Unique Rewards Review: Survey Riches or Waste of Time?

If you are making a pat time job out of completing surveys (or are addicted to completing them) and making hundreds of dollars a month, you should take a look at Unique Rewards.

You won’t be able to buy your own private island in the Philippines, but you will be able to earn a little bit of change here and there.

Our Unique Rewards review will provide you with all of the details on how the survey and cash back site Unique Rewards operates.

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What is Unique Rewards?

Unique Rewards is a survey and rewards site that started in 2007.  It is an online platform unique rewards.com where its members can earn rewards.


It is a survey referral site that offers a free membership.  You can also earn extra cash.

As a member of Unique Rewards, you can earn money by simply completing surveys, sharing your opinions, trying out new products, and reading emails. You can also earn by surfing the web.

You can also win monthly and weekly prizes during drawings that are held for members.  The site itself has a interface that resembles Amazon.

One condition is that they only allow users to join from USA, Canada, and the UK.

How Does Unique Rewards Work?

Once you have signed up and confirm your email address, you are able to access the member guide on the Unique Rewards site.

Upon accessing the member guide, you will be able to see the full list of items how you can make money with Unique Rewards.

Those tasks are listed below:

1. Completing Free Offers

This is where you can sign up to try free products and services from sponsors of Unique Rewards.  Most of these offers are free.  You can earn free money for requesting samples of products, joining free websites, and other various offers to choose from.

2. Shopping Online

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that more and more people each year are making online purchases.

Unique Rewards is considered to be one of the best cash back apps for shopping around.

By shopping online, you save gas money, wear and tear on your car, and the time logistics it takes to physically go to a brick and mortar store.

Unique Rewards has partnered with online stores.  Some of the stores offer up to 50% cashback on your purchase.

If you are interested in saving a significant amount of money on purchases, be sure to check out their coupons and deals subsection.

This is where you will find more cashback and greater savings with coupon codes.  They also have a discounts/coupons section which offers additional coupons and money saving offers.

3. Taking Online Surveys

Being able to share your opinion and get paid for it is pretty awesome.  Just like all the other survey sites, Unique Rewards is no different.

If you are looking to make money with surveys, they offer new surveys every day for you to complete.

There are two ways you can do this.

You can either complete the surveys directly on the Unique Rewards platform or you can sign up for the survey sites and receive surveys directly from them.

4. Visiting Websites

If you click on the cash section, you can select offers available there that you might be interested in.

All you have to do is visit the website and you receive one cent for it.

If you visit each website each day, yes you can make some money.  However at that rate, it’s really not worth your time.

5. Earn Money For Watching Videos

Again this operates similar to visiting websites mentioned above.  Watching videos is a way you can earn cash as well.   You can watch each video once a day and receive one cent for watching the video.

6. Reading Emails

Another way you can earn with Unique Rewards is by reading emails.

You will receive two or three emails a day to the email you registered when you set up your membership.

All you have to do is confirm that you read the email and your account will be credited.

7. Offer Wall Tasks

Be sure to check out the offer wall as this is where you will find ways to earn more cash for completing tasks.  Some of those tasks include completing specialized surveys and other offers.

Pros of Unique Rewards

There are a few positives when it comes to benefits of Unique Rewards.

  • Money Earned From Surveys:   This is probably one of the biggest pros of Unique Rewards.  You can make a decent amount from them by completing surveys.
  • Referral Program:  Another way to earn money is through their referral program.  Overall there are not too many positives with Unique Rewards however the referral program that they offer would be considered one of the exceptions.

You are paid pretty decent amounts to refer friends and family to sign up.  The rate you are paid is $1.00 when each of your referrals completes their first offer.

Additionally they pay $5.00 for every active referral.  This means every time one of your referral earns $20 or more you will earn $5.00 one time for that referral.

  • Trial Products:  One positive is that there are lots of opportunities to sign up for free products.  Not only are you receiving money for signing up, but often times you will receive the product for free as well.

Some products they charge for however keep in mind that you do not have to sign up for those products.

Cons of Unique Rewards

There are also a few disadvantages as well noted below:

  • Cashing Out:  One disadvantage Unique Rewards has from other survey sites is they have a high minimum threshold for cashing out.

