matter where you are and location in the United States.

where to sell wooden pallets near me

Here are some of the best places to sell used pallets:

1. Kamps Pallets

Kamps Pallets has over 400 locations across the United States and is always looking for new sources of used pallets. They are one of the largest pallet recyclers in the country and pay top dollar for high-quality used pallets.

The number of locations alone makes them one of the biggest pallet brokers around. Be assured, they will always have a need for the product you are selling.

They buy used wood pallets by truckload volumes in quantities of 250, 500, and 1,000 and will even pick up the pallets from your location. They sell wooden pallets to all kinds of factories and warehouses.

To learn more about selling your used pallets to Kamps, check out their website here.

2. PalletOne

PalletOne is another large national company that buys used pallets. They also fix pallets needing numerous repairs and deliver across the entire country. They are a good option to sell broken pallets to since they can repair them in-house and have over 70 locations.

To get started selling your used pallets to PalletOne, check out their website here.

3. Gruber Pallets Inc.

Gruber Pallets buys pallets states on their website the type of wood pallets they buy. They will purchase pallets that can be repaired and re-sold at a market price.

If you have large quantities and decent wood quality, you’ll get a fair market price from this pallet company. They specialize in recycling wood pallets and have a commitment to the environment.

Particular pallet sizes of interest include:

  • 41×36 to 65×50

To sell your used pallets to Gruber Pallets, check out their website here.

4. Local Craigslist

A great option is to look on your local Craigslist for companies who buy used pallets. Just do a search for “used pallets” in the For Sale section and see what comes up.

There are multiple companies and local businesses that are looking to buy pallets in your area.

Some companies who frequently buy used pallets on Craigslist are:

  • Lumber companies
  • Furniture stores
  • Woodworking businesses
  • Construction companies
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Recycling facilities

These companies above will make items such as wood chips, wood packaging, mulch, loose wood for woodworking shops, and other products from used pallets.

As you can see, the options for selling used pallets are strong. You just need to find the right buyer who is willing to pay a fair price for the product you’re selling. You should have no problems finding someone to buy your recycled pallets with a little research.

5. North American Pallet Recycling Network

If recycling wood pallets is something you’re interested in, then you should check out the North American Pallet Recycling Network (US Pallet Recycling Network).

This is an awesome resource for finding local companies who buy pallets and sell used pallets. You can also find vital information on upcoming events and trade shows related to the pallet industry.

The website also has a section where you can post wanted ads for specific types of pallets you’re looking for. This is a great way to find hard-to-find pallets or to get rid of excess inventory. You can see which pallet buyers buy wood pallets and what type they buy.

To learn more about the North American Pallet Recycling Network, check out their website here.

6. Sod Farms

If you live out in rural America, then you might have a Sod Farm near you. Sod Farms typically use wood pallets to transport their product and are always in need of new ones.

In addition, many companies buy sod, including landscape companies, golf courses, and home builders. So, if you have used pallets to sell, a Sod Farm might be a good option for you.

7. National Wooden Pallet & Container Foundation

Their slogan is “Pallets Move the World,” which is true when you think about all the commerce that rides on wood pallets every day.

The National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA) is the largest organization of its kind in the world. They have over 1,200 members who manufacture, repair or recycle wood pallets and containers.

The website has a section where you can search for member companies by name or location. This is a solid way to find local companies that buy pallets that might be interested in buying your used pallets.

To learn more about the NWPCA, check out their website here.

8. Local Industrial Parks

If you live in a metro area, the chances are that your municipality has an area where there are a lot of designated industrial parks. These are areas where there are typically a lot of manufacturing plants and warehouses.

Both of these types of businesses use wood pallets and are always in need of new ones. So, if you have used pallets to sell, an industrial park might be a good option for you.

To find an industrial park near you, just do a search online or check with your local chamber of commerce.

9. Pawn Shops

If you have some used pallets that you’re looking to get rid of quickly, then a pawn shop might be a good option for you. Pawn shops will typically buy anything of value, so they’re always on the lookout for new inventory.

The downside to selling your used pallets to a pawn shop is that you’re not likely to get top dollar for them. But, if you need cash quickly, then a pawn shop might be a good option for you.

To find a pawn shop near you, just do a search online or check the yellow pages.

10. Recycler’s World

The Wooden Pallet Recycling Exchange Network is a great option to match buyers and sellers of scrap pallets. Local businesses that require wood pallets can join the exchange any buy excess pallets.

Local manufacturers that are in need of shipping pallets can use the exchange and post a listing for odd-sized pallets and minimum quantities needed, such as fifty pallets.