You have to earn a minimum of $20 in order to cash out.  Keep in mind a lot of their tasks such as watching videos will only pay you one cent.

So you are going to be fighting an uphill battle there is no question about that.

  • Not a Lucrative Site:  When you consider other sites such as Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, or Prize Rebel that have much lower minimum cash out amounts, Unique Rewards is clearly not a good option.

With Unique Rewards at best you are only going to average $10 or $20 a month.  There are other sites such as Prize Rebel which even states in their promotional video that you can earn up to $500 a month by doing their surveys and completing their tasks.

Is Unique Rewards a Legit Site?

is unique rewards a legit site

Unique Rewards is a legitimate site.  People do complete surveys, complete tasks, and have been getting paid.

If the site wasn’t legit there wouldn’t be any positive readings on the Better Business Bureau.

Unique Rewards is a niche site.  In other words it’s not going to draw in mass crowds like the larger survey sites do.  It just doesn’t operate that way.

As stated above there are a few pros to using this site but for those that do use it, the site is not a scam.

They do make money using the site.

Can you Make Money with Unique Rewards?

Make no mistake this is a money-making website.  The amount of money you can make however isn’t that great compared to other sites.

Nonetheless if you watch their videos, complete their surveys, and sign up for free trials of products, you can receive compensation.  If your interested in signing up, they have a promotion right now going on.

Now you will never become a millionaire doing this or quit your other part-time jobs or whatever side hustles you have.  The reason for this is that Unique Rewards is not a major site when it comes to compensation.

Best case you’re only going to be able to make $10 or $20 a month.

Unique Rewards Alternatives

There are plenty of better options when it comes to survey companies and who to work for.

Take a look below at some of our highly recommended companies.

Survey Junkie

If you want to earn money from one of the best survey online survey companies out there, consider working for Survey Junkie.

They have millions of users and have paid out tons of money over the course of many years.

Not only that they have an established track record as well.

Be sure to take a look at our survey junkie review to find out the best ways to make money with them.


Also notable, Swagbucks is designated top-notch when considering reputable online serving a companies to work for.

Not only can you complete surveys for them, but you can make money and several other ways as well.


Of course you are!

We have put together a Swagbucks review that will answer all of your questions and show you the steps on how to make money quickly.

Prize Rebel

One of my favorites, Prize Rebel is a good site as well to earn points, gift cards, or PayPal cash.  Out of all of the sites, I like their user interface the best.

You can complete online surveys and tasks for them.  There are several ways to earn with Prize Rebel.  Please see our Prize Rebel review that details what is available with Prize Rebel.

Inbox Dollars

Another survey company known as Inbox Dollars is also a company that pays you for completing online surveys.  They are also very reputable and have been in existence for quite some time.

Survey Voices

A company known as Survey Voices is a referral survey company.  Meaning they act as a middleman or broker and direct you towards other survey sites.

While you don’t earn as much money going that route, there are however some advantages.  Take a look at what we found in our Survey Voices review if you are interested.

Reward Survey

A larger survey company, Reward Survey has been around since 2012 and is an online community with over 1.0 million members.

You can earn points by participating in short weekly surveys.  Those points are worth hundreds of dollars.

They can be redeemed for gifts, magazine subscriptions, and downloadable audio books along with other things.

Unique Rewards Review: Is it Worth Your Time?

Unique rewards does appeal to some.  If you are just looking for a place to complete a random survey here and there, Unique Rewards would be sufficient for that.

unique rewards review

Keep in mind you are only going to make about $20 a month and that is considered the best case.

If you want to make significant income you will not make it with Unique Rewards.

If you are looking to make money online by completing surveys, Unique Rewards would not be the best option.

They literally pay you pennies (in this case one penny) to watch a video each day.  That’s definitely not a good use of time.

The alternatives listed above are far more profitable.

Be sure to check out those companies if you are looking for the most bang for your buck when it comes to making money with surveys.

You can spend your time instead starting an online business or some other type of business venture.  In the long run that will pay off much more then working for Unique Rewards.  There are better ways to make money out there than through Unique Rewards.

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