A pallet broker or pallet scavenger can continue to collect enough pallets, so selling large quantities becomes easier.

The exchange is great for those who need a quick turnaround on their pallet purchases.

You can search the Wooden Pallet Recycling Exchange Network here.

11. Wood Waste Recycling Companies

Wood waste processing companies focus on wood pallet recycling. For scrap pallets, this option is great to get top dollar. These companies will often pay by the pound, and some accept pallets that are not in the best condition.

If you are recycling wood pallets for money and looking for a fair market price, selling wooden pallets to only wood waste companies who deal with this type of product on a regular basis is the way to go.

Selling directly to wood waste companies that process wood pallets for recycling are the best and most efficient way to get scrap pallets off your hands.

Some wood waste companies that purchase wood pallets are:

  • American Wood Fibers
  • Fiber Resources Network
  • Weyerhauser
  • Georgia-Pacific
  • Hood Container

These are just a few examples of who buys used pallets. If you need to get rid of some used pallets, there are plenty of companies who will be happy to take them immediately off your hands.

Tips for Where to Sell Pallets Near Me

Aside from knowing where to sell pallets near me, there are a few tips to follow that will help you get maximum CASH for your used pallets:

  1. Research: Do some research and find out who pays the most for used pallets in your area.
  2. Negotiate: Don’t be weary and afraid to negotiate a price with the buyers. Remember that you have the upper hand because they need the pallets more than you do.
  3. Get creative: If you can’t find any buyers who are willing to pay what you’re looking for, get creative. There are multiple ways to earn cash money from used pallets if you’re willing to get creative. For example, you could start a pallet recycling business or even use the pallets to build something yourself.

Additionally, you can contact pallet companies to come and pick up your pallets for free. If you just want to dump and get rid of the used pallets and don’t care about making money from them, go this route. However, some will pay you for them.

Where Can You Find Scrap Pallets for Free?

If you are looking where to find wood pallets for free, there are a few places you can check:

1. Waste Management Companies

Waste management companies use pallets to transport waste from one place to another. If you contact your city or local waste management company, they might be willing to give you some of their used pallets.

2. Construction Sites

Construction sites often have a lot of unused pallets lying around. If you contact the construction company, they might be willing to offer wood pallets to you.

3. Packaging Companies

Find packaging companies in your area and see if they have any scrap pallets that they are willing to give away. They use all kinds of inconsistent-sized pallets, so they might be happy to get rid of some for you.

4. Manufacturing Companies

Wood pallet recyclers know to check with manufacturing companies as they use and go through a lot of wood pallets. If you have a local manufacturing company near you, contact them to see if they have any scrap pallets that they want to get rid of.

5. Home Improvement Stores

Home improvement stores use wood pallets to store and transport goods. They might be willing to give away some of their scrap pallets to you.

6. Department Stores

Department stores use wood pallets to store and transport merchandise. You can contact the store manager and see if they have any scrap pallets that they want to get rid of.

7. Farmers Markets

Many farmers’ markets use wood pallets to transport goods. They might be willing to give away some of their scrap pallets to you.

Is Selling Pallets to a Local Pallet Company a Good Idea?

Local pallet companies are a great option if you have a lot of scrap pallets, and you want to quickly get rid of them. They usually pay by the pound, so it can be a good under-the-table job to make some quick money.

cash for pallets near me

However, before you sell your pallets to a local pallet company, make sure that you negotiate the price. They will initially try to lowball you, so it’s important that you stand your ground and get the best price possible.

Are There Benefits to Recycling Wood Pallets?

The benefits of recycling wood pallets are many. Not only does it help to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills, but it also helps to save trees. Many academic studies have been published and conducted on the effects of pallets in landfills.

In addition, recycling wood pallets helps to create jobs and boost the economy.

Pallets removed from landfills can be used to create new products or even fuel for power plants. This helps to reduce the number of greenhouse gases that are emitted into the atmosphere, which is good for the environment.

Pallet prices have been on the rise in recent years so recycling your used pallets is a money maker. More than 75% of pallets are recycled, according to NC State University.

If you’re needing a creative way to make money from your used pallets, consider starting a pallet recycling business. There are many ways to easily recycle pallets, and there is a growing demand for recycled pallets.

Are Free Pallets Worth the Time and Effort?

Free pallets are definitely worth the time and effort if you’re looking to make some quick money. It’s easy to find who buys used pallets near me. If you search your local craigslist site for them, you can also look for salvage TVs as well. Check out who buys TVs near me, and you can kill two birds with one stone.

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